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Nintendo of Europe Confirms Upcoming eShop Discounts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Top up those funds

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct broadcasts were certainly full of surprises, with some reveals also coming in as little as 10 seconds of video. One announcement that's worth pointing out for those that missed it in Europe is that there's an extensive range of discounts coming over the next few weeks, covering retail and download-only games.

Below are details on the discounts highlighted as available now and on the way:

Wii U Retail Downloads

Wii U Download-Only

3DS eShop

Some of those offers had been previously confirmed, while others are fresh reveals. Do any of these discounts tempt you?

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Einherjar said:

ZombieU for a 10er is a steal, whjo doesnt get it at that price has no hope left



AJWolfTill said:

Is Blacklist's standard price still at £60?
This is probably the time to finally pick up Resi Revelaitions



readyletsgo said:

Totally getting ZombiU again, got it at launch and sold it on cause I felt is was not worth the full price tag and never went back to it after a few goes, but for €10! ya really cant go wrong. And if it sells well in this sale I wonder if it would make Ubisoft re-think about making a sequel (hopefully with better graphics).

Also, was thinking about getting RE:R for the Wii U in the sale, but I take it it's gonna be €25 in the sale, still kinda high when you can get it second hand for about €15. Anyone know if the Wii U version add's anything over the 3DS version? I loved Resy on the 3DS, but thats goin on sale too, argh, sophie's choice!

I will be picking up Cloudberry and Ducktails anyway.



TruenoGT said:

C'mon, hoping for North America too! Would definitely snag Zombie U and Rayman at these prices.



marck13 said:

Thinking of getting Blacklist and Black Flag ..and maybe Black Rayman Legends too!

Zombi U for that price is an insult!



Jazzer94 said:

DuckTales Remastered, Cloudberry Kingdom and maybe Zen Pinball 2 as well for me.



Vriess said:

I already have a few of these titles and I'm not interested in the others. Still waiting for more VC games...



ChessboardMan said:

Hmmm, it would be good to see some… well, actual prices for some of these games? I mean, 50% off sounds nice and all, but it could be like with PSN where the price is still higher than online retailers like ShopTo…
Also, 50% off Zen Pinball 2? As far as I remember the actual game is free, so does that refer to the table "DLC" pricing?



Judgedean said:

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for me. ZombiU is a favourite of mine - I would definitely recommend this - especially for £8



PorllM said:

Why do they lay it out like this? They do it in the eShop News updates aswell.

The original price isn't there, or the new price, just the percentage off. How am I supposed to know how much it is?



ToniK said:

Blacklist is totally worth it, I already got it though. Black Flag is tempting as well as Rayman and maybe Duck Tales. Unfortunate that the sale is so short. I'm going abroad and don't really have the money now :/



Peach64 said:

This is better. Microsoft and Sony have these sales all through the year, and the ones at Christmas are usually fantastic. At the end of November you could pick up Dark Souls for £3.75 and Red Dead Redemption for £4.99 on XBLA.

Would be nice if we started to see this more often, and have Virtual Console games included too. I know I'd buy a lot more VC stuff if it was 50% off.



Great_Gonzalez said:

@MegaWatts Ha just been down town and picked this up
It's a great deal and fortunately AC tumbles in price so I knew if I waited I would be rewarded.

Not particularly happy that on the shop it has a poster advertising the half price offer but only showing it for PS3 and Xbox 360 though, had to go and ask and even the girl behind the till didn't now until she scanned it...

I will be getting zombiu though does anyone know the file size? It's a bit frustrating that the eshop only tells you AFTER you've bought the game.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I hope America sees similar sales. I'd definitely get Cloudberry and Ducktales at those prices, and I might get Toki Tori 2+ (though I'd prefer the current European sale for that).



jordanmarsden said:

I was planning on picking up Rayman Legends anyway, so this is perfect news. ZombiU for £7.99 is also a no-brainer. Sure, the game has its flaws, but at that price it's definitely worthy of a place on your system.



MAB said:

I would prefer the smooth framerates and non choppy glitchless DIGITAL 4 LYFE version of AC IV, cheers



ikki5 said:

I hope NA gets some of these, Rayman legends and AC IV id get in a heart beat

maybe Zombie U for $10



Buduski said:

Please tell me a similar promo is headed to NA! I have been on wait to see if a can get a good deal on Zombie U and if something like this hits the US I'm getting it for sure!



seronja said:

TNT racers, DuckTales & Splinter cell for me! it sucks i don't have anymore money to get Rayman Legends too tho =/ also all of you who have a Wii U should get Zombie U for 10€, it's well worth the price! i have the disc version since launch & i'm not picking it up again, but i recommend it to others.



