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Xenoblade's North American Release Chances Take a Knock

Posted by James Newton

Final nail in the coffin?

Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the most anticipated Wii games of 2011, but while Nintendo of Europe is bringing the game to that territory its American counterpart has been very quiet on that front. Now it seems Nintendo of America will not publish the game, according to French marketing manager Mathieu Minel.

Minel appeared on French TV show Nolife to discuss the game and revealed that although Nintendo of Europe wanted to show off Xenoblade Chronicles at E3, Nintendo of America denied it as it didn't want to show off products it would not be selling.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Xenoblade Chronicles won't be coming to North America from another publisher — Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is seeing release in Europe from Nintendo, but XSEED Games is picking it up for North America — but it remains to be seen if another company will choose to pick it up for release.

We'll keep you updated.


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Spoony_Tech said:


Where is the rpg love Nintendo!! My favorite genre is being killed by them. I remember when they were all about rpgs for their systems. I guess I stick with the DS and 3ds for my rpg fix.



Raptor78 said:

Wow thats a shocker... normally its Europe that get screwed over by Nintendo because of "translation" issues and lack of publishers bringing them out here but I never thought the US would miss out on an EU title.



JaxxRaxor said:

I have to say this really pisses me off. The Wii has finally gotten some quality FPS games in the last few years, so the only genre that has been dry are RPGs.

Dragon Quest X will likely be the biggest and best RPG for the Wii in North America, but it would be nice to have some other RPGs come out in the meantime. Nintendo of America come on! Damn you Reggie!



FonistofCruxis said:

I hope another publisher picks it up for NA as it would be unfair for them to miss out on such a fantastic looking game (even though Europe have been unfairly screwed over in the past) and The last story is currently confirmed for an EU release but not an NA release, hopefully the same won't happen with that. I also hope Pandora's tower gets a western release as that looks like a really good game too.



MrDanger88 said:

Absolutely ridiculous. So awesome we get Wii Party Motion though. NOA can die a fiery death. I will buy Skyword Sword then bury this pitiful console. NOA did it no favors at all, it actually made me dislike it a bit. Horrendous way to go out too. There hasn't been anything worth playing since DKCR and it looks like there won't be anything until Zelda. Thank you NOA for helping me determine that I most certainly will not be getting Wii U near launch. I refuse to be so badly burned again.



Cipher said:

I still think it'll launch under Nintendo in North America, but I don't think it'll launch until next year at this point. There's absolutely no way Nintendo of America could decide against releasing it when they know full well how much people want it.



zeeroid said:

WTF! Are you freaking kidding me, Nintendo!? Monolith Soft is A FIRST PARTY DEVELOPER. Jesus Christ!

Reggie... I will slap you so hard. And then run away like a girl because you scare me.



siavm said:

Since this is a Nintendo title, it is not getting published by anybody but Nintendo. I was really looking forward to this and the last story. Now nothing but Zelda. And the way it is going that is probably going to be my first and last game I pick up for wii this year. That is real sad. Luckily I got a ps3 and 3ds so unlike some I will have great games to play until zelda.



Issun said:

The thing that pisses me off is that I cannot watch Nolife TV... Since the channel is now blocked, or I would have to pay 3 euros a month, which I don't even have...
Oh well, fret not fellow American comrades, XSEED seems to be on the awesomeness boat and will probably take Xenoblade to you, along with the amazing Solatorobo ^^



Hardy83 said:

Considering Nintendo of America's track record for Monolith games, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come over here.

$%&( YOU Reggie!
I remember when he said Disaster Day of Crisis wasn't worth $50 bucks, but then gave us Fling Smash and Wii Play.
$%&^ YOU NoA!



Issun said:

Oh and I just read Pandora's Tower would also be localized in Europe ^^
Who's da man ? Matthieu Minel, that's who !

Just a revenge for the fact you had Baten Kaitos Origins and not us



KingMike said:

When did XSeed announce Solatorobo?

I'd rather support a domestic release before I import.



