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Shane904 commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Club Nintendo Platinum Rewards Ranking in my opinion:

2010 - Super Mario Characters Figurine
2011 - Mario Badge Set
2013 - Three Poster Set OR Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Soundtrack
2009 - Mario Hat or Doc's Punch Out
2012 - Mario Playing Cards or Poster Set
2014 - ...this



Shane904 commented on Review: Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest (3DS):

It's a platformer. The only unique thing really is that the snowman can throw his head at enemies to stun them or to collect things scattered through the level (which is something he did in the movie too).



Shane904 commented on Review: Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest (3DS):

I got a code for a free download of the game through a contest. Quite obvious it was a kids game, but hey - free! I was actually pleasantly surprised - a lot of levels, and everything felt very polished. Environments were very vivid.

I do think this would have been better as a $1.99 app for a smartphone. It actually sort of feels like they copied it directly from a phone.



Shane904 commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

How is this any different than the Video Chat in Pokémon Black and White...? This is less...interactive.

Seems completely idiotic to remove the online feature... I'll miss conversing with my Japanese friends from Animal Crossing through it... =(

BTW - Gotta love the moderating of the comments. GG TBD.