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Expect New Product Announcements at 3DS Conference

Posted by James Newton

What could they be?

Nintendo will host a 3DS conference in Japan on 13th September, the company has confirmed.

Kicking off at 12:00 midday Japan time, it's being billed a "Nintendo 3DS new product announcement" event, more likely referring to the revelation of new 3DS software than any new hardware.

Unlike previous conferences the show will be streamed live over the Internet via Ustream, although as it's taking place in Japan don't expect an English dub: more likely subtitles, if you're lucky.

Still, we'll see what Nintendo has to offer in less than two weeks. What do you think it's preparing to reveal?


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Mandoble said:

Do we know which kind of products were having big dose of secretism in the past?



Melistrius said:

Maybe the 2nd Joytick attachment that was rumored? Too early for a 3DS lite... Else they better roll out the next ambassador program



Highwinter said:

The 2nd joystick attachment would only be necessary if the rumours about the hardware revision is true.. in which case, yes, it makes the ambassador program seem a little redundant as they've just screwed the early adopters even harder.

Releasing it so soon is something I don't think Nintendo would recover from, especially with how strong the Vita's launch is looking.



Skotski said:

I get the feeling 01net's prediction would be correct, but in a way no one thought. ...possible 3DS redesign with said changes, but concept and purpose completely different.



Birdman said:

Not a 2nd Circle Pad, but hopefully some awesome game announcements (and release dates for upcoming awesome games).



crazyj2312 said:

What would be awesome: they announce new download software and ambassadors get them first like youtube apps and the like.

What would suck but still be a bit awesome: The redesign was real but the ambassadors got to exchange their 3DS at no cost.

What would downright suck: a redesign with no benefits, making the ambassador program worthless bullshiz. (Its beginning to feel like its going to be this way)



Geonjaha said:

They'd better not come up with a 3DS redesign. It's too early and most people are fed up of buying a system that becomes replaced in just a year.



Mandoble said:

If it were a game or a pack of games under dev or even design, it might have been annouced way earlier, same as they did with the rest of still under dev games. That might have improved the sales in the past. I dont think it is going to be any game.

The title says ""Nintendo 3DS new product announcement", and they rarely refer to games as products. It is going to be a new 3DS or a new device for the 3DS important enough to setup a public event.



Cipher said:

NCL's using an icon of the current 3DS to promote the event, so I can't see 'em showing off new hardware since they'd have to change the event's branding. Didn't trust 01net's report anyway, but I'm hoping this is the final nail in that very unwelcome coffin.

Super Mario Bros. 3DS would be brilliant - I'm not fussed in the slightest, though. Just so long as we get a few new 3DS games announced, I'll be happy.



MitchVogel said:

Those contact lenses that were exclusively revealed by NintendoLife that enhance the 3D.



SyFyTy said:

Hey they've already screwed the Day 1 Buyers so hard they should have kissed us first... lol

giving the Ambassador program after price drop is unforgive-able. great for those who got it, very screwed up for those who paid thier hard earned money up front.



Kid_A said:

The use of the word "product" strikes me as odd, but I think it's software we're getting, then it'll be something we have no knowledge of. They wouldn't host a big secretive event about Animal Crossing. I seriously doubt we'll see a new 3DS redesign or anything like that.



Mandoble said:

I bet it will be a new 3DS colour, pink may be, Nintendofan-atics are always pleased with whatever ...



n0body said:

okay, here's my outrageous guess. If you read previous Nintendo shareholder meeting protocols carefully, you'd know Iwata has hinted at some kind of integration between Nintendo devices and other popular consumer electronics, like smart-phones, tablets and so on.

Maybe this is an announcement of just such an add-on for the 3DS, something that would allow their devices to be relevant to a much wider user base without having to develop for a different hardware platform.

For example, they could announce an "app" of sorts that allows you to transfer limited information from your game onto your (or other people's) mobile phone, and keep it there, kind of like a "download-play" thing.

