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Donkey Kong Country (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong go on a quest to recover their bananas stolen by King K. Rool. This jaw-dropping platform game revived the popular Donkey Kong franchise and became one of the biggest hits of the Super Nintendo.

Donkey Kong Country used pre-rendered 3D graphics which impressed gamers all over the world. The game is not only a visual feast but also offers quite a decent challenge for advanced players. Although the main adventure is enjoyable by everyone, finding all its secrets will require some time and dedication.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Alex Olney

Hasn't aged a day

Back in 1994, before 3D games had taken off, a little UK-based games developer called Rare decided that if it couldn’t have good looking 3D models in a game, it'd have to get creative. Donkey Kong Country used a pioneering new technique for the time...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Worth going bananas over still?

Much fuss was made about Donkey Kong Country when it was first released, and with good reason - the CGI visuals were a cut above what SNES owners were used to at the time and the game seemed to give the Super Nintendo a much needed second wind. Donkey...

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User Comments (122)



Shrapnel09 said:

ah dk country, i own all 3 of the orginal series and will be glad to purchase it again for convenience sake.

As far as a review goes i would say that hands down the whole DK series has the best graphics in the 16-bit era (especially DKC3). Sound effects where decent, nothing really stood out but it wasnt bad either. Music was wonderful as expected from the DKC series (DKC2, best music in game 2nd to SMRPG). Gameplay is also above average, i like the nice challenging levels in the DKC series, the first one was pretty easy however but not a cakewalk still very entertaining.

Long live DKC!

__Monkey Magic


Monkey Magic said:

i just downloaded this tonite as i remembered enjoyed it when i was younger. old memories came flooded back right away. there are so many great touches in this game, it's great fun tumbling around into crocs.... there's also lots of variety and surprises in the levels..... 5 stars is well deserved here



Frank said:

Woo-hoo! This game rocked. Now just please make DKC2 available. I enjoyed that game so much more.

__Mr flibble


Mr flibble said:

This is probably my favorite game on the VC, that's saying something cos i love super mario world lots. I'm finding it harder than i used to, i keep falling down holes cos i got too over confident! lol



Martin said:

This game rocks man!
It reminds me to my younger years.
i played this game about 1000 ours and i love it.
but nog that mutch as DK2.
DK2 is the best of the DK series.



Mart said:

I Adore this game, one thing i noticed though, i've completed this game so many times and have never used the roll move or cartwheel move. They seem pointless, I hold down the "y" button to run all the time but i seem to treat the game more like sonic and mario and only use jump. Not sure why when its clearly there to be used but the gameplay itself just doesnt seem to require it.



BJ1 said:

I love this game! Still, I am wishing for 2, 3, and most of all, DK64.



Mendez said:

One of my favourite Super Nintendo games! It's brilliant and well worth the download! I'm really hoping for the sequels now!



Angelo said:

I agree with Mendez. An awesome game, a throwback to my good ol' days, but I'm also hoping for the sequels too (DKC2 was my favorite). Definitely a great download...



Timmy said:

This game can get pretty annoying because you keep going back through the levels over again but the beginning levels have good replay value and same with the mine cart levels. Luckily there are checkpoint barrels. This game is awesome though due to the co- op mode (you and another friend playing it). This game is also great because you can use animals (eg. swordfish, frogs, and rhinos). The boss battles in this game are incredibly easy. This game is a good game to play with your friend and go through the levels so I agree with Damo and I would also give it five stars.



Josey_Wales said:

Fantastic game, this game was the first that I downloaded from the VC quickly followed by SM World & SM64, and I love it, I have probably played DKC just as much as the two Mario games, so that should tell you something, I think what has also helped me appreciate DKC is the fact that I missed out on it first time around, If you like platformers this game is a must and it fully deserves it's 5 star rating! JB



RMA said:

enjoyed it...but...and heres where I get a bit red faced...far too hard for me when I had it on the SNES! Debating whether or not to download it...



Juice_Lee said:

I downloaded this yesterday at a friends request and I'm definitely satisfied. I remember playing this game a lot when I was a kid, and it is for sure one of the Super Nintendo's best games. A very good way to spend your points.