Incognito_D said:

at least it will be translated into English due to the European release so anyone in North American who wants to play it badly can import it.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Issun Thats awesome! Where did you hear that? If thats true then that means Europe have all three nintendo published wii jrpgs confirmed...and poor NA has nothing. Hopefully it won't stay that way for too long.



Rapadash6 said:

If the Wii had a jam packed schedule of games this year like it did in 2010, I could understand why Nintendo would pass on these more obscure titles. Let's face it though, beyond Kirby and Skyward Sword, there's not a whole lot to get Wii fans through the rest of the systems life cycle. Wii U won't likely come till the second half of 2012, so it makes no sense to hold on to any games right now. There's time, little competition from other titles and more than enough people who want to buy this game to make a small print run worth while. Also on top of that, where the hell is NPC! Pikmin 2 for the US Nintendo? What are you guys doing over there exactly?



TikiTong said:

Im guessing theyre a bit more fond of Asia and Europe then over here in North America



Wheels2050 said:

Ouch - I'm glad I'm a PAL gamer, for a change!

As others have mentioned, it seems crazy not to release this. It's been (or is currently getting) translated into English already, so surely giving it an NA release would be relatively easy money?

Considering the dearth of Wii games on the horizon, I would have thought Nintendo would be doing everything they can to fill up the release schedule - including printing a hundred thousand or so copies of a game that has ALREADY BEEN DEVELOPED!!! (I release that it's not quite that simple, but still).

If this news is true I empathise with you North Americans - I've been disappointed enough times in the past to know how it feels! Perhaps it's worth looking into region-lock circumvention?



Blaze said:

OMG, it looks like us in the UK might get something better than what the US get! Yeah NoE, we're still waiting for a correct currency conversion, e-shop cards, the E3 Trailers on the 3DS and our Ocarina Of Time Soundtracks though!!!




bro2dragons said:

You know... I can't think of a single thing NOA has ever done for it's consumers. It brings a handful of the games from Japan, offers fewer and worse Club Nintendo rewards than both other regions. Even things like Nintendo of Japan taking Epic Mickey and making it more worthwhile shows how little NOA cares about anything as opposed to the rest of the world. Sure, Mickey is a big item in that part of the world, so they wanted the game to sell and get them money, but hell, Mickey was born HERE. And the game was getting press coverage out the wazzoo. Had all the issues been fixed and it received that Nintendo polish... it would have smoked almost everything else on the Wii's market. But no. And now, Xenoblade and Last Story (the latter of which, I was more excited for than even Skyward Sword, by the way) will be completely missing from American shelves. I love Nintendo... but I hate NOA. And living in America makes me seriously consider investing in another console, just so I can feel like they might care about me.



vherub said:

I don't understand, this is exactly the type of game the wii needed, and the wii u claims to be bringing to the system. Maybe they need to throw the project on kickstarter.



cyrus_zuo said:

I also don't get NOA on this.

They are upset that the Wii didn't get a more core audience, and so that is the focus on the WiiU. every opportunity NOA doesn't bring over the games that the core audience wants. Reggie seems not to just be on a different page than Iwata, I think he's in a different book.



bonesy91 said:

......... and yet Nintendo is claiming they are trying to reach the hardcore crowd and please everyone, yet they wont bring Last story or Xenoblade over to The states? Mind blown....



Steamboat_Willie said:

Unbelievable! This system is really starving for games and NOA refuses to bring it over to the US? Well done, Nintendo!



Token_Girl said:

It really grinds my gears when NOA doesn't release things that are already ready and translated. Seriously, the only costs for NOA left at this point are printing and distributing. If you're worried about it selling, don't do a large run.

NPC Pikmin 2 especially. The first one sold a quarter of a million (I guess still less than the other NPC games), but if you look at the ebay prices, a used gamecube Pikmin 2 disc only costs about $30. Complete copies cost more. There is definitely money to be made in a NPC version. At first I thought they were holding off until closer to Pikmin 3, but since that's been moved to WiiU, now would be a good time to release it, since there's a drought of Wii releases.