A more hardware related option I'd like to see is an official Nintendo Flash Card that would allow you to install multiple retail games on your 3DS.

An even more outrageous guess would be a headset peripheral for the 3DS for some Actual VR gameplay!
They could call it the Virtual B... I mean, the 3DSi (as in eye)



nick_gc said:

A new Game Boy!!

But seriously, new product announcement is an odd choice of words but could just be literal translation of the Japanese website. I predict we'll be seeing a load of games from Nintendo, at least 12, some already announced, some not announced that will be released in 2012.



Chris77 said:

You would kill the holiday sales by announcing a new 3DS now. They aren't that stupid. I hope.

New colours, new games and maybe more Wii U stuff.



Spoony_Tech said:

Lets see. I hope for an announcement for advanced wars Zelda fire emblem and dates for kid Icarus animal crossing and Luigi's mansion.



19Robb92 said:

  • Mario & Luigi RPG (4)
  • Elite Beat Agents 2
  • A date for the 10 Ambassador GBA games
  • Majoras Mask 3D
  • F-Zero 3DS
  • Info on Flipnote Memo
  • Announcements of new Street Pass games

I hope some of these become true during this conference. I really want some of these things.



pntjr said:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. C'mon Nintendo, you know you wanna make it...



BalrogtheMaster said:

New "product", eh? Sounds like a 3DS game that will use either an attachment or a secret capability of the 3DS.

Me? I'm hoping its Pokemon 3DS



TingLz said:

Call me a pessimist, but I don't think it will be a game from their big franchises if they are calling a special conference for it. Most likely it will be some big collaboration or a whole new franchise, or (hopefully not) a big 3DS update



Dodger said:

I'm hoping for a 3DS Speak/3DS video chat app.

I would even be happy with what the Wii has right now. You can email, text or send messages to friends.

It might be something about making videos with the 3DS, they did mention that at the E3 where they announced the 3DS, didn't they?

Of course the cameras stink so taking good videos would be hard.

However, product makes me think of an attachment, not a game or app. That's what I'm expecting.



JonWahlgren said:

This is the same conference that in the past has yielded reveals of Punch-Out!! Wii and Sin and Punishment 2. It's nothing new or crazy for Nintendo to hold one and its timing right before TGS would be the perfect opportunity to announce, say, Monster Hunter 3DS or (I'd poo myself) a new F-Zero.

I wouldn't expect much in the way of new hardware.



WolfyWardark said:

Hm.. maybe some form of internet TV/online video application?

But anyhoo, whatever they announce I'm sure it'll be awesome!



Dizzard said:

I can't help but feel all the people here dreaming up wild and exciting possibilities are going to be left sorely disappointed come September 13th......



Joko450 said:

@SyFyTy: They did not give the ambassador program to people who bought it after the price drop date. The only you can get it after the price drop date is sending proof of purchase to Nintendo that you bought it before the price drop date. The stores who dropped the price early? That wasn''t Nintendo's fault.



LordTendoboy said:

And if it is a second analog pad, where would we attach it? The 3DS doesn't have any expansion ports. USE YOUR HEADS PEOPLE!



ThumperUK said:

Talk of the second analogue is complete nonsense. It only goes to prove that you can say anything ridiculous on the 'net and it will soon become widely reported as 'fact'.

I'm hoping for 3D movies for rental/purchase



dimi said:

English subs>dub. I hope for a new Final Fantasy rpg (not tap-tap game) or Dragon Quest or Monster Hunter or all of the above. Persona 4 port is coming to Vita (although its just a ps2 port) .



SennaKurosaki said:

I don't want a 3DS Lite... instead a 3DS XL would be much more welcome! Just imagine a glorious big 3D screen and longer battery-life. Wouldn't that just be awesome? Also some new colors to choose from for the console?



Maggots said:

does no one want a system update that allows chat and pictures and sounds to be "emailed" from one 3DS to another? and updated street pass functions?... has everyone forgotten about that?



