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Four Swords Anniversary Edition Details Announced

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Multiplayer Zelda isn't far away

As part of today's media blitz from Nintendo, a press release has confirmed the release date of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition as 28th September in the EU and North America. For those of you who haven't heard, this title was originally released on the Game Boy Advance and will be completely free to download from the DSi Shop or 3DS eShop. This is a limited period offer, gamers being required to download the title before it disappears on 20th February 2012.

There are also details of an all-new single player mode, as well new levels and wireless multiplayer support. Read all about it in the press release below.

Fans of the original game or newcomers alike can expect classic 2D multiplayer adventure as two to four players wirelessly connect their Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo 3DS systems as they work together to rescue Princess Zelda after Link splits into four with the help of the Four Sword. You and up to three of your friends will each don a different coloured tunic as you all take on the role of Link. Ensure you work together as you discover and play across four themed areas, solve numerous puzzles and defeat bosses along the way. Make sure you collect more Rupees than your friends if you want to be the overall winner after completing one of the themed areas.

However, unlike the original Game Boy Advance version, it is now possible to play the game in a brand new way as a single player. When you go solo you won’t be totally alone though as an additional Link will appear beside the one you control to help you along during your adventure. It is even possible to independently control “each” Link by selecting either of them using the L or R Buttons.

What’s more, there are 2 exclusive new areas to play each containing 3 new levels to complete which have been specifically made for this edition of the game. By completing the new areas, each Link will be able to unlock additional special skills. Fans of the franchise will be familiar with the Hurricane Spin and Master Sword and both return to help you on your quest.

Mastering the challenging new area ‘Hero’s Trial’ which contains elements from other levels as well as 3 new maps will allow you to unlock the Hurricane Spin, whilst tackling the new area.

‘Realm of Memories’ made up of famous locations from selected titles in The Legend of Zelda series, unlocks the Master Sword.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition also includes new control options including “whistle” functionality on the X Button, allowing players to call for attention, alert each other of their location on the map, as well as making use of the lower screen to show your inventory and place on the map.

There is also confirmation of special Zelda themed eShop and Nintendo Points pre-paid cards being rolled out across Europe. With the upcoming launch of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as well, the Zelda Anniversary is truly in full swing.

Will you be playing Four Swords with your friends and hunting down Zelda pre-paid cards?

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Aviator said:

So is it over Wi-Fi or not?

Glad that added single player, as that's how I played it on Four Swords Adventure.



Late said:

GBA game wasn't all that great but this game has at least some improvements and it's free so it doesn't matter all that much



6ch6ris6 said:

very nice that it has a single player mode. i dont know anybody with a 3DS



Late said:

@Aviator - I don't think that it has Wi-Fi, if you read the article you notice that it says: up to four player can wirelessly connect their DSi DSi XL and 3DS systems.



daznsaz said:

cant believe all the free stuff were getting.never played this zelda it like links awakening or more advanced.either way i will be getting



warioswoods said:

It is even possible to independently control “each” Link by selecting either of them using the L or R Buttons

So they basically took a cue from the Gamecube game. I sure hope that, somewhere in Nintendo, a team is currently working on a brand new, full-scale 4 Swords. We need it!



alLabouTandroiD said:

Interesting additions. Great that they put the effort in the game.
And maybe after February 20th 2012 it will resurface somewhen like SMB: The Lost Levels did on the Wii's VC so late adopters get the chance to buy this game too.



timp29 said:

Awesome. 3DS is becoming the ultimate zelda handheld, possibly trumping the consoles too.



SpaceKappa said:

I was under the impression that this was going to be a straight port of the original GBA game... I'm super stoked to see all they're adding to it! I played the GC version with friends, but I'm looking forward to tackling this one with my wife and sister-in-law.



suburban_sensei said:

This is amazing news! Can't believe how soon it is coming out. I think I am gonna play some Zelda (NES) and Links Awakening DX to gear up for the release. I can't believe they are making it free, also, because I know EVERYBODY would pay for that gem.



LztheQuack said:

@nick_gc: You will. You're not limited to how many systems you can have one game on (assuming you're not transferring it)



alLabouTandroiD said:

That's a really great idea, nick_gc (9.) ! So actually i might be able to play it with someone else.
I just hope the XL will be cheaper before 20th February because i kinda want one for my DS games and that would just be perfect timing.



TeeJay said:

Awesome! Single Player! It sounds like it's only going to use two Links though.



NESguy94 said:

Nice, I thought this would just be a cheap port, but Nintendo did a great job with all the added features. Does anyone know if you can play using Friend codes and WiFi?