Sturm said:

Wow this is one of the best games for VC for sure. But are you guys sure that it is optimized for 50hz in EU? When I play N64 games it says 50hz in the top corner of my HD-TV (I am of course using comonet cabels) But games from any other system except N64 and Hudson, it reads "out of range" and there is no picture on screen!? Well maybe I just have a bad TV ... But still, am I the inly one with this problem?



deggs said:

i always found this game to be overrated... i remember hearing all the hype and the graphics looked great at the time and all... still, there were games that looked much worse but were way more fun at the time



Ian_Daemon said:

This is one fine game!

I remember playing this for hours-and-hours-on-end back in the day. I won't be downloading this on the VC, but I whole-heartedly recommend it!



mario/zelda_fan said:

I just downloaded it a couple of hours ago and i would for sure give this five stars. And I don't know if any one has said this but if you play this game you NEED the classic controller, if you use the game cube one you will get cramps. really like i tried having my thumb on the b button and my pointer finger on the y button but it hurts. But anyway i highly recommend Donkey Kong country(with classic controller!)

Oh yeah and I usually say that the game boy game is better, well this time I'm wrong you have to get it on your Wii



mario/zelda_fan said:

Yeah I agree Mendez I love the sequels. My favorite one was the 3rd one. I loved it being Dixie Kong and the baby kong. Can't wait for the next games.



mario/zelda_fan said:

Wow I still haven't beaten this game. I'm stuck on the world after the snow place on the first level. I can never get past the fire pots. The reason I haven't played this is because I've been playing super paper Mario and twilight princess. Otherwise I probably would have beaten this game. (Sadly I still don't have a classic controller. )



Paul said:

I never played this, but Donkey Kong 64 was one of the best platformers I can remember. Do you think it will get released, or does the issue of Rare come up again??



http://MrDexterm.bebo.com said:

I reeeaally like this game! I had actually never played it before, only played number 3 for gameboy, the one with Tiny and and that big one haha. But yeah I really like this game! The levels can get very tough and frustrating at times but when you manage to do it you just scream YES!!!! I really do like this game, the gameply is just so fun and yeah it's wicked, recommended!

__fire deity


fire deity said:

amazing game, i bought all 3 games in the dkc series from console passion and still going to buy them for the wii



SKTTR said:

I was hardcore at DKC.
Got 101% in 1h 11min.

I downloaded it for VC, cause it was one of my favourite games.
But I can't get under 2 hours now. I'm getting old. xD

There was a time I found this game hard (the first time through) but you guys should practice more. It's very easy and short if you know all the tricks.

I recommend it too. One of the best platformers on the SNES.
Yeah, the SNES got many of the best platformers ever!
5 Stars



SKTTR said:

i found out there was an update for DKC. with this update you can now see the whole screen as it was on the SNES original. without the update there were some lines missing at the bottom of the screen.

example: in some levels there were secret barrels at the bottom but without the update you could not see them because 4 or 5 lines of pixels were missing. now with the update you can see the edge of the barrel just like it was on SNES. the update adds a bit of gameplay because otherwise some of the secrets would be incredibly hard to be found. as someone else mentioned earlier, i have to say it's not about 50/60hz issues. the update really makes the game as it was.

this was a thing i was annoyed with when i downloaded DKC.
i'm happy that nintendo updated this game finally so i'm confident with nintendo again.



Yoshi175 said:

This game is so excellent, the sequel is better in my opinion but htis is stil awesome enough to get a five



Dazza said:

It's not simultaneous 2 player hence it is listed as 1 player.



Graydon said:

The game was a masterpiece when it came out on the snes, and it is still a masterpiece now. If people aren't downloading it they are missing out on the great graphics, platformer gameplay, and the great game in general. I recommend this game for all wii owners out there.

__James VanAlstine


James VanAlstine said:

Can anyone tell me how to save a DK came on the VC. I've only done about three levels but I hate repeating everything. I've played it before on an emulator and at least then I could easily save a game state

I know this isn't a forum, but I figured this was a good place to ask.

