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Wed 18th Nov 2009

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MAddogz commented on Nintendo Download: 10th May 2012 (Europe):

Just downloaded Monster World 4. Sadly it runs in 50hz and big Pal blocks on the top and bottom. It doesn't support Component cable setup, but it is working with my Component cables but the picture is blurry. The picture is totally streched, but that because of the wii set to widescreen I guess.
There are also pixels in the bottom Pal block that show all kind of nonsense...
Sega totally messed up the Pal conversion, but that was to be expected of them...
I don't know if it is the english text or if it was the same in the japanese version, but everyone in one area tells u the exact same text, except of special characters.
Gameplay is faster than Monster World 3, but climbing on ropes can be a pain... the controls for ropeclimbing are strange... Now entering the first temple...



MAddogz commented on Nintendo Download: 29th March 2012 (Europe):

Wow Mega Man 5 only 500 Points, certainly gonna pick that game up! It never came out over here in Europe. I hope it is in 60 Hz, because Mega Man always suffers badly from the Pal conversion...

Don't know which GG Game I should get...



MAddogz commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii):

I am almost done with the first area, and haven't even seen anything, but everything is so beautiful and big in this game with no loading times.
There is so much to do, u could just stand around and look at the sunset.

I don't know what's the problem with the english voiceacting, I love the british accent. Well it is not lipsynced, but what do u want expect from a japanese game...



MAddogz commented on Talking Point: What Was the Best Super NES Gam...:

Terranigma, closely followed by Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and Super Metroid.

I haven't played Chrono Trigger nor FF VI on SNES, because it never got released over here, but love the DS remake of CT and FF VI on VC.



MAddogz commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

Interesting that the COO of Capcom, David Keeves, was the former COO of Sony and has no games in development for WiiU and cancels a 3DS game...



MAddogz commented on European eShop Updated with More 3D E3 Trailers:

@James well that sucks big time... they released Resident Evil: Merchaneries and that was cut from Resident Evil 4 for Germany. Makes no sense to have a parental control if I still can't download the trailer...
Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Trailers not for Germany



MAddogz commented on Wii Has a Barren Summer Ahead in Europe:

@amerilia: NoA probally wants to see how it sells in Europe, if it is enough it will get released in the US. they only said "at this time" means until end of year. Let's see if makes the cut for the last Wii games, when WiiU ships.
@ Anyone complaining: Get a Life or import!!! There are more important stuff in life than this one game!!!



MAddogz commented on Mega Man 10 Heading to WiiWare!:

WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Just read the news now... Woooooow!!!

That's like birthday and christmas falling on the same day!!!
I want MM 10!!! Yeah!!!

Haven't finished 9 yet. got beaten by the boss of Wily world 3 and haven't picked it up since...
Gonna finish that one before though... it ain't unbeatable. Just hard.

But what about sheep man??? that's so ridiculess that it is funny again rofl



MAddogz commented on Nintendo Download: Earthworm Jim 2, Mahjong, H...:

@Adamant: that game isn't Shanghai Mahjong. Shanghai Mahjong is with the flowers to double, triple, quadribble your points if u win or negative points if u loose the game. Well it only matters if u play for money.
This is a patience version of Mahjong, that just uses the tiles of a Mahjong game.

This is real Mahjong, with all play types:

U can play it online against real players on this site for free.



MAddogz commented on Mahjong:

this is mahjong patience... this has nothing to do with the game mahjong



MAddogz commented on Review: Secret of Evermore (Super Nintendo):

Ahhh the good ol' Secret of Evermore, I love this game!!!
Good review Corbie!!!

I thought that game was too easy, despite 2 or 3 bosses.
Space is my least favourite level, because u beat it in 10 mins and the weapons are way to strong for the level. The final boss is a joke... not really challenging.

The alchemy system is very tricky. It's hard to level up your alchemy because the ingredients are hard to find or expensive to buy.

I enjoyed the trading part in the desert. It was pretty funny what the people are selling, buying and for what price

I never could find all the alchemy spells because some are hard to find, but u don't need them to play the game...