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Fri 27th Feb 2009

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Kaura commented on Soul of Darkness:

I know I'll probably tick some people off just by asking this, but would someone confirm if you're able to walk back and forth between screens or play old levels to get the same orbs more than once? Are the maxed-out weapons extremely powerful, killing enemies in one blow? Thank you in advance.



Kaura commented on 3DS Hardware Sales Show Big Improvements:

@Samholy: I'd understand if you were complaining about selling an N64 game on 3DS for 45 dollars, but I really don't get the complaint about there not being any replay value in Star Fox. As far as I recall, you have to play the game at least three times in order to even see all the levels and the true final boss. Beyond that, there's scoring medals to unlock hard mode, finding all sorts of hidden bonuses in the stages and trying to beat your overall high score - if you're into that sort of thing.



Kaura commented on Expect New Product Announcements at 3DS Confer...:

A new hardware version would be just stupid at this point, especially since they explicitly stated they had no plans on making a smaller version anytime soon. You don't have to be an analyst of any kind to see that the 3DS will be sold out worldwide this christmas thanks to the two new Mario titles and Nintendo knows this as well. The new Pokémon spinoff game has Pokémon in its title so that'll be on the charts for weeks, too.



Kaura commented on Cuddle Up to a Furry Legends DSiWare Trailer:

The WiiWare Furry Legends demo was one of the most dull things I've ever played. I guess some people liked it (and I haven't played the full version), but personally I think the jokes you see on the back of cereal boxes are funnier than the ones in that game, not to mention how off the really important aspects like gameplay and level design seemed to be.



Kaura commented on Review: Animal Crossing Clock (DSiWare):

You're supposed to leave your system on your table or desk with the screen at about 90 degrees angle and there you go, a nice Nintendo themed table clock. Obviously, it is not just to quickly see the time. That said...

I'll admit it would be nice to have a cute animal community living inside my clock and the price isn't really unreasonable, but I don't even want to think about how fast my battery pack would be ruined if I just left my DSi or 3DS powered on on the table for twelve hours every day.

Along with digital photo frames, fireplaces and aquariums, this is just one of those things you wouldn't need even if it was free. I'm sure it's a neat little thing to have if you don't mind having your system on at all times and if you love Animal Crossing, though.



Kaura commented on Urbanix:

The demo suggested that this is a downgrade from my Game Boy version of Qix. Randomly appearing powerups just don't fit in and covering the field multiple times is tedious.

Also - and I mostly play colorful kid-friendly games - the game looks terrible. Especially the menus.



Kaura commented on Kirby Super Star Ultra:

I think it's lacking in level design and overall mechanics to a point where it's no longer all that enjoyable. I had never played the SNES original and everyone was praising it so I couldn't wait to get my hands on the remake. I was so disappointed. While I did beat all the modes in Ultra at least once (the helper only one multiple times), I honestly prefer Kirby's Adventure on the NES.



Kaura commented on Let's Catch:

It looks kind of charming, but I got bored with the concept of throwing and catching already while watching the video.



Kaura commented on Shia LaBeouf Disses the Wii:

What's it matter if he's famous or not, he has no valid arguments, only blind disrespect. I hadn't even heard of the guy until today, reading this.



Kaura commented on Review: Pokemon Battle Revolution (Wii):

I'm getting this fully aware of what it is and what it isn't because I want to battle with my pokmans. Feel free to insult me.

The Pokémon company really knows how to make a succesful, money-printing franchise.



Kaura commented on First Impressions: Mr. Driller World:

As already stated, it looks pretty much identical with the DS Driller's mission mode, only with a better resolution, much better sound quality and an improved interface. It's also a lot cheaper than the DS version ever was, however.

But I do love the DS game. It's really so simple, yet quite hard to master. I trapped and buried myself all the time even after having played it for weeks! It's so easy to mess up if you don't pay attention or have lightning reflexes.