Awesome game...definitely worth downloading!!!



Zephyr_Tread said:

The DKC series was my childhood, they are definitely classics, all three are very good and they are different enough to get all 3 but similar enough to still be good. 5 stars!



DarrenSW said:

I downloaded this upon launch, but visiting the Wii Shop today I found an 'update' which I could download free of charge. Anyone know what the 'update' actually updates?



beefy said:

donky kong 64 would be amazing! i loved that game! way better than this game by far.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I love this game! It's fun and even more fun if you have a friend to play. Highly recommened!

Some kids were scared of the game over screen though which is weird...



Crystal said:

I was wondering if anyone remembers how donkey kong throws diddy to get impossible bananas. For the life of me i can't remember



Drake said:

Crystal: You can only throw your partner in the two sequels.



darthmix said:

Yeah, I thought this game was pretty overhyped. Take away the graphics and you've got a fairly standard, really easy 2D platform game. It's not bad, but on gameplay terms the other popular platformers of the day - Mario World 1 & 2, and the Sonic games - absolutely blow this out of the water. The sequel was a big improvement that finally delivered on the gameplay promises this game made. Don't get me wrong, for 800 points it's a bargain, but DKC2 is a much better value for the same price.



KiySeph said:

This is an awesome game. It was a great game back when it was released and it's still a great game today. The game has a great background soundtrack as well.



rkolegends said:

Back in 1994 you could not believe how good the graphics were and still looks great today. After buying this for 800 points it's worth it because i can play this game over and over. As a kid i played this all the time and this is one of my favorite games of all time. I find this better then Mario and Sonic.

The music really suits the game and its something i really like about it, im going to always remember the donkey kong country series everyone should because there all retro classics



Pearl said:


I have been trying forever but I can't find an actual DOWNLOAD link anywhere on the wii VC website! Just descriptions of the games! HELP!

__david rooks


david rooks said:

love the game to death one problom though. how the heck do u save? i cant find out how for the life of me and i aint good enough to go thru every level without saving email me davidrooks78@hotmail.com



Bass_X0 said:

You just have to visit Candy Kong who would save your game for you. Its the red/white tent on the map screen.



TwinCross said:

Even though DKC 2 is the better game, I prefer this one, although that may be due to the fact I hate Dixie Kong. Anyway, fluid, responsive platforming and great visuals, although you might that you occasionly hit a level that impedes your progress for a while.



EDreams said:

I got it when I got the Wii because I had heard a lot about it... I can agree that it has an excellent excellent soundtrack worth the purchase alone, I fail to see the appeal of either the graphics or (more importantly) the gameplay.

I can deal with frustration if the gameplay is otherwise fun, which is why I still play SMB2 JP while DKC collects virtual dust, but DKC doesn't have that. It just bores me. The barrel cannon and mine levels are annoying and the rest is just repetitive.

The graphics look nice in still screenshots but have jarringly odd animations in-game that also feel just as redundant as the gameplay. The style has also aged, and not well.

Just personal opinion, of course.



Overrated! It strictly emphasises that a lot of folks in the early '90's were willing to tolerate average gameplay as long as the character models and backgrounds were asthetically-pleasing. There's loads of superior platformers on VC - why bother with this?



wiiruler47 said:

I remember playing this for hours when I was at my cousins house.By the way I'm new and this is my first post



agent_lime said:

Me and my friend would always go to his house and play this when we were little, and its just as awesome today



Clayfrd said:

As far as SMB2 Japan goes, I agree with EDreams, I LOVE the challenge, but back to DKC. This is a good game. That's it. It is fun, but simply not as addicting as the hype would make one feel. I was a bit let down by this one, but it is still very good when Mario has been worn out. Of course Mario can't be worn out...



The_shoemaker said:

Yeah this game is a classic. DKC2 overall kills this game, but still great. If your can't chose between this or Dkc2, get both. there both wonderful games and both have a different atmospheric feel to it



Garlyle said:

I am torn with this game. By itself it is a pretty damn good game. I adore it. However, it pales in comparison to DKC2&3. My suggestion to gamers is to get all three entries to the series; but if you can't do that, go for DKC2&3 instead.



