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New Pokémon Revealed for X & Y, Say Hello To Ninfia

Posted by Orla Madden

A new Pokémon in the never-ending Pokédex

We reported yesterday that Pokémon Smash and CoroCoro magazine had a treat in-store for Pokémon fans this week, and it so happens to come in the form of Ninfia — a brand new Pokémon, which also happens to be one of the many evolutions of Eevee.

According to the magazine, the evolution method is a secret, as well as what type of Pokémon Ninfia is. Details of the new addition to the Pokédex include its size and dimensions, of course; it's 1.0m tall and weighs 23.5kg. Check out the scans of Ninfia below, and let us know your thoughts on the new 'mon.

In other Pokémon news today, Pokémon Scramble U has been announced for Japan.


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Fudgenuggets said:

@rjejr That's what they say about pretty much every new Pokemon nowadays. And then it ends up growing on them as time passes.



Raymen said:

Eevee has a lot, and many are good. This one? I can't tell until they show moves and its type.



Arren said:

Nah, I still think every pokemon after R/S were lame. G/S was the best!



SheldonRandoms said:

Sweet, another evolution for Eevee, i'll check DeviantArt later and find Ninfia fanart everywhere, also I noticed that color scheme is sorta like Milotic's, just what type could it be?




ultraraichu said:

Its looks like a cross between Milotic and Victini with Eevee as the main source. I wonder if there's a connection.

Edit: I see I'm not the first to think the same with Milotic.



GuardianKing said:

Maybe that's the evolution method

I don't know if Eevee and Milotic are in the same egg group, but maybe if you bred them together, this could be their offspring.

This would go hand-in-hand with all the breeding rumors we've heard of



GuardianKing said:

I also get the feeling it might be flying type.

Those holes and color palette remind me of Skyla (in a way). That light blue and pink-ish beige fits the idea of flying type very well.



Wonder_Ideal said:

What time is it?
It's type speculation time!
It's hard to get a read on what type it is. Could this mean a new type!? O_e



domdom87 said:

This Eevee evolution will be of a new pokemon type they will introduce in generation 6: dumb-looking.



DarkNinja9 said:

ugh out of the cool fan art eevee evolutions this one just seems lacking in that awesome new pkm feel i mean they took victini and eevee and fused it together and calleded it a day like rly?

but at least we got a new eevee-lution seems like a normal type with something else



Lalivero said:

@Hyperstar96 That's the Japanese name, like how Glaceon and Leafeon both have that -ia in theirs. I think it's safe to assume the English name will be Ninfeon.



CanisWolfred said:

@GameLord08 I know! I can't can't wait to evolve my eevees (who have a 75% chance of being male) into that thing. No need to dress it up with pretty bows and ribbons to make him feel like he was born the wrong gender, he's already got them.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Maybe this is Eevee's non-mutated evolution (Umbreon/Espeon evolved due to solar and lunar energy according to the Pokedex)?



Robo-goose said:

Pure Normal type is my guess.
I wonder if this reveal has anything to do with valentines day, lol!



Geonjaha said:

If this is enough to get Pokémon fans excited there is no hope for the world of gaming.



Lalivero said:

I'd rather get hopeful over a new piece of info than be pessimistic about everything.



FrozenCthulhu said:

Why does this Eeveelution give me the horrible impression of it being a pure Normal type? :/

I mean, it just looks like a cute rabbit/cat crossing with bows on it. >_>



AVahne said:

Greeeaaattt....another NON-DRAGON EEVEE. Color-scheme is similar to Milotic, but we already have Vaporeon for our water Eevee. Design looks similar to Victini, but we already have Espeon and Flareon. Is this a new normal level-up evolution for eevee with absolutely no extra conditions?
Well whatever it is, it's kind of meh. Like a Milotic and Victini both violated a poor little eevee at once and somehow got both of their DNA inside it.
EDIT: Well I'm slow, others have already thought the same thing. Aside from my last sentence up there.



Emaan said:

A new Eevee evolution!

I like the design. It's very, cute looking? I'm wodering why the name doesn't end with -eon. Perhaps that's only the Japanese name.



TysonOfTime said:

It reminds me of the Flying Gym Leader Skyla, so naturally I'm leaning towards it being flying.



gsnap said:

If it was just normal type, then it would probably just look like an evolved eevee. You know, brown with white fluff.

This is most likely a flying type, or if we're lucky, the introduction of a brand new light type. Just like I always wanted. Please do that. Please.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i think it looks cute.....god people wanted new information and then complain when a new Pokemon is announced. Settle down people!!!!!



Garo said:

Please tell me those bowtie-scarf-thingies are just accessories...



Morpheel said:

My guess is that this will be a female only evolution to be paired with a male only evolution, to use the XY theme.



