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It has become apparent that each of Digital Leisure's Word Searcher titles is intended to vary the content rather than improve the design toward a more interesting take on the activity. If you’ve played any of the previous entries, then you know exactly what’s in store with their newest addition to the DSiWare service, Word Searcher 3.

You play by holding your DSi sideways, much like a book, then using the touch screen to find hidden words on a grid of letters. You highlight them by tapping and dragging the stylus on the touch screen across all of the letters that make up a particular word that you’ve found. There are 100 different categories to choose from, each with 14 words to locate within the puzzle, and the point is to find all of them as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever played a word search in any form, electronic or otherwise, then besides this being timed, you know exactly how the game works.

The most notable thing about Word Searcher 3, and also the most disappointing, is how little they actually changed it from previous titles in the series. Everything from Word Searcher 2 has stayed exactly where it was, except this time there are different categories of words to search for, and the menu is coloured green rather than blue. The gameplay is the same, the word grids haven’t changed, and there aren’t any new options in the menu. It’s all completely untouched.

Word Searcher 3 Review - Screenshot 1 of

While there isn’t really anything wrong with the formula that Word Searcher 3 retains from its predecessors, the lack of dynamism makes it dull. There aren’t any new challenges or special play modes available; it’s all just word search puzzles. Even the soundtrack was taken directly from Word Searcher 2. This is the definitive lazy sequel.


With the exception of new categories and a colour swap, Word Searcher 3 is literally the exact same thing as Word Searcher 2. If you are absolutely in love with word search puzzles, couldn’t get enough of the other Word Searcher games available, and have an extra 500 Points, feel free to purchase this game knowing that its aim is to provide alternate, rather than better, content. For everyone else: don’t be fooled. There is nothing new to see here.