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  • 8th Dec 2011, 200 points
  • 2nd Feb 2012, 200 points
Castle Conqueror

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Castle Conqueror - Against Screenshot
Castle Conqueror - Against Screenshot
Castle Conqueror - Against Screenshot


  • Review Castle Conqueror - Against (DSiWare)

    Another day in paradise

    Another Castle Conqueror game? If CIRCLE Entertainment keeps this up, this just might turn into a monthly tradition. It's worth reading our previous reviews of Castle Conqueror and Castle Conqueror — Revolution as the gameplay here is largely the same as its real-time predecessors. The basic concept remains untouched:...

About The Game

You are a great warrior from an ancient tribe on the island.

Your island is a beautiful place where you worship a god who grants special powers to you and your tribes.

When the Empire suddenly arrives from the other side of the ocean to find gold mines and hunt down many innocent people, fear causes some tribes to betray their faith. This has incurred the wrath of your god, and you must leave the safety of your hut to curse and punish the invaders.