Virus said:

For those who adored DK64, this game won't compare, but it is a pretty fun game still. Although I can't say I've played DKC3, DKC is just as fun as DKC2, so you're safe getting either one. Two things must be said about this game before you get it: don't get it if you want a co-op mode; it's two player mode is just an updated version of something you'd find in a NES game where you just switch off with a friend to play. The other thing is this game really only works with the classic controller. Using a Gamecube controller works, but it takes a truly flexible hand for it to be comfortable to play with. If you have a classic controller and want a single player platformer, this game is as good as any.




mario221 said:

I remember playing this for hours at my friends house. awesome game!!!!!!!!! Download it now!




JGMR said:

As fantastic as it's sequel, being wáy better than the third game.
Instant classic!

A 2010 edit. The game is only surpassed by it's newest follow-up, DKCR.



M_rco_Redfield said:

Amazing game, this was one of my favorite games of the SNES, and I think this was the best of the three parts of the Donkey Kong Country Trilogy.

Classic rules.



Nigel said:

The music and the graphics make this game so great. The gameplay is top-notch but sometimes the control just feels kind of imprecise, maybe it's because of DK's size. But I mean, it's Donkey Kong Country, this is a classic.



yeeat said:

Pretty neat game as it said in many post above, definetly one of the bests in SNES



chiefeagle02 said:

The only thing stopping me from downloading this beauty is that I've played it to death...twice. Once in the SNES and once on the Game Boy Color (the latter version was surprisingly awesome).



GameGod3008 said:

This is a fantastic game. Even if you've got any other version of it, including the GBA or SNES, it's worth getting again. The music is brilliant, the graphics are amazing for a game this old and the gameplay is awesome so there's no reason if you've got the points not to get it



Marvel_Maniac said:

I downloaded DKC2 first because I never owned the thing back in the cartridge days. I know everyone says its the best of the series, but nothing tops the original for me. Its high quality, plus nostalgia I think. I couldn't take it anymore. I bought it this morning and will play through it before I finish DKC2.



Jupiter_Adept said:

I thought this was better than DKC 2, but I've never played 3 yet.
Also, I'm not very far in DKC 2.



Jon2 said:

A fun game with great graphics, but as my skill is bad I do find this game rather difficult.



MoogleMuffins said:

Ahhh this game takes me back, I remember renting it for the first time at blockbuster and ever since then I was hooked on that game for years, the other DK's on the snes were great too but this one will always be my favourite. Highly recomended



stinssd said:

Ah, this game reminds of high-school. This was back when games were fun, you weren't sent on a series of pointless, mindless fetch-quests (I'm looking at you, Mario 64), and you could have a good game experience without having to deal with 3D nonsense.



waldojeffershead said:

It took me a while to get around to purchasing this game, I played it for a week straight after purchasing. After completing the better part of this tedious adventure I seem to have lost interest, hopefully I will regain enough interest to complete the game soon. The (Super, ECT) "Barrel Blast" levels are enough to make a grown man puke and the mastering of the art is unsatisfying. All & all this is a solid SNES title that makes a priceless addition to your Nintendo library, you will more than likely replay this game.




Stu said:

5 stars all the way!

I remember playing this back in the day and being amazed by the whole experience, but the graphics and soundtrack are truly outstanding.

This is up there among must favourite games of all time.



Karma said:

This is a reply to comment #52, by "Roo" who said "Overrated! It strictly emphasises that a lot of folks in the early '90's were willing to tolerate average gameplay as long as the character models and backgrounds were asthetically-pleasing. There's loads of superior platformers on VC - why bother with this?"

Nice going, Roo. You succeeded in copying and pasting the exact same comment that Shigeru Miyamoto once said by directly stealing it DIRECTLY from the Donkey Kong Country Wikipedia article and pretending that it's your own opinion.

For proof, here's the article. Read the "Gameplay" section. Notice who Roo directly stole this comment and pasted it here in order to be a troll.