Cr0ssbows said:

@27 and 26

This is a 3DS conference as stated in the article, so most likely theres nothing about the Wii U.



yoyo1212 said:

i hope the rumour about iwata new hair is true XD and i hope they remake donkey kong 64 and make a new zelda for 3ds with toon link



Mandoble said:

@bios_update, as WiiU controller relies on two analog sticks, the 3DS could not be used as any of these, and doubt that can be used as an extra screen when you still need to use another controller to control the real game, you will need four hands as minimum. They designed the 3DS so "well" that it can be hardly integrated with the WiiU.



Supremeist said:

If this is going to be an announcement about 2 joysticks, they make it so everyone that owns a 3DS now can use it as well. But I highly doubt that. I'm going to be mad if this is true, though.

I think it will be an accessory for the 3DS, or new games.



pvrexpress said:

If the announcement is a new 3ds model with two analog sticks, I am going to sell my 3ds, my Wii, my ds lite, and all my nintendo games and with that money I will get a PS Vita. I made a Sacrifice to buy the 3ds the week it came out because the DS is my favorite gaming machine of all time and I love Nintendo franchises. I like my 3ds the way it is. If nintendo introduce a new model with two analog sticks or a peripheral for a second analog stick it means that they didn't plan the machine at all, and I would not have any reason to respect a company that behave that way.



TheGreenSpiny said:

You people are idiots! We're getting the vitality sensor finally. But this time for the 3DS! Imagine playing Fatal Frame 3DS with the vitality sensor!



shinobi88 said:

HAS to be new hardware announcement. There is not a SINGLE piece of new software that would garner this much attention and cause a stock increase. It would have to be MULTIPLE huge IPs to create that kind of buzz. There is a VERY limited number of software titles that could create this buzz: Pokemon, Metroid, and Halo. It would have to be at least two of those, as there is not a single software title that appeals to the whole market.



BulbasaurusRex said:

What I want:

Brand new Starfox 3DS game
F-Zero 3DS
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3DS with online coop
Metroid Dread
3DS remakes of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire (including the Battle Frontier from Emerald)
5th gen Pokémon Stadium for 3DS with online play and connectivity to Black/White through the Global Link website
Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja 3DS with online play
Soul Calibur 3DS with online play
Final Fight trilogy on 3DS with online coop



komicturtle said:

As someone just mentioned: Mother Trilogy plz. Or Mother 4!

Kirby 3DS would steal the show for me. But bringing back Nintendo's old franchises such as Balloon Fight and Ice Climber would make my day.

Hopefully, Nintendo will launch an update for 3DS that brings text messaging, voice chat (across games), video recording as well as a player to watch videos from the SD Card. I'd love that.



shinobi88 said:

All I know for sure is that this is Gamer Heaven. The best part of the year for gamers is E3. Specifically, the suprise announcements. In a given year, you're lucky to get 3 or 4 new announcements. This year for 3DS at E3 we got Luigi's Mansion 2 and Super Smash Bros. 3DS, maybe a couple other things. But this event on Sept. 13 is like a second E3!! And since it's completely dedicated to NEW announcements, we should get more suprises than at E3!! Cha-ching!!



SMW said:

Give me some Chibi-Robo and I'll be more than satisfied.

More realistically, I'll settle for some Mario footage.



SunnySnivy said:

Majora's Mask 3D? Or... Pokemon Ruby and Saphire Remakes?

Those two would make me happy. Otherwise, meh. Whatever.



NintyMan said:

I don't want to raise expectations too high, but more than likely something very cool will come out of this.



Skotski said:

Actually, I'd want that VERY MUCH.
But I wouldn't expect it from Nintendo considering how family-friendly they are. ...then again, that might just be the kind of announcement that would completely surprise us.



