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Nintendo Download: 8th December 2011 (North America)

Posted by James Newton


There's some good stuff on the Nintendo Download today, so make sure you read our Guide to the Nintendo 3DS System Update to get your machine up to speed before checking out the latest downloads.

3DS Download Software

Pushmo (Nintendo, $6.99) — Known as Pullblox in Europe where it is also released today, this is a quirky little puzzler from Intelligent Systems, known for its Advance Wars and Fire Emblem series among others. We'll have a full review very soon.


Castle Conqueror — Against (CIRCLE Entertainment, 200pts) — Another instalment in the strategy series, we'll see how it stacks up to its predecessors in our upcoming review.

Word Searcher 4 (Digital Leisure, 500pts) — Indulge in a spot of word searching with categorise including fossils, literature and tornadoes. We'll have a review soon but if you can't wait, consider reading our Word Searcher 3 review in preparation.


Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder (iFun4All, 500pts) — We'll see if this strategy game can live up to its hype of "worst game ever" with our review next week.

WiiWare Demo

MotoHeroz — Try RedLynx's excellent physics-based racer with this free trial, then read our MotoHeroz review. Then buy the game. It's good.

Nintendo Video

Foster the People, Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) – Foster the People and Gabourey Sidibe star in a relentless, stunt-heavy car chase film. When a driving exam goes very wrong, the ensuing chase tears up a small town in this outrageous music video, now available on the Nintendo Video service.

Anything for you this week, folks?

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Zach said:

It's about time Precious got some more work!

Edit: Turns out she's had fairly constant work. So I guess it's about time she got some 3D work?



HitomisGuy said:

Hmm Wasn't that Pushmo on the Japanese Eshop recently as well? Perhaps demos in a few weeks or so?



bboy2970 said:

definitely grabbing Pushmo this week. I was really kind of also hoping for Zen Pinball. I'd really like for that to be in the pipe for next week or I'm gonna be a little upset. Wouldn't aurprise me if we got Zen next week while Europe gets Mario Land 3. Europe seems to constantly be one step ahead in the eShop....



Link79 said:

Do these idiots adding the downloads even know what month it is?
Where's the holiday spirit?
No 3DS or Wii VC? This better be cause we're getting the Ambassador games soon or I don't know what's going on.



ocarinaoftime said:

Vc nice to get a good vc game or them 3ds demos...but as u cab see we get neither one....



Hardy83 said:

Shock. No demos. Didn't see that one coming. /sarcasm

Even with a good firmware update, Nintendo of America still knows how to suck in the digital front.



ocarinaoftime said:

If u dont fix the present wii problem than wii u future is sunk....there is no way im being suckered agian... Wii u will go like this not gointo be on sysem thats on other systems,no vc content hardly,slow support after 2 and half years,wii u ware garbage and content that u can play online for free on other websites,i was suckerd once but not again...



Bass_X0 said:

If u dont fix the present wii problem than wii u future is sunk....

The life of the Wii is over... finished!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Do these idiots adding the downloads even know what month it is?

Perhaps "these idiots" realize there are still two download days before Xmas, if they're planning anything for that, and that this is probably a pretty darned solid update of new titles, barring, perhaps, the game that openly admits it sucks.



brandonbwii said:

There are only two more download days for Swapnote to be released. I'm hopeful since both FreakyForms and Pushmo made it in the promised months.



brandonbwii said:

At all those hating that there are no demos, Nintendo said it's up to the publisher make them. They probably didn't get the memo yet.

On topic it's nice to see Nintendo keeping momentum by already releasing two of their own titles as 3DS downloads in the last two months. It's nice for them to get things rolling on a download service for once instead of just hoping the best from 3rd parties.

EDIT: ...and if you're upset that there aren't any 1st party demos, does Nintendo really need to make them? Odds are both their core and even casual fanbase would buy them anyway.



Teh-Ray said:

Sweet! Can't wait to get Pushmo, but it's going to cut a lot into my Mario Kart time. Ah, balance!



grumblegrumble said:

Is this a game about pushing or pulling?? That is the question! I like the name Pullblox better than Pushmo. Pushmo sounds like the name of an irritating and deranged new Muppet.



Nintendude92 said:

Finally the eshop exclusive games are coming out.. gonna grab pushmo

Pushmo is good, and we just got the firmware update. Wario Land on the way right? Just wait a bit



joevox316 said:

Phooey. I was all set to download Batman Arkham City Lockdown tonight. Then I saw the trailer for this. Looks really fun. I want to make my own puzzles!



Megumi said:

I'd like to get Pushmo right now, but something is preventing me from getting it right now...
goes to play Mario Kart 7



MeWario said:

Man I can't understand why North America gets so screwed. We got Blaster Master this week as well and we got Zen Pinball last week. Poor guys! Come on Nintendo! Good week for us though =)



Scissors said:

HOORAY been waiting for this, bought it immediately.

You no longer have to buy eShop money in chunks you can pay exactly as much as the games cost now



slidecage said:

is the NINTNEDO SERVER down for anyone else.. i got the new castle game was up to 70% download and it goes

please try again
wont download and says
ERROR you can redownload at a later time for free since i already paid for it...

I think im done with nintendo paid for a service i cant get access



Birdman said:

Maybe Pushmo and the new CC, and if I can get my Wii connected back to the Internet, hells yeah I'm getting the MotoHeroz demo.