Although, Roo, you also conveniently forgot the part where he apologized and retracted this statement as he only made it because he was frustrated at being told to make Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island like this game, by his superiors.

So, nice going. You not only copied and pasted a statement that isn't yours, and doesn't even reflect your own opinion, just one that you stole from elsewhere, but it's also an opinion made by someone who later retracted said statement. You sure are smart.

Although here's some advice for you. If you want people to take anything you say seriously, don't steal opinions that you just read on something you probably know nothing about, and rewording it so that you can pretend to come off as intelligent.

Again, congratulations on making yourself look like the biggest hypocrite ever. I mean did you seriously think that no one would discover that you basically ripped off a statement that wasn't yours, off the internet? You must be even dumber than your attempt at making yourself look good makes you seem.

This game is actually a perfect classic and deserves the hype and praise it got then and still gets today. That is, trolls that rip off comments not attributable to themselves, besides.

At least you could PRETEND to know what you're talking about next time.



FJOJR said:

I think this game is great. First played it on Game Boy Color, but this original is much better.



InstantClassic said:

It's a great game with addicitive gameplay, great graphics and music but my god is it frustrating, the barrel shooting levels have almost caused me to smash by classic controller up against the wall many a time.

If you're looking for a platformer thats both challenging and fun to play then download Super Mario World, the game is perfect.



lee1978 said:

totally agree with that, excellent game, but those barrel sections certainly are frustrating! devious level design.



Chris_Davis said:

This game is definatly worth the 800 points it costs. Way better than any other SNES game. Well most SNES VC games.



Kreegs07 said:

Just becuase I like the speed and the music better I would go with Sonic 2. These are both great games though and it would be worth getting both if you can afford it.



Ricardo91 said:

I originally played this game in it's GBC form. It was pretty good until I got to that dang Loopy Lights level. Nothing more fun than the screen going black right when you're about to make a jump. Grrrr...



David77 said:

Even if this game have less depth than the Super mario series, I think it's more fun.



pikmin95 said:

this game is my dad's favorite out of the whole series, but not mine. if you had to get a dkc game, get the second one



Beau_Skunk said:

While I like this game, I don't look back on it as fondlly, and replay it as much as other games. (I prefer the sequal DKC2. It had better levels, enemies, and music.) Still, I can't deny it's a good game, and a great Rareware title. I hope someday to see more Rareware titles come to VC. (I miss Banjo Kazooie & Blast Corps.) But it's doubtfull sadlly.



Cally said:

When I first got this in its day, my first reaction was how such a technically impressive (for its time) game seemed to be so simple and straightforward.

This game is more enjoyable when thought of as part of a great trilogy of platformers. It really isn't all that inspired and definitely not too ambitious, especially in the face of other SNES platformers, although its still really enjoyable. Sequels did nothing but improve, however. 4/5



Bass_X0 said:

DKC3 may have added way too much and lost the simplistic nature that the first two had. With all its collectable items, DKC3 seems like Rare's N64 platformers in the making. DKC2 really was the best one of the trilogy with DKC3 being second. DKC1 was and still is fun but its just too straight-forward. DKC2 had the right balance IMO. I really hope that DK64 comes eventually, I'm even starting to contemplate buying the cartridge again.



carson said:

Although i rank the first Donkey Kong in last for the Trilogy, I still give this game a 5/5. This game is a SNES hall of famer. It not only plays great on the Super Nintendo but i also love this game on the Gameboy.



Super_Sonic said:

I'm not really sure about this. I have it at my grandma house and almost downloaded this but when I found out it was 130 block that made me buy Super Mario World instead. (Wish SMW was harder but I'm a expert so what should I expect?)



Nath17 said:

Challenging in places, however the graphics and music compliment Donkey Kong's return.



RetroNL said:

In my opinion the best FIRST Donkey Kong game made. And one of the best side scrolling action games of the Super Nintendo. Challenging, beautifull graphics (for it s time even for Super Nintendo, almost the best) because of the new graphical chip that was used for it. And great music. One of Rare' s beginning masterpieces.