TheBaconator said:

I haven't been following this game so I really have no idea what it is besides the fact its an RPG, but if they're translating the game into English for the European crowd, not bringing it to North America just seems lazy.



Caryslan said:

Did we just go back in time to the NES era? Because this is the kind of thing that NOA did back in the NES era with games like Fire Emblem and Mother.

To be honest, I don't understand their logic on any of this. Fire Emblem is an established series in the US, but it looks more and more likely that FE12 will miss the trip over here. Now this just sad, since Fire Emblem is already established in the US and the audience is already here.

And the refusal to bring Xeonoblade and Last Story over here is just pathetic. NOA claims that they want the hardcore gamers back but they refuse to bring two high-quality RPGs to the west? In an era where quality console RPGs are rare?

What makes this even more baffling is the fact that NOA has gotten behind Dragon Quest and is publishing it in the US. So, they are going to the trouble of pushing a third-party's RPG franchise, but they can't be bothered to bring over two RPGs that are first party?

After all these years, I thought that NOA finally figured out what gamers wanted. I thought Mother 3 was just a fluke that suffered from bad timing on a system that was on its last legs.

Now its becoming more and more clear that if a game is not a potential million seller, a title for casuals, or a special agreement(Dragon Quest) NOA won't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Its the NES era all over again. In fact, this may be worse then the NES era. At least the lack of RPGs that made it over here back then could be excused by the tastes of gamers in the NES era.

In this day and age, there is no damn excuse.



Hardy83 said:

Lol I should move back to London too.

And are we hearing anything about Last Story? That one seems even LESS likely, GOD NoA has really started sucking when Reggie took over. I mean for gamers, not for Nintendo.



MasterGraveheart said:

Nintendo, publish this! Publish this now! What ELSE are you doing this year besides Zelda for Wii? Kirby. Fine. You're telling me you can't work on more than TWO different games for Wii?



MeloMan said:

Um, Reggie... yeeeeeaaaah.... we gonna fight. There was no showing of Xenoblade or Last Story at this E3... I don't know what to think anymore, but after what happened in the past with Sin & Punishment, I can't be too surprised. I'll stop holding my breath and just try to wait for ANYTHING to be announced...



NMH-TRI said:

This really stinks. Reggie's a business man so if it might not create alot of profit, attention needs to be diverted to projects that will. BUT WHAT PROJECTS?? The 3 whole games currently in development.

I agree with the others.

Don't let the flag fool you, this definitely affects me. I'm just on a mandatory vacation and it'd be nice to be able to play Xenoblade and Last Story when I get back.



Bassman_Q said:

NoA can kiss my @$$.

Seriously, where is the logic in ANY of this? They let so much shovelware get published both digitally and for retail, yet for quality, PROMISING titles like this and The Last Story, they wave their hand. Wouldn't they want to print it and make millions? I mean, they would just get more fans and more money. So WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!?!



Objection said:

@Incognito D- Except the Wii is region-locked so you'd either have to hack your system or buy another console.

Considering the dead last year, and the fact that it looks highly unlikely that this, Pandora's Tower or The Last Story will be released in NA, I think I have finally given up on the Wii and maybe even NoA/ Nintendo consoles in general. So that's my ultimatum, if anyone in that company cares, give this gamer a game or else lose him to your competitors.



silverskywalker said:

Hey guys just so you know there's a lot of us gamers taking action for this turn of events. We have created a facebook page, twitter feed and email for this "Operation". We grew tired of waiting, we want those games, we've send NoA emails about it only to be replied by a PR with the same old message. We're not the minority here and we want NoA to know that.
We've started to gain notice from other sites but we need all the help we can because this won't be easy. At this time and age we can make a difference, we made it with Sin and Punishment and Tatsunoko vs Capcom, we're more than able to do this for such a great game.

So c'mon guys lets do this!



