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Wed 24th Jul 2013

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Judgedean commented on Update on the Way to Make Wheels Round Again i...:

I'm a big digital download user and I always run the current game I'm playing on the system memory. External HDD is just for storage and the very rare time I want show someone all my titles - otherwise it's really just for backup. Is it slower running games from the external HDD?



Judgedean commented on Nintendo's Official UK Store Restocks on Some ...:

I managed to get Sonic the Hedgehog, Wario and Charizard. I'm working my way through the Smash list, getting roughly one Amiibo a week but thought crazy to miss up on those ones at NORMAL RRP! Most hard to get Amiibos, cost about 2-5 times their RRP. Will definitely save £££.



Judgedean commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

I've been following Nintendo for 20+ years. Nintendo won't release a new home console within the five year life cycle. Nintendo won't release the NX until Nov 2017. NX will be shown at E3 2016 with a few demos from Nintendo, then again at E3 2017 with more polished games (and some 3rd party games) and released Nov 2017. Zelda will be released Nov 2016. Maybe I should be an Analyst too - probably be more accurate too.



Judgedean commented on Nintendo Patented an "Illumination Device" for...:

Had a Philips Ambilight TV that did this but was annoying after about 5 mins and was a distraction in the end. Ask anyAmblight owners and most will say the same. Only game that was prefect for it was DJ Hero - was great for that.



Judgedean commented on Wii U System Update 4.0.2 Goes Live:

As soon as I turned the console on, it said there was an update to install which was done in a minute. Haven't fully tested the console out though - just went into settings to move a game to the external USB HDD.



Judgedean commented on Nintendo Download: 29th August (Europe):

Re - Wonderful 101 - I think I found some 'bugs' if that's the correct saying regarding the auto saves. I've been trying to get pure platinum on all the missions for each stage. If I didn't succeed in getting pure platinum on a mission, I would go to the menu and choose retry (from last save point) which would take me back to the beginning of that mission to try again. Found on mission 11 on stage 001a that it saves as soon as you finish that mission, so you can't retry from the beginning of that mission. Only way is to go right back to the beginning of that stage and try again. I think the auto save is in the wrong place. Hopefully a patch will fix this.