Scissors said:

PUSHMO is freaking incredible, holy crap it's really good. It's so good it's making my intestines bleed happiness.




TWK said:

Best 3DSWare title yet for me! Incredible game! Gameplay, controls and audio are top notch!



DarkLloyd said:

my god guys why the big deal over VC games beside it being lacking for a while

you sound like you wish theres a few every week? what you going to buy them every week ? i thought so



StarDust4Ever said:

Gah! Where's my 3D Pinball?!?!

No Pinball = No download for me today...

EDIT: On second thought, I just visited the eShop, and that new Pushmo game looks interesting. I like the fact that you can create your own levels and save them as QR codes. I may just have to give this game a go. I already bought that Pyramid game a couple weeks ago, but it gets too freaking tough too early on. Also, this puzzler doesn't look quite as lethal as the Pyramid traps. But please Nintendo, give us Americans some Pinball love...



Haxonberik said:

@James you should ask for and make a Nintendo Life list of pushmos, that would be awesome! I have one ready to submit, but I don't know hoe to put images in the comments.



GrandSparkster said:

I'm getting really sick of these "no-Wii VC" news.

Anyway, I am interested in Pushmo. I'll probably get it when/if Mutant Mudds or Mighty Switch Force arrives.



bonesy91 said:

downloading Pushmo now.

and I'm glad Nintendo upgraded there money system on the eShop. Had $4.23 only had to add $2.76



Retro_on_theGo said:

Yes! Insta-buy Pushmo! Thank you Nintendo! Now if we can get a really good VC title next week and/or Zen Pinball I'll be really really happy.
Sooo happy with Pushmo right now though!



Glade said:

Hey.. somehow the eShop isn't accepting my parent's master card.. anybody else having this problem?



StarDust4Ever said:

@Glade: Do they know you are trying to use it? Naughty, naughty, if you didn't ask first!

I took the plunge and downloaded Pushmo, and it is incredible! I have this burning desire to try to make all of the sprites from Super Mario Brothers and see how many of them make solvable puzzles. Sadly, some of the larger enemies won't work on a 16x16 grid without modification, but that is to be expected...



zeeroid said:

I want to see Pushmo at the top of the eShop charts next week! MAKE IT HAPPEN



Gamer83 said:

Another week with a lack of Wii VC. I'm guessing they're done with it, might as well just come out and say so. Absolutely disgusting how they've handled this. MS and Sony crush Nintendo in the online space and always will.



Joco84 said:

Pushmo (Pullbox in EU) is undoubtedly one of the best games I've ever played on a handheld. I've played it for 2 hours solid so far and can say that it is a joy to play and well worth everyones money.
Give yourselves an early Xmas treat and buy this great game NOW!!!



RantingThespian said:

I am very unhappy that we still don't have Zen Pinball game for the 3DS. If Europe has it, then it couldn't be hard at all to make it available in America. I had to give up Pinball Pulse when I got the 3DS (it wouldn't transfer over), and I have been waiting for this to cure my itch for Pinball.



Malkeor said:

@7: LOL!!

I might skip this one but I hope they continue to keep bringing in more games consistently.

@49: Well you see there are still a ton of possibilities for the VC. Tons of games we could have and play, and I guarantee people will be willing to buy.



rjejr said:

So my kid got a 3DS yesterday, and Pushmo really seems like a game that could use a demo. Mario Kart and Supermarioland don't, but I have no idea what this is. Teh video was good, I liked the look, reminded me of Okabu on PSN. We tried and hated that demo. You can't judge gameplay from a video. The 3DS almost seems like a modern system compared to the DSi, I hope it continues to improve.

I am really glad Nintendo lets you pay for games now. I've had 200 points on my Wii since Chick Chick Boom was released.



lonelyheart said:

Pushmo is by far the best game on the eshop so far. I had to force myself to stop playing to go to bed and I'm a grown woman. This game made me smile so much, I didn't expect it to be so much fun. Is there going to be a forum or any place where we can share our Pushmo QR codes? Sorry for my English, it's not my primary language.



Ramses said:

Yet another week with an absence of any Ambassador Games. I'm waiting for Nintendo to announce that they are delayed AGAIN...



GeminiSaint said:

Pushmo is pretty fun! Also, I noticed the little red guy you control is designed after a sumo wrestler. Now that's quirky!



winter123 said:

They make Wii ware demos so hard to find hence I never get them. 3DS demos are worse, you willhave to drive to specific stores like you used to have to do with DS demos. Can we update with the times, please?



Martyn said:

@rjejr it's by Intelligent Systems, developers of such games like Advance Wars, Paper Mario + Wario Ware...if that helps convince you!



Urbanhispanic said:

There's only 3 weeks left and I hope Nintendo comes through with the GBA games for the Ambassador program. I'm still upset that they are STILL sleeping on the Wii VC.



rjejr said:

Motoheroz was such a good demo for the first 18 seconds or so, until I realized I was holding my Wiimote sideways to play a 2D side-scrolling racing game that is built on the idea of "tilting" your car forward and back, BUT titling the Wiimote doesn't affect your car, you have to use the D-pad. The biggest video game WTF moment of my life. I am SO freakin' glad I didn't purchase this. I woudl be writng everybody I know demadn a full refund of my $15. An embarrassment to videogame makers everywhere.



Jono97 said:

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW CMONNNNNNNNNN I wan't this NAO... Well, Americans pay like $7 for this and Aussies pay $9 NO FAIR

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