Gamer83 said:

NoA is an absolute joke and it's stuff like this that kind of makes me happy when I see Wii sales starting to fall off over here. If they pull the same kind of with the Wii U, I hope that console doesn't take off either. This is a bunch of and companies deserve to be punished by consumers stuff like this. Want us to pay a good amount of cash for a product then fail to provide content? Reggie and the rest at NoA can off. They have no problem feeding the 'casual' audience with their Wii Motion, Fit and Sports games but an RPG for the 'core' crowd? Can't be bothered to take even one risk. An absolute joke. As if the bulky, ridiculous looking controller wasn't enough to turn me away from buying the Wii U the absolute joke of a lineup the Wii has this year aside from Skyward Sword and NoA's pathetic attitude toward the 'core' have made it that much easier to walk away from its home consoles. I'm supposed to believe that Wii U is going to be any different? I highly doubt it.



Retro_on_theGo said:

For once I'm glad I'm the only person on the earth that doesn't have a Wii! (believe it or not,your choice.) You are loosing so much money NOA. I would go buy the console and this and all the games I missed if you release this here. (I was going to buy Wii U and just skip Wii and play Wii games on the WIi U, but you never know.)



ecco6t9 said:

I think NoA's inability to market the 1st Professor Layton is why we are 2 years behind.



hYdeks said:

yay like why would NOA release a game that would make american gamers happy and satisfied? NOA is dumb, they rather not release a great hardcore game (which EVERYONE saids the Wii is lacking, and Nintendo is trying to get back the hardcore with Wii U) but yet, they'll release crap like Wii Play Motion, which at this point, is pointless to release cause these type of games only worked as gimics at the beginning when they launched the system.



Kyloctopus said:

I bet someone made a petition about it not that it would help. The Last Story so far has no announcements. And this is probably be the same with Tower of Pandora.



XCWarrior said:

Nintendo of America clearly has no idea what its consumers want. You release no good core games on the 3DS at launch, and wonder why sales are bad. Sales for the Wii are down due to a lack of games, you have these 3 gems sitting over there in Japan and you can't put 2 and 2 together?

Seriously Nintendo, what's with the abandonment of the core? And the Wii U is not going to appease the core gamer, that pad controller is for the casual consumer. Why so few people see this is beyond me.



TheGreenSpiny said:

The sad part is they did show this game at E3 2 years ago under a different name. Monando? Or something like that. That's one of the reason's I thought Nintendo's recent E3 was an epic fail. They didn't anounce jack for the Wii, showed the Wii U with zero games. Besides some of the 3DS stuff, there wasn't a whole lot to get me excited.



kkslider5552000 said:

Derp, can't have japanese video games released on our japanese video game system! LOGIC MY FRIENDS, LOGIC!



Henmii said:

They really have to come up with a proper release-schedule pretty soon! Seeing as I don't own a 3DS yet, Wii and a few DS games are my to priority. A pity that I don't know if they hit Europe, if ever. It almost feels as if Skyward sword really will be the last wii game for Europe, and even that game doesn't have a concrete date!

As much as I like the Kirby TV channel, it feels a bit as if Nintendo has done this to keep us Europeans busy untill Skyward sword arrives. What do you guys think?



arrmixer said:

this might sound like a crazy theory but here goes... the wii u is not coming out maybe untill april 2012 if that... I firmly believe NOA does not want to have these jrpg titles affect skyware sword's release... sounds stupid but I wouldn't be surprise....

So MAYBE we get these titles early next year.. right before the wii calls it quit...
unfortunately, with the $99 dollar price of the Wii NOA really wants to get everyday consumer/family




Joetherocker said:

Spamming their email, facebook, and twitter with a ton of other people for the halibut. I know it probably won't work, but I really want to see these games get over here and if there's a chance I could help to make that happen, then I want to try.



Vinsanity said:

Jeez laweez. Reggie and his NOA losers are such di*ks at this point, if NOE offered to bring a translated version to e3 and NOA denied them. JUST RELEASE THE ENGLISH VERSION THEY'RE LOCALIZING FOR THE UK, YOU MORONS!!! You don't even have to translate anything; they're eating the localization bill. All you gotta do is print the discs!


