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Wed 29th Dec 2010

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SSJ3Goku commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Damn. Well ever since I heard Japan was killing off Club Nintendo, it was only a matter of time for it to be cancelled everwhere else. Too bad. I've been collecting games just for the coins since 2010 when I got my Wii.

Since I only have 205 coins left (I went and registered Link Between Worlds and New Super Mario Bros 2 last night - since you can't earn coins after March) maybe I can grab another Wii U game for another 60 coins. But I was planning to start saving for the New 3DS XL :/



SSJ3Goku commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Moment of 2010:

Oh my biggest moment(s) of 2010. First, getting my first DS (A DS Lite) and starting my DS collection. That was in March, my Birthday Present.

But more recently would be the news that my Parents would be getting me $200 for my first Wii. I have $85 for games/accessories. January 2nd's the date I go to get everything.