Nintenjoe64 said:

These discounts make me hope there is a game drought before Mario Kart so I have time to play them all. I prefer the nice shiny disc boxes but might buy me an HDD so I get better loading times and less crashes.

I think the level of discount for the newer games shows just how poorly they have sold but hopefully the flexibility of download prices encourages them to have longer sales tails.

I really hope Nintendo start offering some better VC discounts i.e. Buy SMB and SMB2 and get SMB3 free etc.



Yasume said:

Meh...not worth mentioning. I'm sure the games are good, but you can get them on other platforms for a much better price. How about some (good) discounts for your first party titles, Nintendo?

The DuckTales Remastered discount is a pretty sweet deal though, not gonna lie.



Spoony_Tech said:

At least Ubisoft realizes that the price of retail games are dropping so they kinda match or do better so as not to lose a sale to a used game. Nintendo on the other hand never does this even with first release games like Pilotwing per say. You'd be a fool to pay full price for that game on the shop!



Oren87 said:

Picked up a physical copy of blacklist brand new for £3.30 on the day Blockbuster shut. Bargain of the year! Oh and Metroid other M for 50p.

I'll be getting Ducktales and Cloudberry on Boxing Day for sure.



MadAdam81 said:

@Yasume Zombie U is an exclusive, and the pinball stuff isn't cheaper elsewhere at this price. I will be getting Zombie U and some more pinball tables. I recommend Epic Quest, as its my favourite pinball table of all time.



Klimbatize said:

EDGE is listed under the 3DS section, even though it's not available on the 3DS yet. Does this mean it's coming out on the 3DS soon with this discount?



Nico07 said:

These are some nice discounts, basically bringing what I was able to get most of these for in disc in the States. Wish NOA would follow suit as I would pickup Black Flag.



TreesenHauser said:

If these discounts make their way to North America, I may seriously consider getting Rayman Legends finally.



Zach777 said:

Hometown Story is also on sale, at least here in the Americas. IT is 29.99 (regularly 39.99)



LztheQuack said:

@SpoonyTech I actually see merit in dropping prices in titles like those. Regardless of what Iwata says, those don't have as much value as games like Mario, so keeping them at full price is just stupid.



lbs said:

Zombi U, Rayman Legends and Ducktales.... pretty sure I'm close to a fiver in the premium promo thing too



Einherjar said:

@Eight-Bit-Yoshi Really ? Whoops
But to be honest, i liked Resi 6 for what it was. It was one of the better 3rd person shooters ive played recently. Diverse enemys (Zombies that really wont die unless you shoot their heads, mutants who grow new body parts according to their injury etc) and fun and crazy bossfights made up a good action title It wasnt survival horror, but it still wasnt as bad as people sy it was, at least i think so.
But ZombieU is a real treat when it comes to survival horror. Its atmosphere is so dense, that many people, me included, just played it in short bursts because everything above that was a bit too much
And its unsynchronous multiplayer is a blast to play, really.



Bisna said:

@triforcepower73 oh not true, we finally have one of those Club Nintendo Figurines the rest of the world always gets...course I don't have 1500 coins since i never save since there never is anything other than games that I get



unrandomsam said:

Rubbish sale for 3ds. (The.£1 off Super Mario Bros 3 is not on there either.)

Don't buy Ubisoft stuff the sooner they go bankrupt the better. They are worse than even EA with the utter contempt they have for their customers.

75% off is where sales become interesting. (Exclusives being a little different).

(Funny thing is even with much lower prices I have.spent at least 3 times more on Steam than Nintendo.



Anguspuss said:

ouchh help my bank balance. But this is what Nintendo need to do. Lets face it zombie u at this price will sell a bucket load. Already enjoying toki toki 2 & giana sisters & TNT racers. mmmm the tree still has no decorations or lights but ill get their.



Draken18 said:

There are some deals on NA eshop, couple of the download only games mentioned about. Just saw them earlier when I was on the eshop.



B3ND3R said:

@ThomasBW84 I've had it since launch, and I feel more people need to buy Zombie U ASAP!!! We need another great game like that, it's so creative!



erv said:

ZombiU is awesome, and the rayman legends deal is just what I've been waiting for:)



ICHIkatakuri said:

Finally time to buy rayman and resi, wish I could have gotten them earlier but after rayman was delayed it came at a bad time money wise and resi didn't seem worth £40 as I already own the 3DS version. Everything else on that list I already own.



withoutdk said:

Ducktales.... here i come i have been waiting for this.. even though it is cheaper on Steam :/



malle66 said:

@Zach777 same price for a physical copy on you can even still get it with the plushy for the same price on amazon.

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