Japan must love him as a puppet, or something.

I'd like to see someone like XSeed take on Xenoblade, but they wouldn't. It just won't sell enough to make them enough capital in return, even though NOE is footing the localization bill. I'd love for someone a little bigger - Atlus, Square - to come to the rescue though. But I imagine a ton of publishers are gunshy here. NOA considers the Wii dead; why should any other publisher think differently?

The only way we'll get this game is a decade or more from now, when it show up as a Virtual Console release on Nintendo's 11th(?) generation console. Hopefully Reggie won't still be in charge by then.



Wheels2050 said:

This also seems such a short-sighted move by NoA. Perhaps releasing Xenoblade won't make a large profit (surely it'd make SOMETHING though) but it would at least be a show of good-will toward the 'core' gamers that they are so keen to appeal to. Surely that would pay off in the long term, as it might indicate that Nintendo is willing to make decisions which are popular with their fans (of course, I don't expect them to do it at a loss, but any profit is good profit right?)



tanookisuit said:

I'm displeased, and from various resources online I know they're getting hammered hard on the phone call front and emails to the point the call centers seem to be tiring of apologizing and taking notes over it. Reggie is the one making the calls (final) for US release titles when it's not so high grade of a game Japan forces it, so yeah the blame is fairly laid there. The more troubling issue is what IS released and to me it appears they're playing to two strengths, the non-gamer new gamer type and then the nascar redneck moron gun toting dickweed interchangable same damn FPS over and over again group instead. The NA market is as much to blame as NOA considering it's not cool and you're made fun of it if it's (rare exceptions aside) not a fps, racing, sports, fighting or wrpg game and this fits the mold.

I actually was in contact this month with one of their suits at their main line, had to call them back no less. If you wish to hammer their head office and not the call center, enjoy -> 1-800-633-3236 and if you want that suits extension its 7814. Yeah that's probably evil, but no less than what has gone down here.



Gamer83 said:

I hate to say it but the only way for this situation to get any better for us 'core' gamers is for Wii sales to drop like a rock and Wii U to be a bigger failure out of the gate than 3DS. If that happens, maybe that imbecile Reggie will finally be replaced and they can get somebody who knows how to market to both the 'core' and 'casual.' To me there's no reason to ignore either crowd but dumb Reggie apparently doesn't see it that way.



VincentX said:

I'm sorry, did I just go back in time to 1996 when Sega of America was blocking RPGs because "Americans won't play them?"
Did Bernie Stolar start working at NOA?



JimmyWhale said:

Heard from a guy who imported that it was really boring anyway. Still sad though. Seemed like a lot of people were really looking forward to it. Well, here's hope for both this one and Last Story that they find their way over here.



zionich said:


Honestly, I recomend taking it a step further. If this issue does bother you (in general ) then yes call this number once a day and let them know. Be polite, but also let them know that your going to boycott Nintendo as well.

There a business, hit them where it hurts the most, their profits. Unfortunatly this means all games played on Nintendo consoles. ( Of course , if your at it call Capcom about Monster Hunter 3DS). This is the only way youll make a lasting impression, Im not all that convinced about petitions.

Basically , If there still is a game ya want, try to buy it used from a store or a friend. Even renting games or subscribing to gamefly will hurt their bottom line. But it would take alot of dedicated people. Imagine the statement that would be made if Skyword Sword launches with record lows.

I personally will be boycotting Nintendo, and calling them to let them know. This is how we have power as consumers.



Traxx said:

"Minel appeared on French TV show Nolife to discuss the game and revealed that although Nintendo of Europe wanted to show off Xenoblade Chronicles at E3, Nintendo of America denied it as it didn't want to show off products it would not be selling."

So much for E3 being international expo...




Because of course Nintendo wants to have good games on their systems, that's why awesome games like this are denied and crappy games get green lit instead. Seriously, who the hell is the idiot that doesn't think us Americans would like to try these games out? It better not be Bernie Stolar...