Omenapoika said:

"We've realized that a couple of new Castlevania-games for DS is what we need. It will be done most stylishly using Black Metal, here's a word from Konami: Thank you, we are currently working on a trilogy of 3DS-Castlevanias and we have hired 7 writers from hell and heaven to create most condemned story line that will span throughout these diabolic games, and 13 artist seraphims and efreets who have had their brushes busy since 1857. Not to mention the staff of 24 devout code-cultists who are creating the most impeccable software with blind piety."

You can dream, right?



catcher82611 said:

As long as there is an attachment for the second joy pad for the early buyers, I wouldn't mind seeing a new version announced



Ce2lmao said:

I sent an email out to nintendo a couple of days ago regarding speculation over new hardware they replied " We’re aware of the rumors circulating about the Nintendo 3DS, but we have nothing to announce or confirm regarding a redesign or change to the hardware, other than our plans to bring out a new Flame Red color." So don't expect new hardware for the big announcement.



RYBlast said:

I have NO idea what it's gonna be, which is awesome. Low expectations ftw.



shinobi88 said:

@#72, Nintendo NEVER comments on rumors. You could have sent them an e-mail the day before E3 and they would've denied the existence of Wii U. It would be a big suprise if there is no hardware redesign. Nintendo HAS to send out a redesign. WHY you ask? BECAUSE THE SYSTEM SCRATCHES ITSELF WHEN YOU CLOSE IT!!! Is that a joke? Nintendo obviously rushed out a prototype model. We will see a redesign. Bigger screens. Longer battery life. Dual Sticks? We shall see...



Thwiidscube said:

Let's see, I want announcements for the 3DS. I want:
~Flipnote Memo information
~Release dates for games coming out like Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion 2
~New games for StreetPass Mii Plaza
~New games for the AR Games shop
~PictoChat, or something similar
~3D Classics game announcements
~The Internet Browser to support YouTube videos and other videos
~3D remakes of games like SMS (Super Mario Sunshine)



Link245 said:

I highly doubt there will be a 2nd circle pad, if they did that so early they would lose all buyers. I think it's likely we'll get a Metroid announcement, since we got Zelda and Mario's coming. Of course, we could also get those Majora's Mask and A Link to the Past remakes Miyamoto was talking about.



gambitttt said:

there is like no way to attach a second circle pad, there is no ports or anything. Majoras Mask remake i hope. i would be very supized if it were a 3DS Lite or something. its not going to be a mario game cuz they are allready working on one. i bet $5(cuz thats all i got) that its a Majoras Mask remake or a new zelda game.



Kaura said:

A new hardware version would be just stupid at this point, especially since they explicitly stated they had no plans on making a smaller version anytime soon. You don't have to be an analyst of any kind to see that the 3DS will be sold out worldwide this christmas thanks to the two new Mario titles and Nintendo knows this as well. The new Pokémon spinoff game has Pokémon in its title so that'll be on the charts for weeks, too.



yoyogamer said:

Isn't this like the conference where they announced Mario and Luigi 3? That game was pretty much the greatest creation ever to hit the DS platform (pixleman disagrees), I would love a 3DS sequel.



Mandoble said:

Mario will hardly convince these waiting for a Vita to move a buy a 3DS, if they want to try to fight vs Sony, Mario is not going to be a good weapon.



SuperLink said:

Make it so you can earn more than 10 play coins per day!

After school, I check the pedometer, and it says 4035 steps. It's ridiculous how much more play coins I could be getting! Now, it'll take me so long to beat Find Mii, because I'm limited to buying 5 warriors per day! (I go through school, a whole day, and never get ! streetpass hit. How sad is that?)



komicturtle said:

Uhm, yes. There is way to attach the second pad, people. The AV port? They can do a Wii Motion + stunt and have the attachment have a port for the charger so you can charge and play with the second slide pad (Wii motion plus had a port to connect the nunchuck- basically 2 things connected to the remote at once.

That makes the most sense of where to put it, but the attachment has to be real flat so you can close the 3DS with the pad still in. It's entirely possible, so don't go freakin' out now.

