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Introducing The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition — the 25th anniversary re-release of the Game Boy™ Advance multiplayer game!

When the evil Wind Mage Vaati escapes from confinement, Link™ must draw upon the power of the legendary Four Sword and save the kidnapped Princess Zelda™! But there's a catch-whoever touches the sword will divide into multiples!

Play in 1-player mode and control 2 heroes, or play via DS Wireless Play with up to 4 friends! Hurdle through challenges by using teamwork as you scramble to collect the most Rupees! The Great Fairies are always watching your efforts, and will reward your bravery based on how many Rupees you collect.

All-new for this edition — new stages and modes! Upon completing the main quest, relive memorable moments from the past with levels based on previous Zelda games in the "The Realm of Memories". For the bold and daring, test your adventuring skills in "The Hero's Trial"!

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Four Links for the price of none

In the hubbub, hype and over-excitement of E3 2011, some gamers would have been particularly delighted by a DSiWare announcement from Nintendo: while that seems unlikely, it does reflect the dedication of fans and their love for the Zelda series. After a...

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In the second of two videos, Robin Williams once again bets his beard he can beat his daughter, Zelda, at Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edit

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User Comments (101)



RudysaurusRex said:




myusernameissam said:

hmm... i do love both zelda and good free crap. but knowing nintendo, its gonna be a direct port of the gba one (which they already said it would be)
with no singleplayer to play without anyone and no online. its probably just gonna be local. heck, knowing nintendo, its gonna say you need a gba link cable, and you wont be able to play it at all! thats still a stretch for them!

i hope this comes out like september 1. that would make me happy. i just want a realease date! i guess i'll just have to keep checking the shop every thursday starting gonna be playing this alot once its out, hopefully.



ShadowDX1 said:

DS Download please! I want my friends who only have a ds to play with me. Also please dont release this game at like the last day of september . that would really SUCK!!!



kobe1724 said:

I'm getting this on my 3DS (obviously!), and since it's free, on my old DSi as well (why the heck not?)



ShadowDX1 said:

You think the game will be released on the 25th since it is the anniversery of The Legend of Zelda? I hope not because i dont think anybody would want to wait that long Nintendo.



myusernameissam said:

man. now that i have waited so long and am getting so anticipated because its a good game that i will actually be able to get, i have a feeling im gonna be dissapointed.
Well, we can wait,and hope, that nintendo is adding features. they better be adding features if its taking them this long.



ShadowDX1 said:

The shop and the site for release dates. New games used to come out every monday.



myusernameissam said:

me too shadow lol. also it says nintendo points not available...but even WE know its gonna be free lol.

man im so excited i just got a four swords zelda gif as meh profile thing!

oh shadow now i see what you mean ds download you mean not dsi ok. they may do that but it would probably be hard. idk though we can hope

oh yea i just remembered on ign they said that nintendo is gonna have their tgs press conference september 12 (monday) and they will say the release of four swords (hopefully that week!) and, a release of a free downloadable super mario 3d land demo!



wolfen532 said:

when are they releasing the legend of zelda four swords? come on nintendo!!!!!!!!! im tired of checking all the time!!!!!!!!

we want zelda!!!!!!!!



myusernameissam said:

like i said they will announce the release of the four swords on september 12, this monday.
And if they dont add anything from the gba one other than wireless play...i will be pissed because its taking them a while.



ShadowDX1 said:

@32 Dont you know nintendo by now? Their so cheap this is the third game being released and this is like DSiWares Third year .. Its obvious that they arent gonna add anything, and they probably might even change their minds and make it 200 points. NINTENDO'S, FRICKING CHEAP!!!



myusernameissam said:

lol lemme copy and paste my first comment in this...

hmm... i do love both zelda and good free crap. but knowing nintendo, its gonna be a direct port of the gba one (which they already said it would be)
with no singleplayer to play without anyone and no online. its probably just gonna be local. heck, knowing nintendo, its gonna say you need a gba link cable, and you wont be able to play it at all! thats still a stretch for them!