Glade said:

This is why I'm slowly starting to dislike nintendo. Overpriced 3DS system, lacklusture launch lineup, the audacity to tell us it asn't rushed, lacklusture eshop linuep, lack of features in the eshop for some regions, important features of the system are still missing, overpriced games (some, not all), little first party support, no flash or HTML5, now with the wii- no support for its last year of life, now no Xenoblade in the US.
I'm starting to see things from a slightly different perspective, they obviously dont care about their consumers at this point. that's why the 3DS is struggling to get sales, and the Wii is freefalling from the top of the ozone layer. This all leads up to thousands, millions of dissapointed fans. No WiiIU for me for next launch, not until I see what other competitors got. so far, major ripoff. Nintendo of America, what a letdown....



pixelman said:

@Glade: Yep, entirely new Zelda and Kirby games =/= support.

I think they're waiting to release these JRPGs so that Wii owners won't be completely starved of new games next year. I really doubt they'll be developing more than a couple new Wii games next year.



Glade said:

@pix exactly, sure there'll be plenty around christmas but until then the place is bleak. Hopefully Tales might be released sometime around October and some the the first party games around Novermber. as for these JRPGs, they should really bring them worldwide, but not all ath the same time. Wii's sinking like Titanic... but luckily there's a few lifeboats like these so ppl might survive



Rerun said:

I just wish that someone picks this up and it sells like hotcakes. Then NoA will just knock it's head against the wall.

If this doesn't make it, I'm hoping that Pandora's tower does (keeping fingers crossed)



Tonebone said:

I'll probably get flack for this......but I can't say I don't understand where NoA is coming from. Look at all the games released on the Wii and DS that had ample amounts of coverage, where very good games and yet, no one bought them.....Why should Nintendo waste their time if no one is gonna buy these games?



kkslider5552000 said:

RPGs haven't been niche since Final Fantasy VII at least, what are you talking about?

If you mean original IP though, yes. Original IPs are niche.



Marvelousmoo said:

As an RPG fan I took a risk getting a Wii; one I have greatly regretted. Aside from Zelda and Okami the Wii has been filled with a bunch of lame games that had no purpose, no excitement, and no reason whatsoever to be played. Of course this is my opinion, but as a company that seems to be more catered to gamers of any age and any type, you, Nintendo, have only released games for little children and those 'casual gamers'. You have failed me Nintendo. Good luck; I'm done.



AVahne said:

Well, you guys just have to realize this one fact.
Nintendo. Of. America. Hates us all.



AVahne said:

And where the is my Fire Emblem Heroes of Light and Shadow for DS??? Gimme my Wii and DS RPGs Nintendo



Tonebone said:

I'm sorry you feel that way Marvelousmoo.

I know I can personally name about 20+ games I owned or played for the Wii. Not to mention the games I have yet to touch like Kirby's Epic Yarn or Metroid: Other M. Then we can get into VC and WiiWare games. Not to mention it plays NGC games



VoltSlash said:

It's a stupid move, indeed.

And Marvelousmoo is totally right, the ratio of decent, real GAMES (namely Zelda and Metroid, since I never really cared about Mario, Kirby or the retarded ape) to kid/casual/useless games is astoundingly low. Don't count in Virtualconsole games or NGC games, those aren't FOR the Wii, they're just something that can be done on the Wii, besides Wii games (which is what really saves the system, IMO).

But what amuses me in all this is that US players still rage mode when they get much more than we do in Europe. If it doesn't really get released over there, just take it like men and remember that what happened to you with this game happens to us europeans constantly.



Marvelousmoo said:

I was really shocked with the sudden change from Europe and PAL not getting anything to North America being neglected. I know its has usually been the other way around; Voltslash, I do feel sorry for you guys.