4 Stars



Corbs said:

Absolutely outstanding! This game probably single-handedly sold a few million more SNES systems back in the day. Great addition to the Virtual Console!



greatdekutree said:

Does anyone think that the fact that DK64 required an expansion pak (aswell as other games like majoras mask, perfect dark etc) will stop these games coming out on the VC?

I am seriously dissapointed at the lack of N64 software available, please nintendo sort this out



Divock said:

You know, I owned this on the Gameboy (or GBA, I can't remember) and then I lost it. @#$#. Whatever, I'll buy it again.



Mama_Luigi said:

The only reason why i will get this game is because i like monkeys... and platformers of course.



retro_player_22 said:

This was one of my all time favorite game because it was the one that came bundle with my SNES. Still play the hell out of it today and is now planning to download it from VC for my Wii as well.



GN0LAUM said:

I have played the crap out of each SNES game and this is easily my favourite. This is the only Donkey Kong Country that actually lets you use Donkey Kong. For that reason alone, it is better. Other than that, the overall experience is just so smooth and enjoyable.

Oh, and NintendoBrad, you know as well as I do that this is not "vanilla" platforming. There are secrets ALL OVER the place and lots of change up sequences where you use animals to change/improve the experience. The emphasis on secrets is so great that they actually have a running percentage at the save screen. There is a lot here that is more than just your average platformer with pretty graphics. I'm not a graphics whore at all, yet I can appreciate the gameplay for what it is. Its always perplexed me that people attack this game for its graphics and neglect to talk about its fun gameplay, and yet they'll turn around and jump on the newest next-gen graphics glut game bandwagon.



MexicanJonny10 said:

looks amazing, im definitely buying this and if i like it, i'll by the other two games!

they need to put donkey kong 64 on the VC!!!



Mama_Luigi said:

I'm getting this game for sure! I've heard good stuff about the multiplayer, and my friends are graphic-freaks, hopefully my friends will play with me!



JJtheTexan said:

This was one of my favorite games for the Super NES, and I have fond memories of playing it with my best friend in high school. Great graphics, fantastic soundtrack and reasonably challenging, if fairly straightforward. My only complaint is the number of times you run into "dirty tricks" and end up losing a life -- for example, the enemy hiding in the shadows just pixels away from a course exit, or the platform you expected to be there that wasn't when you jumped.

A worthwhile download if you never played it on the Super NES. 8 out of 10



Primoz128 said:

I wana play !!! i got whole collection of SNES games but TV to run them broke now we got LCD that can't run where to download or i gona die i must play !



CanisWolfred said:

I played the GBC version back in the day, liked it a lot. Been meaning to track down the GBC cart someday. I might even consider getting the VC version of the sequels once I'm done with it.



Adry said:

How can i download any game? please help lol i'm anxious to play again



bioniccheese said:

BEWARE! not recommended if you dont have the classic controller.yes it supports gamecube pad,but the button layout for it is so stupidly uncomfortably designed (B for jump and Y for roll) that it ruined the whole game for me.and i consider this game to be one one of the best ever.



buttknee said:

does anyone know how to switch from 2 players to 1? don't remember . . . but the last time i played this game was 14 years ago



buttknee said:

@theblackdragon: thank you for the reply. I do have a different file. my problem is I do not know how to get back to the screen that allows me to switch files. any idea?



D33G said:

I got the GBC version a couple weeks ago, and I like it more than th SNES version!



HolyBlade said:

Rare was a somewhat unreliable company in terms of 2D (in this case, 2.5D) platforming. DKC is an instance where their level design was nothing to write home about. Not bad, but not "Mario" good either.

Still, DKC is an insanely fun game, with outstanding graphics and sound/music.



MrsPickles said:

out of 3 systems with more than a dozen games per system this is probably my second favorite rivaled only by brawl



RegalSin said:

Great game, but again DKC2 totally wastes this and the third and all games after or before it. DKC2 is probably the best invention since life. I mean it was totally bad-arse which worked with RAREWARE making Killer Instinct. I could never play this game after playing two. Three was meh interesting but this game takes the cake.

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