Whether or not it will happen is the only thing that's keeping it from actually being real. 01net seem to be casually and nonchalantly bash Nintendo and the recent rumor of WiiU sounds.. well, whatever. Has nothing to do with the final product and it's too early to even worry.

I'm just very curious to see what the big title could be. Nothing is bigger than Smash Bros, so what is it?

well, maybe the Mother games because of how popular and sought after they are in Japan (with a fan base even bigger than Advance Wars and even Pikmin here in the states I'd say).



MetroidMasher17 said:

I just want a new Metroid.

However, the circle pad addition would be a possibility also. Along with free bacon cake for everyone.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@87: How about a wireless circle pad? No body has yet to mention that it could be wireless. Anyway I hope the rumors of a second analog stick are false. I hate dual analog.



Sam_Loser2 said:

At this point I'll be happy is it just ISN'T bad news. But a Fire Emblem 3D would be what I want most. Flipnote memo would be nice, as wellas new games for mii plaza and AR cards. Oh! and how about release dates for kid Icarus, animal crossing, Super Mario 3D Land, and Luigi's mansion! Wait.... we already have those.... (11/02/11 1/03/12 11/02/11 1/03/12)



pvrexpress said:

@Mandoble: you my friend can't be more wrong. Mario can't save Nintendo from the vita? please tell me one psp or ps3 game from sony to top 20 million sales?................Mario is not a good wepon??? New Super Mario bros DS, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros wii, and Mario Kart Wii all of them top 20 millions sales each game alone and say hi to you. No game sales more consoles than Mario. If Nintendo launch a New Super Mario Bros type of game for the 3ds alongside with a main Pokemon game, Mario Kart 7, and Super Smash Brothers 3ds in the future, the Vita will never catch the 3ds. Its the Vita that needs to be save from Mario.



Sh00kst3r said:

I don't care about whatever Nintendo does.

Just please, PLEASE don't announce a redesign.

Mario/Ninty fans= Young/Old people
Vita fans= Hardcore gamers/Haters/Average people

I realize your logic, but take a look. Which are there more of in the world?



pvrexpress said:

@Sh00kst3r: I completly agree with you, and for that reason I say that if nintendo plays his cards well the vita will never touch the 3ds. I am mostly a Sony console player, but love Mario, Zelda and Metroid to death. I also love my DS and my 3ds.If a Mario game is not a good weapon to sell a game console, then I don't know any good weapon to sell a console.



Seebergdk said:

I think Nintendo will be announcing a new DS called something like "DS Advance". It will play all the games and have the same features as the 3DS except for 3D - and then it will be sold with a very low price tag.



Mandoble said:

@pvrexpress , these liking mario already have the 3DS targeted (or owned). Mario is a platformer, and most users targeting Vita doesnt care at all about platformers (mario included). 3DS marios might be a way to have DS users moving to 3DS, but not a way to fight Sony.



pvrexpress said:

@mandoble: bingo! what nintendo has to do is move 150 millions of DS owners to the 3ds, that are 80 millions more more than the 70 millions of psp owners! it is Sony that needs to give the ds onwers an incentive to buy a 3ds over a vita, therefore it is Sony that needs a weapon to compete with nintendo in the portable market.



pvrexpress said:

@Seabergdk: I was thinking about that..... maybe they will anounce a "third pillar", like they did with the ds and the game boy advance. it can be call the super nintendo ds or the Nintendo SDS and sell it for 100-130 dollars. I am not against the idea if the only diference is the lack of 3d, and if think about it "product anouncement" make more sense to hardware than software. but the only way I see this working, is to discontinue the dsi and dsi xl line and market the 3ds and sds line for 120 and 170 US$.



ThumperUK said:

I can't believe the number of people who really think there will be a second analogue pad announced. That rumour was started by some muppet who looked at the PS Ryvita and said the 3DS therefore needs a 2nd pad too.

What we DO need are a load of new games announced, I'm not interested in having 2 pads, I just want a portable machine that plays games SUITABLE for playing on a portable machine. Sony still haven't got that into their heads with either the original PSP or the Vita.......theres no point in just copying console games that are too complicated to play on the train, bus, etc.