OrionLee said:

@SheldonRandoms When i first saw it, I was racking my brain trying to figure out which Pokemon it reminded me of. Look to the comments and the answer is provided for me!
Also, bow-ties are cool!



Expa0 said:

Sigh... So they're going the "butcher old favorites route" this gen again. Please let Farfetch'd at least stay pure.



Justaguest said:

I guess it is mixture of types. Something special.. that´s why they are hiding it maybe?



Solatorobo said:

Oh my god it looks so adorable.

But a picture of it shows it surronded by feathers, so I am going to say flying type.




I too, am inclined to say that NINFEON or wtv its name will be here in America will be a flying type, it reminds me a lot of almost all the flying-type related gym leaders but I also think there will be another one as well, EEVEELUTIONS NEVER COME 1 AT A TIME, in kanto there were 3 (not counting the recipient, eevee), in johto 2 and in sinnoh 2. It is weird but I gotta see a steel-type or a dragon-type eeveelution, I'M REALLY CURIOUS to see how that turns out.



WindWakerLink said:

Its going to be either a "Fighting" or "Flying" type I think. Then it's counter Eevee type will be "Ghost" or "Rock" respectively. "Of course this is me speculating!" XD

Oh!! I just realized something about the Eevee evolutions after 1st gene. "We have been getting 2 Eevee evolution per generation ending with even numbers! Gene 2: Espeon & Umbreon; Gene 4: Leafeon & Glaceon; Now Gene 6: Ninfia & ???" I can't wait for more info on Gene 6!!



TulipWaltz said:

@expa0 I do agree Farfetch'd needs to stay "pure", but there are still a few Pokémon that are in desperate need of an evolution. Like Pachirisu, Luvdisc,...



Kyhunsheo said:

Eevee sold out after Johto! always wanted to say that to a pokemon haha but I'll get used to them like I did to Glaceon and Leafeon. Keep those forms coming ... Jolteon 4 Life!!!



SirQuincealot said:

moonsotone maybe? will there be a second eevee for this game?

he was always my favororite, dissipointeted if this is the only new one



SnackBox said:

I think it looks cute. Flying or Normal maybe.....or a new type. It looks like Skyla turned herself into a Pokemon.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Haven't Pokémon news replaced the regular news in Japan? They seem to be just as bad and tiresome at least.



Rod64 said:

I was willing to give pokemon desings a chance after the DISASTER that was Black & White in that aspect, but after looking at this... it's hard to keep the faith.



DreamyViridi said:

It doesn't look like something that could fly like everyone else is saying. I hope it's Normal; odd as it may sound, I've wanted a Normal-type Eevee evolution for a while now. Assuming the stats and movepool will be good, I'll totally give it a chance. I like the design, unlike all the picky one-minded "Pokemon sucked after Gen 2" 'fans' out there. If anything's bringing down Pokemon (there isn't right now), it's a good chunk of the fanbase.



AlbertoC said:

Following the X&Y cromosome theory, and considering the eeveelutions are coming in pairs, i think this is a female evolution.

But is so PINK... I know japanese girls like this かわいい thing and this eon probably makes them go nuts and buy merchandise. But, c'mon. This isn't even cute. It has a bow with ribbons hanging all the place, then another bow with even more ribbons hanging all around the place, and it's TOO pink even for being female (Not in japan, there is never enough かわいい it seems). And if this thing can be male, now they have done it.

And here i was thinking the gears that evolve into more gears, or a trash bag that evolves in a bigger trash bag, or an ice cream that evolved into bigger ice creams were the worst pokemon designs.They come up with a Y-shaped flying thing... A wooden squirrel thing and then... This pink thing. What follows?

I miss G/S, where new pokemon were actual animals or cool concepts, or even both (Misdreavus, Mareep, Unown... Lanturn... freaking Feraligatr...) The only fifth gen pokemon i could defend were the Litwick evolution chain... And i'm afraid the rest give me the "What's that thing?" feeling. (Excepting the obvious animal look-alikes, like Vullaby)

Note i'm not talking competitively and i know a caterpie can beat anything if certaing conditions are met, that unown is almost useless and whatnot. I'm talking about the designs.



Aazurath12 said:

I looked up the prefix -nin in japanese and it can mean endurance, perseverance, and forbearance in both the physical and mental realms. It is also a prefix in jinja and ninjitsu. this leaves me to believe that this could possible be a fighting type...despite it not looking like one. And there is most likely not going to be the stupid light type that everyone thinks it is because it would screw up the balance of all the elements, so ninfia being a new type is most likely out of the question. they haven't made a new type since generation 2 so i don't think they're going to introduce one anytime soon.



Nintendo64Boy said:

My guess is a normal type. Pleeeeease don't bring a light type.
And this is wrong. All Eevee evolutions should have Eon in their name.



fpssoviet said:

I believe it should be dragon to keep with the special types and eveelutions are.



