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Wed 13th Feb 2013

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GRL021291 commented on Pokémon X & Y Catch More Official Artwork and...:

Pokemon X & Y = inspired by DNA and Coordinates.
X = x chromosome and x axis
Y= y chromosome and y axis
Z (third game) = z chromosome (it exists) z axis

Now, with that information:

Xerneus will be Ground & ??? = because x is the horizontal axis (2d graph), usually associated to the ground.

Yveltal will be Flying & ??? = because y is the vertical axis (on a 2d graph), the opposite of x.

Pokemon Z will be Ground & Flying= because the Z axis is seen both vertically and horizontally on a 3d graph, and its coordinates rely soley on the x & y axis. (see the reference? Z only lies on a 3D graph --> game will be on the 3DS).



GRL021291 commented on New Pokémon Revealed for X & Y, Say Hello To ...:

I'm a firm believer that Ninfia will be a Pure bug type, and heres why:
1. Ninfia's name will most likely be Ninfeon in the US version (like Leafia --> Leafeon, Glacia --> Glaceon).

2. The root word withing Ninfeon is Nymph.

3. Now there are two ways the word Nymph can go: Nature Diety/Fairy or Insect Larvae.

4. Finally, mixing together both definitions of a Nymph, you get Ninfeon: Beauty and Light due to Ninfeon's model, silhouette and cuteness; Insect features suchas as the overly large and rounded eyes and the BUTTERFLIES (not bows) on her ear as well as neck. Ninfeon also has a fairy like presence.

While its color palette does not fit the usual types we're trying to associate Ninfeon with (Flying, Bug, Normal, etc.), I do not think they are releasing a new Type--but rather they are going in a new direction and not trying to be completely literal with the theme of said pokemon matching their types.

It's feminine qualities and feminine stance (tilted head and elegance) suggests its evolutionary condition as well: Eevee must be female to be eligible for this evolution. However, if this were true, why would it have to be female and WHY a bug type? The only logical answer would be its type being Normal and this being the regular evolutionary stage for eevee (unless intervened with the other evolutionary types). With that said, there must be a male counterpart if this is indeed a Normal type-- being more masculine in its own right.