Seebergdk said:

@pvrexpress: I agree. Nintendo has to stop producing the old line up of regular DS consoles for that plan to work - and actually I think they will! The name "Super DS" sounds great for the non-3D version



shinobi88 said:

@Thumper, Sony is messed up b/c they are making full console quality games for a handheld?? So you're saying that a game company shouldn't make the BEST possible games? I bet you also think 3DS and PSP should do away with buttons b/c touch controls are less responsive and harder to use. And will FOREVER be. If you want those little games that last 5 seconds where you fling birds around you can get PSP Minis or DSiWare.

I never thought much of the TGS. But with a slew of secret announcements coming from the Big N and 18 PS Vita games getting announced, this should beat E3 in terms of excitement.

And for those who don't think it will be a new hardware announcement, remember where the rumor got started: a French gaming site that also correctly predicted the Vita and Wii U. In fact, they're the ONLY credible gaming site when it comes to predictions.
please don't attack other users, no matter how hard you disagree with them — TBD



ThumperUK said:

@shinobi, don't assume what other people are thinking!!

Sony clearly got it wrong with the PSP by rehashing console games onto the PSP without understanding that the market for handhelds is very different to consoles. I don't care how many buttons or sticks or pads are on my handheld console, so long as great games are produced for it that can be played away from home. Great games can be produced for the 3DS without needing a 2nd control pad.....simply because the Sony machine has 2 !



shinobi88 said:

For those of us who ACTUALLY FOLLOW video game history, the PSP failed because there was a lack of games and it was priced $100 more than the DS. The PS Vita has already corrected both of those problems by securing over 80 developers currently working on games and pricing the base model of the Vita the same as the 3DS...well, before the emergency 3DS price drop it was. Sony should adjust the Vita price accordingly, but who knows if they will.

As it stands now, the Vita software is far more appealing to anyone not labeled a Nintendo fanboy and the hardware is better because it doesn't scratch itself, has a screen that seems 3 times bigger, and is almost guaranteed to have a much better battery life. Nintendo could secure its dominance by announcing a new 3DS hardware model and a few more killer apps.



Mandoble said:

"failed because there was a lack of games and it was priced $100 more than the DS" <- Wrong, it did fail only because it was more expensive, most people buying a console doesnt investigate quite a lot how many games are in production or available. The same did happen with the Wii, 99% of its success was because, again, it was the cheapest.



Henmii said:

I certainly hope it isn't the rumored new 3DS design! I hope it will be a very cool game!



armoredghor said:

@Mandoble Haha BS. the Wii was the first console to have motion control and by far the most successful of any generation. Yes we all bought it not because it was groundbreaking technology and made it many people's first gaming outing but because they all just thought-why not buy a game system for the first time. oo this ones the cheapest. yeah face it-it got a lot of success for casual gamers who got their start with motion control. back on topic. the ps3 has had plenty of success despite being higher priced-it didn't follow suit with the psp because there weren't any games that games that could be enjoyed in short bursts or for hours like pokemon, tetris, and level based games. That is what is necessary for a successful handheld game.



magos2k7 said:

It says, "more likely referring to the revelation of new 3DS software than any new hardware." This means they are probably NOT going to announce any new hardware, people!



i8cookie said:

i heard they're going to play down the "3D-ness" of the console to focus more on the content. Maybe they'll drop the "3", maybe they'll bring out a lite version with a second analogue stick too.
Maybe they'll rename it the 4DS



guydudeperson said:

they MUST not drop the 3[D]! it wont be a 3ds then . a second analogue stick and HD would be cool though.



Shadowflash said:


Flipnote Memo

Art Academy 3D

Soul Calibur 3D (Link playable again)

Some improvement to the whole play coin thing.

@guydudeperson Realistically speaking, if HD was possible on handheld, they would have done it by now.

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