BakaKnight said:

And now we know they weren't kidding when the pokedex of Red and Blue told us that Eevee's DNA is very unstable XD

Really curious about how it evolves since till now every addition to the Eevee's evolutions came togheter with a new evolution system



allav866 said:

It's japanese name (and the only clue we have at the moment) is Ninfia. When I think about the name, the first word to come to mind is "Nymph." If that is what the word is based on, then the English translation for the name would be Nympheon. A nymph is a Greek female nature deity. There are 5 types of them: Celestial, Water, Land, Plant, and Underworld. So Ninfia, as far as this logic can tell, can be Psychic, Water, Ground, Grass, or Ghost (and maybe Dark). Ruling out the options that already exist, this leaves us with Ground and Ghost. It looks mostly like a ghost (soulless eyes...) so I strongly believe it's a ghost-type.



OokamiMaster said:

I just had a thought. what if it's evolution has something to do with the rumored bond system. which is meant to be different from friendship? Normally each eevee evolution comes with a new way to evolve.

2nd gen was night and day.
4th gen was locations.
6th gen could be bonds. something like conquest,



OokamiMaster said:

@allav866 you said celestial? that could be light if the rumors end up true. also when you think about it they never gave a type which means it's meant to be something new or surprising, though this is only my opinion from growing up with Pokémon lol.



Lalivero said:

@AlbertoC Sounds like nostalgia coming back to bite you there because the originals will always seem so cool with them being the first batch(or two) and all, although all design tastes are subjective. To be fair, I find a lot of the newer designs to be better than a giant snake rock(Onix), a walking pile of sludge(Grimer line), and I don't really care for some of the earlier Fighting-type lines. For example, I'd take Mienshao over Machamp any day.

@Nintendo64Boy Some of us have pointed out why it has that -ia instead of -eon earlier. This is the Japanese name. Glaceon and Leafeon both have that -ia in theirs as well.



Gorlokk said:

Perhaps the male counterpart (if it has one) will have a classy black bowtie and monocle or something.



-Crystalline- said:

This might just be me, but I have a feeling that this generation will have much better designed and good looking 'mon, in comparison to the last one. I mean, I just didn't like the pokemon in these last games. Some of them were alright, but the rest sort of felt like they had been "rushed". Anyways, I'm loving every bit of news so far



Silver_August said:

OK! I gotta get a couple things off my chest.

First of all I predict Flying type because of color scheme and ears/tail, common tail-tale signs of typing if you look at the others, feathery wears and tail and frills that FLOW IN THE WIND, unlike Glaceon's...thingies that just hang like ICICLES... or leafeons LEAF EARS or vaporeons fins.

2nd Dragon Eevee is stupid, not impossible, but stupid unless gamefreak has a trick up their sleeve. Why is it a load of fan-fic bull? because Dragons are things of legends, theyre also lizards, what's eevee? a mammal. someone point out a situation in evolution where a warm blooded animal evolved into a cold blooded lizard, let alone one that invented wings, YES the argument of DNA augmentation will always be there, pokemon like Voltorb prove science can create pokemon. BUT what makes pokemon, Pokemon is every design has some concept of real life science involved in the Pokemon's design and concept. yes i can see Eevee having a DNA physical reaction to like..wearing a dragon claw or scale and growing scales of its own but STILL it seems unlikely do to entire species change without some myth being around of a creature turning into a dragon to make it justifiable.

Next, Light Type won't happen, why? couple reason:
1. Look at the current 17 types, 3 of them already do a good job representing elements found in light, Fire, Elec and Psychic all have pokemon who in gens prior invoke the concept we in the west see as "light", also Arceus a GOD is Normal type, so the question remains, why do we need Light if all other elements are properly represented in a realm of SCIENCE
2. But dark type exists!! In japan Dark type is called Aku, Aku means Evil, Fear, not Dark vs Light, it represents things that are scary, cruel or inheriently mean. thus why, it, plus ghost and bug are super effective on Psychic, cuz Psychic represents the mind & soul and these types represent fears
3. stop and think, what Pokemon can come from "light type"? I'll tell you, 2 things, Lightbulbs and angels, Yeah pokemon has alot of crazy ideas but angels arent exactly scientific, thats diving into the realm of fantasy, something Pokemon surprisingly is not entirely about, again designs are founded by a thin coat of reality and logic. and seriously, all the pixes and angels you can come up with aren't enough to justify the typing.
4. lastly for the competitive players out there. stop and think about all those pokemon you've raised, with the move Hidden Power. That Celebi you got with HP Ice? Congrats! now that there's an 18th type, the IV spread required to get that type has been altered! Have fun with HP 37 Poison!