McGruber said:

It's 2011 where is the online? Why isn't it going to be available to buy after February? Why isn't Nintendo allowing GBA games to be made available to everyone on the eShop? Are they waiting for another 'groundbreaking' announcement to help their stock prices??



19Robb92 said:

Awesome news. I don't have any friends near me with 3DS systems. So that's great.



bonesy91 said:

Yes single player! and I really hope there is wifi.... though then again i doubt it.



IronMan28 said:

Wow, the fact that this is free is really surprising. It's awesome, no doubt, but surprising!



Kimiko said:

Lol. I have the original as B-side of Link To The Past, but could never play it because it's multi-player only. Funny that I can now get a single-player edition for free.



grumblebuzzz said:

If there's no wi-fi, there will be no reason for me to download it. Nintendo, I love you, I am one of your most vocal supporters, but your weird aversion to the internet in 2011 is your Achilles heel. To release a multiplayer Zelda game and expect that everyone has three other buddies with DSes or 3DSes AND a desire to play this game nearby is ridiculous, especially if you are an adult who just happens to love Nintendo. The older I get, the fewer available Nintendorks there are around me, which means the fewer opportunities I have to multiplayer any of these games since you refuse to put them online.



19Robb92 said:

No reason? Not even for the ability to play singplayer and the 2 new stages with added items like the Master Sword and Hurricane Spin?

Sound great even if it's not online IMO.



JettiBlue said:

wow this is great news! good to hear all this effort is being made for a free release, we need this in a year that's been a bit of a rocky road for Big N in some ways.
I do agree though, the continuous lack of online implementation in games is frustrating...



grumblebuzzz said:

I really just don't understand how a game like this would operate in single player form since all the puzzles, enemies, etc are based around the theme of four Links on the screen at once. I guess if there's some sort of CPU players to tag along with you it could be fun but not nearly as fun as it would be if you had 3 other living, breathing players along for the ride; mine would have to come from the internet since I don't have friends into Nintendo games. I just don't understand why they will only put Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Smash Bros online. Why? Why not give ALL the games that would benefit from the online treatment the same love?



Arthedain said:

New single player mode? That's AWESOME! Especially since I don't know many ppl irl that owns 3DS ;(



19Robb92 said:

Yeah, I know what you mean. But you should at least download it and see if the singleplayer works. I mean it's free, what's there to loose?



Mr_J said:

Heck yeah! I loved it as a kid but since I had an old GBA (that was starting to break down) and my friend had an SP that was all fancy kind of made it difficult. But such a good game and it's free.



CrazyOtto said:

Limited time offer?

I hope a paid GBA VC version appears on the eShop sometime after the February 20th 2012 for the people that miss the DSiware release.



motang said:

I had totally forgotten about this until couple of weeks ago. Can't wait!



TeeJay said:

Basically what Rob said. C'mon, it's free! It's not like Nintendo's losing your money if you don't download it. The only one losing out is you.



ueI said:

@Mully: If you play with 2 or 3 players, the puzzles are appropriately scaled for the number of Links. Having three other friends is far from necessary. If you're the only one interested in this game, then your concern is a bit more justified.



TourianTourist said:

The original game could be played with only two people, so no need for four systems. The singleplayer is based on the two-player mode, you control two Links at once. You can control them individually or swap into an "AI buddy"-mode, where the 2nd Link helps you out by performing certain actions automatically.

Online would be really annoying, you need to communicate all the time and some players would just screw you. Trust me, I played through the entire game with two friends and online is not something you want for this game. The singleplayer solves all problems, you can play every bit of this game whenever you want. No need to look for other players or to torture yourself with bad online play. It's perfect.



Legodavid18 said:

A question for people who played the first Four Swords: if you play together with one friend, how many Links does each player control? One or two?



grumblebuzzz said:

See, I never played the original BECAUSE you needed two people to play, so I have no idea how it plays aside from videos I've seen. I mean, I will likely download it, barring the file size isn't enormous, and I could be totally wrong in saying the single player experience won't be fun, but controlling two Links at once sounds pretty tedious. I just wish Nintendo would give us the online option in a lot of their games, not just this one. If the word "multiplayer" is used when describing a game, it should be an option. Not everyone has gamer friends at their disposal and it kind of neuters the game knowing that I'll never get to experience it the way it's meant to be experienced.



Collinhall said:

Guys, it will be coming to 3DSware as well! I assume it is coming dsiware AND shop so that more people can play it together! Now I can play it with my sister who only has a Dsi. I am still kind of confused though, is it an enhanced Swords or Four Swords Adventures?



TourianTourist said:

One Link per player. Only in singleplayer you control two at once.

