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Thu 29th Apr 2010

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Issun commented on Solatorobo Dev Would Like to Work on Mega Man ...:

Yeah, Cyberconnect 2 does magic, so let them get MML3 and I'll freakin' buy it ! Oh and Capcom : Let them make Strelka Stories (they need a publisher in order to kick-start the project)!



Issun commented on 3DS Virtual Console Lands On Its Feet with Catrap:

Heard of it a few weeks ago and was intrigued ^^ Now I know I'll be able to buy it !

"a feature that gained popularity some 20 years later in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" : Isn't it a bit too big of a number ? Because, I don't think Catrap came out in 1981 ^^' 10 years in the very least

I'm a Nitpicker ^^



Issun commented on Review: Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS):

And now, I have to say thank you to the NL team for making more people discover more about this game ^^

For me, it is a year of waiting and 6 months of informing people that has taken an end with my review being published (and much longer than yours and still spoiler free ...but in French mouahahahaha), and I'm really glad I payed attention to this title and made it my "champion"
Anyway, I can second the thoughts coming here : BUY IT !



Issun commented on First Impressions - Rhythm Heaven (Wii):

Played it at Japan Expo, it really is like the previous ones, so I manages nearly like a pro on my first playthrough, the demo lady was impressed ^^

Also, once I finished playing the demo, I was even more sold on the game than before ! Bummed it comes out next year though... So good ^^



Issun commented on Nintendo Video Application Live in Europe Righ...:

Got the videos ^^ OScar's, wasn't that good. Angelo : really like the 3D effect, surprising even with the drawn characters nearly popping out ^^
The Magic Trick : I was fooled by it gotta admit ^^



Issun commented on Nintendo Considering Automatic Demo Downloads ...:

"Consumers are likely to be convinced to pay about 5,000 yen for a well-established franchise product, but not all the people are willing to pay a certain amount of money for an innovative but unknown product."

Kof Solatorobo Kof



Issun commented on RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die:

Oh well, if I had to choose a game comming out on the 1st of July, it would have been Solatorobo, so nevermind... And getting god mode from the get-go doesn't disturb me at all.

"Capcom has announced that this will not lower the value of preowned copies."
HAHAHAHA ! From what I've heard, used copies of the game cost 500 Yens in Japas, so take that no impact on value ! (In fact, it is a great way to make me buy the game...used



Issun commented on Solatorobo Tracks Down a North American Publisher:

Glad for you it's coming your way this fall ^^ Unfortunately for you, I will already have finished it at least twice (once in French and then in English to see if it holds up) and will have already gushed about how awesome it is on the forum's topic ^^
OMG ! It's out next week, can't wait ^^



Issun commented on Xenoblade's North American Release Chances Tak...:

The thing that pisses me off is that I cannot watch Nolife TV... Since the channel is now blocked, or I would have to pay 3 euros a month, which I don't even have...
Oh well, fret not fellow American comrades, XSEED seems to be on the awesomeness boat and will probably take Xenoblade to you, along with the amazing Solatorobo ^^



Issun commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

Oh and I forgot : communicate on Solatorobo ! You want this game to sell or not !? Yeah ? So communicate on it and tell the world how awesome this game is !! (because it will probably be my Game of the Year so far, and to be game of the year by my books, you have to be pretty awesome : this game is !!)



Issun commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

I really want those E3 trailers, as well as a Solatorobo demo on the Nintendo channel : that would be really awesome and should help people get interested in the game ^^
And release Rolling Western quickly please, along with the Nintendo eShop points cards ! And yeah, asking the impossible here, but the E3 demos of the games would be the awesomest thing a game company would ever do !



Issun commented on E3 2011: Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 3:

I agree with Mickeymac ^^ If you see a Nintendo exec, Corbie, can you spam him questions about the game in the US ? So that they at least know there is demand there, that the game sees a release and sells a bit more than if it didn't ^^



Issun commented on eShop Games Start from $1.99 and Other Interes...:

Ok, so for me, the best pricing would be : GB : 3/4 Euros, GBC : 5/6 Euros, GBA : 7/8 Euros. This would be the best, though I have a bit of doubts for the GBA pricing... I want Golden Sun 1 and 2 quick !



Issun commented on Nintendo Announces eShop Update for 6th June:

At least I know for sure that June will be the month I'll finally replay extensively on my 3DS : the update, probably Zelda and more importantly Solatorobo (welle it's coming out July 1st, but I know my store will get it early). That plus I'll Steetpass like a mad man when I'll be invited as a participant to Japan Expo in Paris at the end of the month !



Issun commented on Gear Up for Solatorobo's Launch with New Videos:

Here is the first trailer (in French !). Sadly, no gameplay, but at least, I now know they will keep the opening song ^^

Gonna news the hell out of this one, with not one, but TWO popular French websites to feed ^^



Issun commented on This Solatorobo Concept Artwork is Pretty, Stu...:

@James : That I am not so sure : it was a DSi enhanced game back when it eleased in Japan. Maybe they managed to get that lock out of the window ^^
And yeah I'm proabably one of the most hyped person of all the internetz for this game, as I loved everyone of the games CC2 made so far.
@Vinsanity : It may happen ! They announced Strelka Stories 8 months ago, and some predicted it would be a PS3 game. If so, I'm a happy dude !



Issun commented on Dust Off Your MotionPlus for Wii Play: Motion ...:

12 minigames ? Are you kidding me ? I really hope those games are long enough to not bore after 15 minutes like the first one did. And if I want a Wiimote Plus, I'll wait for Zelda SS pack, thank you very much.



Issun commented on Nintendo to Release Solatorobo: Red the Hunter...:

Info on the game have been really scarce about this game (you can believe me :I scoured for news at least once a day since last September ^^')
But I'm glad this game is published by Nintendo, this means it will actually sell more that if Namco published it !



Issun commented on What's Going On With Solatorobo: Red the Hunter?:

Thanks for the heads-up ^^

But as far as I'm concerned, I'm gonna communicate on this title like a happy turtle and if it comes out, I'll buy it day -2 ou 1 if the stores stick to their guns. Even buying a second copy when it'll be cheap to give it to friends and such ^^

Great week for RPGs on Nintendo consoles !



Issun commented on Review: Ridge Racer 3D (3DS):

I'll have this at a reduced price, and it's my first RR, soooo, I think I can play it safe and add a point or two. If it's not that great, I'm sure the stores'll take it back at around the same price, so it's a win-win situation



Issun commented on Hands On: Nintendo 3DS:

I've already spent about 30 minutes total in stores trying it : I love it already. Glad I can actually see the 3D and also having preordered it last September 13 Days left ! The wait is starting to kill me.
Oh and you have already Okamiden you cheeky monkey, I envy you !



Issun commented on Hands-On: Hori 3DS Compact Pouch:

I'll stick with the carrying bag I had with the first Gameboy. Never left me, that reliable old thing. I like it, and it's kinda a collector's item now.



Issun commented on Kirby Casts On a Disappointing UK Chart Debut:

I think the main reason behind the non-success is mainly because of the games that came out this week alone: I mean , 5 very interesting titles came out (Tactics Ogre, Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, KEY, De Blob2). Besides the hype was dead, and yeah, the fact that Pokemon comes out this week and the 3DS in 3 weeks doesn't help it. March ddefinitely is the (3)DS's month !