AND it may cost 500 points.



wolfen532 said:

trust me i bet this is the same gameboy crap that they had in the early 2000's. i already beat the game for original gameboy. i will get the game only because its free and no it will not cost 500 points. its free because its cheap! nintendo is cheap! giving us gameboy crap! what the hell is wrong with nintendo?! i was expecting the gamecube version!



ShadowDX1 said:

if nintendo were smart, they would make a free game that has things like real money, and updates every now and then. They would make a lot of money with that



myusernameissam said:

yes. nintendo and their peepz are cheap mo-fo's.
If this was the gamecube would be WAAAAY better.
either way-its zelda, and its free.i liked these types of zelda games more than the ds ones. but thht princess fe best were like twiligor gamecube and wind waker and OoT and majoras mask.



wolfen532 said:

tomorrows the press conference. i know why they want to make the frickin game cheap. the skyward sword is coming in november and they are only working on that game. not four swords. im serious if nintendo doesnt work on the the game its gonna go down the toilet!!!!! lol



myusernameissam said:

yea like i said. and what you said-that sucks .but hey, ya know what else sucks ? Nintendo. lol. atleast they USUALLY do. ever since the wii



Shadowflash said:

@Wolfen532 Do you honestly expect them to port FRA onto the 3DS for FREE? You're expecting WAY too much from Nintendo. Be happy they're releasing a game for free.



SonicMaster said:

@Wolfen532 Four Swords was just a bonus game, so it makes sense that it would be free. Four Swords Adventures, however, was a full scale retail title that came out on the Gamecube by itself, so there's no way they'd make it free! Not to mention I highly doubt they could put the whole thing on the eShop.



ShadowDX1 said:

I hope the game doesnt take more than 50 blocks....

Nintendo should have made the DSi with more memory...Its sad that almost every good game is more than 100 blocks, and the space gets full fast



myusernameissam said:

today is teh press conference, and if four swords is coming out on a thursday, then it will be this thursday or next for sure!



Luso_GS said:

well i am going to try to get this game but i am not worry about blocks because i get a 4GB sd card!



myusernameissam said:

ok im gonna come back tonight and announce teh release date (even though it will probably be on like the homepage of this site...but if not).



ShadowDX1 said:

Please be released this Thursday I WANT IT NOW. By the way the game has like 5 parts (including Tutorials)...I hope Nintendo adds some levels to it, AND ONLINE!

Where do you find do you go for press conference?



myusernameissam said:

The Four Swords footage shows off environments based on the original NES Zelda overworld, as well as Koholint Island from Link's Awakening DX

this is what ign said from watching the four swords gameplay from the conference. can i here an eff yea! im not sure about the release date though.
knock it off with the homophobic insults — TBD



ShadowDX1 said:

so wait they added new levels?

Sorry i havent played any zelda games so i dont know any of the places



wolfen532 said:

oh yeah i just cant wait. oh wait u dont believe me that nintendo is a cheap company(that goes for u ShadowDX1 and myusernameissam). finally they announced the release date.



myusernameissam said:

actually, wolfen...

30. myusernameissam 11 Sep 2011, 13:56 BST - Edit | Delete
yes. nintendo and their peepz are cheap mo-fo's.
If this was the gamecube would be WAAAAY better.
either way-its zelda, and its free.i liked these types of zelda games more than the ds ones. but thht princess fe best were like twiligor gamecube and wind waker and OoT and majoras mask.



ShadowDX1 said:

Nintendo actually did good on this game with the single player and new levels. I just hope i wont get bored with it after a few weeks....



wolfen532 said:

well i do give SOME credit to nintendo. at least they have the game for free. sorry users :(



wolfen532 said:

in fact were are the screen shots for the game? (P.S. This COULD be a scam by Nintendo).

@myusernameissam were do u get all of these info about the game

they may cancel the game u know. XD they are mostly in the skyward sword.

@myusernameissam i recommend u to go to it has all zelda games including four swords. i hope this is helpful for u. i found a japaneese video of the four swords if u go down on the main page



Shadowflash said:

"u should be happy that the game is free in the eshop!" ...that's what I just told you :P .

