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Tue 7th Jun 2011

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malle66 commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

i was going to buy 2 white n3dses(for me and my daughter) at launch and planned to buy a limited edition xl later on if there was an awesome one. Now I won't buy any system from Nintendo. And I stopped buying games too. I was really mad at Nintendo, and I still am, albeit at a lesser level. I'm sticking to my resolve. I bought so many systems and games including digital games from them, which all came to an uprupt stop because of their stupid decision to leave us out in NA. Man, I am saving a lot of money and am currently totally satisfied by playing my huge backlog of games. And any future games i may buy will all be used ones. I think Nintendo broke me of my addiction to throw money at them. THANKS NINTENDO!!!



malle66 commented on Golf:

Not interested, plus 150 coins is a little high for a $2.99 e-shop game. Ninty give us more choices already, I don't want my points to expire next year.



malle66 commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

I'm so excited. This will be good for my aging eyes. I'm sure you can transfer all your downloaded content. I did it from my ambassador 3DS to my new 3DS, it should be the same from 3DS to 3DS XL.with the 3DS transfer tool that you can download for free at the Nintendo e-shop.
I hope that the DS games will now look great on the XL, if not then I just have to keep my DSi XL.



malle66 commented on Earn Coins by Walking Around With Your 3DS:

It would be awesome if you could buy virtual console games with earned coins, I would walk everyday to get the maximum of allowed daily coins.
Come on Nintendo, you could make all your fans happy and healthier so they would maybe live longer to buy your products. This would be the ultimate incentive, no ?