A sky-climbing star, a rank-climbing boxer, barrel rollers and a barrel thrower are all up as Club Nintendo rewards this month in North America, if you have the coins. The following titles will be available until 4th August:

Aura-Aura Climber — 100 Coins
Donkey Kong ‘94 — 100 Coins
Super Punch-Out!! — 150 Coins
Star Fox 64 — 200 Coins

A nice cross-section of systems is represented this month, with the Game Boy’s Donkey Kong and DSiWare’s Aura-Aura offered through the 3DS eShop and Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES and Star Fox 64 offered through the Wii Shop Channel.

The annual Platinum and Gold gifts for Club Nintendo Elite members will also be announced soon. Until then, are you thinking of passing the time by picking up any of this month’s game offerings?

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (242 votes)

Aura-Aura Climber (3DS eShop)


Donkey Kong ‘94 (3DS eShop)


Super Punch-Out!! (Wii Shop)


Star Fox 64 (Wii Shop)


Nothing for me this time


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[via club.nintendo.com]