If they were gonna give us a new type they would've in Gen 4 with the revelation of the Shiny Stone, or in Gen 5 with Zekrom and Reshiram LITERALLY representing Yin and Yang...but bottom line is, the game's type chart has a delicate state of balance and Gamefreak is aware of this... Dark and Steel got put in Gen 2 because they couldn't fit it into Gen 1, evidenced by the fact Pokemon like Scizor and Murkrow were PLANED but not implemented.

I'm confident I won't be wrong, but if somehow I am, well I still look forward to the game because hey, I gotta keep an open mind when it comes to this franchise but Gamefreak, like its father Nintendo, has a strong sense of Tradition that it often times will not break, just saying.



GreenDream said:

Looks like the new Pokemon type is...

Shemale! What if that's a MALE eevee? Turning into a girl? Or if it's still a guy, then it's the girliest Pokemon gigalo ever... Ahem...


1. responsibility
2. charge
3. obligation
4. Professor

It could mean different things, depending on the kana used... but the article says the name in katakana... perplexing...



GRL021291 said:

I'm a firm believer that Ninfia will be a Pure bug type, and heres why:
1. Ninfia's name will most likely be Ninfeon in the US version (like Leafia --> Leafeon, Glacia --> Glaceon).

2. The root word withing Ninfeon is Nymph.

3. Now there are two ways the word Nymph can go: Nature Diety/Fairy or Insect Larvae.

4. Finally, mixing together both definitions of a Nymph, you get Ninfeon: Beauty and Light due to Ninfeon's model, silhouette and cuteness; Insect features suchas as the overly large and rounded eyes and the BUTTERFLIES (not bows) on her ear as well as neck. Ninfeon also has a fairy like presence.

While its color palette does not fit the usual types we're trying to associate Ninfeon with (Flying, Bug, Normal, etc.), I do not think they are releasing a new Type--but rather they are going in a new direction and not trying to be completely literal with the theme of said pokemon matching their types.

It's feminine qualities and feminine stance (tilted head and elegance) suggests its evolutionary condition as well: Eevee must be female to be eligible for this evolution. However, if this were true, why would it have to be female and WHY a bug type? The only logical answer would be its type being Normal and this being the regular evolutionary stage for eevee (unless intervened with the other evolutionary types). With that said, there must be a male counterpart if this is indeed a Normal type-- being more masculine in its own right.



rjejr said:

@AshirogiMuto - I didn't say "lamest", that was one of the NL editors handiwork. My comment was the standard derogatory comment about it's lack of masculinity. The tie made me think it was a tribute to Felix Unger.

My kids just laughed and said it looked like Deerling and Victini put together.



DarkNinja9 said:

im going to go with morphtroid's ideas and this being a female and there might be a male version still think a ghost, poison, and dragon would be cool and screw logic xD



Ralizah said:

That thing is too cute.
And if it is a boy, does that make it the pokemon equivalent of Birdo?



Abc2000 said:

@Geonjaha Relax man. If you don't like Pokémon, don't comment on any news, insulting fans. Everyone has their own opinions. It's simple.



Geonjaha said:

@Abc2000 - Only comment on articles containing what I cant criticise, just to avoid annoying some fans? No thanks. I also have the right to voice my opinion, even if you disagree with it.



orko said:

can some one plees tell me how to putt a photo on here i need help and i dont know what im doing.



NLfaS said:

Geonjaha, anyone interested in your opinions. Especially about Pokémon, a game that you don't know at all. Have you ever played it? Of course not, because as you have shown during these months, you're just a hater. Or a troll, as you prefer.



theblackdragon said:

I've already asked everyone to play nice once, and now I'm doing it again. I won't do it a third time.



Gioku said:

@rjejr Took the words right out of my mouth.

When I saw this, I actually said, out loud, "It's a piece of poo". I'm worried about what the rest of the Pokemon will be like. Gen. V was tolerable, a best; this looks like it might be a generation of pokemon I generally dislike.



semater said:

It's good to see another Eeveelution. It'll be nice once they finally have every Type covered.



Gregor said:

For all you guys out there still calling it Ninfia, the pokemon's US name is Sylveon. I not sure how this could be pronouced but im guessing one of two ways. [Sigh-lev-eon] which would point to it being a flying type (besides the extremely cryptic context clues. good job gamefreak) Or [Sil-vi-yon] The pronouciation of sil-vi-yon would point to the pokemon being a steel type, which i dont agree with. They should change the name a little to leave room for a steel eeveelution.



Gregor said:

This pokemon looks like a good eeveelution. Looks to be flying type. Dont like the asymetry with the bow on the ear though



armybaby12 said:

a new type in X and Y with sound and sight, plus there is 3 new starters, chespin [grass] fenekin [fire] and a water frog [not crogung]



armybaby12 said:

if you read my last reply im srry for spoiling the suspense of starters, oh i almost forgot if u have a braviary on black 2 and/or white 2 pm me

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