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Tue 8th May 2012

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jojje70 commented on Commodore 64 Celebrates 30th Birthday:

Actually bought a C64 recently and finally got to try out my old cassettes, some of them worked fine, some only occasionally on the B-side and some not at all. Anyway, it´s still impressive what developers could do back in the day with just 64k of RAM memory and the wonderful SID music is just the icing on the (birthday) cake... I also wish for more C64 games on the VC (even if I already own most of my favourites)



jojje70 commented on Nintendo Download: 10th May 2012 (Europe):

Good to see more VC games, really, but my favourite Wonderboy title is actually the first one... you know the charming platformer where you can ride a skateboard and stuff, yeah I would love to see the arcade version get a VCA release



jojje70 commented on Review: Super Hang-On (Wii Virtual Console / V...:

Great motorcycle game and nice to see the VCA getting some love again. I had expected a (slightly) higher rating though, the game deserves at least a 8/10 in my opinion (probably even higher). But I agree that Out Run is a bigger classic, a truly legendary game that should also get a VCA release.