If it was Capcom, then maybe they would cancel it, but I don't think Nintendo would screw up that bad...



ShadowDX1 said:

If the game is canceled im sending a very nice message to Nintendo, and any of its pages in facebook, twitter (ill make an acount just for that), and any other webpage. Ill also throw away my DSi and never buy any kind of Nintendo things.



theblackdragon said:

Don't worry, guys — they've made way too much fuss about this game to cancel it now, I think :3



Thwiidscube said:

Can't wait for the 28th! Oh and guys, it's gonna be released, so stop complaining! You're spamming the comments section.



myusernameissam said:

nvm wolfen said sorry he shall be forgiven. but still i cant wait the anniversary levels look awesome. but i hope i just dont get bored even though it has enough features to be the best dsiware game (most suck, and the only really good one was shantae, and cave story was pretty good but was free for computer.). no matter how many features it has, though, wifi would still be nice and add some replay value.
and im not complaining.



ShadowDX1 said:

@58 i know what you mean. All the games i get, i get bored of it easy-.- The only game i still play from time to time is games from odenis studios



ShadowDX1 said:

yea that, tactical defence,and regular pop island. I hope they make another game. They are my fav game creators



ShadowDX1 said:




Sh00kst3r said:

I thought it said Oct. 3 on another website... Meh. Here's hoping it is next week.



NintendoFan1321 said:

This will be so cool! Im getting this the first second it comes out!! Go Nintendo!!! Thanks for making a free game thats not crap!!!!!



Hokori said:

I cant wait till wed. I have another friend with a 3DS and 2 friends with a DSi who I can play with on the way home from school



Bass_X0 said:

Just came out in Europe today.

No it didn't. It was announced to be released on Thursday today.



Geonjaha said:

@70 @72

If it's coming out on Thursday then why in the games description up there does it say wednesday everywhere? Not to mention the post that said Wednesday. Where's the link to the source that said it changed to Thursday? If you're talking about the Release schedule post for the 29th on this website, then yes of course it'll be listed, but its out on Wednesday.



sillygostly said:

It's already available in the eShop. Check out the 25th Anniversary section to get downloading. :D



Joko450 said:

ShadowsDX1, how could they release it on the DSlite, there's no shop, and no internal storage to hold games...



Supremeist said:

This game is awesome, playing co-op with my sister. I love Zelda and free things. If they released more good games that were free that would be cool.



ShadowDX1 said:

Im stuck on the boss Vaati...its hard to beat him when your playing single player



Tigus said:

This main story of the game was rather easy everything after is a great challenge the key to beating the enemys is to switch between both red and green link alot!



shinesprite said:

I still can't believe how much homage the game pays to TLOZ: The Minish Cap. (I know that A Link to the Past & Four Swords was released 2 years prior to this game.)

From the sprite work, to the "Gnat Hat", to the menu background, this SHOULD have also been Minish Cap's battle/multiplayer mode.



ZeLDaMaNiaC said:

I had this on gamecube. It was awesome. Especially watching Tingle fail in trying to pick up a 1000 rupees. No offense or anything to Tingle but....I hate hia eva-lovin guts. The gamecube version ROCKS!!!



Tsuchinoko said:

I missed out. I just got my 3DS, not knowing that this game was already taken off. This was the one Zelda game I never got to play. I had no idea that it would only be up for a little while. Oh well...



KingWestie said:

Who else here thinks nintendo should bring this game back to the eShop, even if we have to pay, I have the gba version but no friends with a gba, the gba port of a link to the past and also a link cable, so I just need a single player version, and this is perfect, exept I got my 3ds at christmas so I sadly couldn't get this game since I was around 2-3 years late...stupid limited adittion stuff, and also, will we ever get GBA games on eShop, even if it is only the ambassador games!



kid_code said:

when u found out I was exited... when I finaly got on to dsiware to find it was not there I was very sad. why must I always be late for these things?

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