Tonebone, there are some decent games on the Wii. i had loads of fun with NSMBW with the co-op element, and the VC games gave me some entertainment, but that's the bad thing. I own more VC games then I do Wii games, and I have had more fun with them then I have had with many of the Wii games I have played. Besides, nothing cuts the cake for me like RPGs do, and I dearly hope that NoA has one of their surprise things up their sleeves right now with these recent titles.



Tonebone said:

Like I said, I can count about 20 + games released FOR the Wii that I've personally have owned or played. Its one thing to say there are certain types of games you don't enjoy. I don't care for FPS and there's a hell of alot of them for the 360. That doesn't mean they are bad games. I just don't care for them.

And why shouldn't NGC games or VC games count? XBLA games count for the 360. People bitched and moan about the PS3 removing backwards compatibility. Its clearly an important feature that people count and when you own a crap load of NGC games like I do, I need something to play them on.

Again, people complain about the lack of "hardcore" (I hate the term) games. And when they do, no one buys them. So why should Nintendo bring these games over when chances are no one is gonna buy them



Objection said:

@kkslider- I don't agree. Tonebone, the argument ISN'T that the Wii has had amazing games, its that THESE and other great-looking games are not coming out anymore. Wii MIGHT have Zelda:SS this year? The other systems are getting dozens of big titles, Batman, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Gears of War, etc between now and Q1 2012 and we MIGHT get a Zelda? And notice that I didn't put a "new" Zelda, because Skyward Sword looks fun. But it does not look new.



Warioware said:

@20 Probably a bit late with this comment but did Reggie really say Disaster wasn't worth the money? It was a pretty good game that maybe needed a little more investment but was fun all through.



Marvelousmoo said:

@94 Remakes don't "count", because they show a lack of effort to produce games that consumers will enjoy. They just take the old games that were very popular and resell them to us to make tons of easy money. I don't like playing the same games over and over again; I want something new, something surprising, something I can look forward to.

It is sad that there is a lower appreciation for JRPGs here in NA, but I wish that NoA would stop worrying about only taking the games that make bank and giving something fun to the people who don't like 'casual' games. Why don't they take the risk of selling me games, like I took the risk of buying their console?



JimmyWhale said:

@Marvelousmoo saying a company failed you because you don't think there is enough RPGs on the console (and I think that if these games do come to NA, Wii will have a sufficient amount of them), and you're too lazy to look into hardcore games (there's actually a lot on Wii, they're just overshadowed by the casual stuff) is pretty stupid.



Marvelousmoo said:

@100 Any recommendations? You're right; they must be overshadowed, because I haven't seen that many, and I haven't found any I would find worth playing.



JimmyWhale said:

@101 No More Heroes 1 and 2, Madworld, any RE game, Muramasa, Little King's Story, Rune Factory Frontier, Red Steel 2, Tatsunoko VS Capcom, and I'm only getting started



Marvelousmoo said:

@102 I don't know... None of those look particularly interesting. I really enjoy JRPGs or adventure games, but strategy games aren't really my thing; nor are fighting games. I know I'm being a bit unfair; there are a lot of genres out there, and its hard to produce good games for all of them, but its just annoying that decent JRPGs ARE there--right in front of their faces--and they aren't releasing them.



IronMan28 said:

Everyone on here who's from the US, go and preorder Monado on Amazon if you haven't already. Also, put The Last Story and Pandora's Tower on your wishlist on Amazon...COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!



madgear said:

I've given up on Nintendo too, even though these games are coming to the UK. I'll buy these titles and the new Zelda but, after that, I'm moving on to PC gaming. With consoles we have to put up with things such as region locks, we can only play what they say we can and games have such a short shelf life. I'll see the Wii through to the end but I doubt I'll get another console after that.



DarkKirby said:

While I hope to see this game in the U.S, I'd actually be happier if Nintendo of America didn't do it, they're a bit "politically correct" and "have no chance of offending absolutely anybody" happy which often dumbs down games and in worst cases changes the original story.



motang said:

This is turning into such a hassle, clearly we all want it, it's just Nintendo catering to Wii party and Wii play people and not caring about us!

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