@Mully: As someone, who has played through the entire original game, I can assure you, that I'm really looking forward to the singleplayer. Multiplayer can be fun, no question about that, however, it gets annoying that you're dependent on a 2nd player. With the singleplayer I will be able to play this game whenever I want and I don't have to rely on other people.

It's an enhanced port of the GBA Four Swords. It has nothing to do with FSA except for some features that were taken over.



Aqueous said:

This is perfect I can now play this for the first time and even though everyone I would be able to play this with won't always be around I won't have to wait to play, Nintendo knows how to re-realse a game. Now just my gba games to hear about.



Alphack3r said:

Even though I have the original (and friends to play it w/!), this is gunna be beast. I still remember how awesome the theme song was. Nothin' like a first party remix! Good times



RudysaurusRex said:

Now I gotta tell my friends about this.



Tasuki said:

Awesome. I am so glad there is going to be a single player mode since none of my friends have a 3DS. Not having a single player mode would have kept me from downloading this game.



LordTendoboy said:

Nintendo, you are now the best company ever. A FREE Zelda game, and it's an enhanced remake of Four Swords with added singleplayer? Aside from online play, what more could you ask for?



OldBoy said:

Aw man.All is forgiven Nintendo, I still freakin' lurve ya!
This sounds awesome , single player is a great addition and all for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Seriously I would have paid a £10 for this in e-shop.Me likes all these free games, man. Careful Ninty, I may just get used to it!



myusernameissam said:

no wifi...thats dissapointing. it should have like nicknames that go above your head. that would be good. and wifi with friend codes and stuff.yet they probably wont have any of that, its a free game, and its a good deal.



myusernameissam said:

Fans of the original game or newcomers alike can expect classic 2D multiplayer adventure as two to four players wirelessly connect their Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo 3DS this sounds like it may have wifi...but knowing nintendo...its just wireless. like when they said you can transfer games from 3ds to 3ds, you need to have it purchased on both 3ds.



Token_Girl said:

Awesome! Single player mode! I don't have enough friends with 3DS's/DS's to play, and it would be difficult to coordinate with people to play co-op online, since I'm pretty busy. I can't believe they're adding all these features for free. Sometimes, Nintendo is pretty awesome!



bro2dragons said:

While this is great news and the new additions look AMAZING, I must say it's sad to see Nintendo still seemingly hates the idea of online multiplayer. Not that I'd use it often, and would honestly prefer of the two options that they add single player (like they did) than online multiplayer, but it's still disheartening not to have that option for no real reason. Oh well...



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

I liked the gamecube single player, so if it plays like that it will be awesome. You could control what formation the four links were in, or control them individually one by one. It didn't even occur to me to use my XL and 3DS for multiplayer. looks like multiplayer will be possible for me after all.



ShadowDX1 said:

Dear Nintendo,
Im sorry i called you cheap. I didnt mean fingers slipped on the keyboard...Thanks for the free game (even tho it doesnt have online), and thanks for new single player mode, and new levels. ill be sure to enjoy your game



gamecubefan said:

somehow i overlooked this game for gamecube. i guess i though it REQUIRED 4 players. So the Gamecube had a single player adventure, but the GBA didn't?



GamerZack87 said:

PureTrainer: Nnh...NNh...NNH...!
PureTrainer asplodes into four versions of himself
Ginger PT: Four Swords is back!
Brunette PT: New areas to play!
Blonde PT: Wireless Co-op!
Black-haired PT: Single-player mode!
All PTs: Insta-download!



Henmii said:

So it finally can be enjoyed alone, and with extra levels! The only downside is that it is temporarily available: untill 20 februari. While I think the game will return at a later date with a price-tag, I don't want to take the risk. I have to buy a 3DS before 20 februari!



retro_player_22 said:


Nintendo didn't make the GBA one single player cuz A Link to the Past was basically playing that role in that compilation but by doing that a lot of single GBA players missed out on a fun gem. With this coming out, those same gamers finally get their chance.



warioswoods said:

I wish they would release 2 versions, one tailored to the resolution of the 3DS and one for the DSi. If not, I'll probably hate playing it on my 3DS due to the horrible scaling. Fortunately, though, I can download it on both for free and see which I prefer.



Aqueous said:

@Sh00kst3r - 10 ambassador games currently, 11 3d video's, nintendo video, pokedex 3d, 3d classics excitebike, currently, so 24 free things so far that have come through the eshop. If you count this it makes 25.



ShadowDX1 said:

SCREW YOU GUYS THAT HAVE 3DS'S! My mom thinks im "too old" to be playing video games so she didnt buy me one :/

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