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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Josey_Wales commented on Nintendo Download: Rygar, Solomon's Key, Space...:

PATHETIC! The VC is getting worse & worse nowadays, where on earth are the "Super Star Wars" trilogy of games?

IMO the VC is fast becoming a complete waste of space, Nintendo just don't seem to bother with decent release's anymore, very dissapointing.




Josey_Wales commented on Europe VC Releases - 11th May - Ninja Spirit a...:

Don't worry I am not going to start moaning here I am loving the VC on the Wii overall, but I just have to say I really wish Nintendo would start releasing some quality N64 titles, every Friday I look at what's released hoping there is something like DK64, Paper Mario, Zelda Majora's Mask etc. etc. and each week I am left a little disappointed when I see what's been released, oh well I will keep dreaming/hoping that some quality N64 releases are just around the corner. JB



Josey_Wales commented on Europe VC Releases - 4th May:


Which one? Dragon's Curse or Wonder Boy In Monster World?
Which one is the best out of the two and why?

Thanks! in advance for any help, very much appreciated.




Josey_Wales commented on Dragon's Curse:

To anyone that has downloaded this game, what's it like? pro's & con's? I just can't decide whether to go for it or not. Cheers! JB



Josey_Wales commented on Punch-Out!!:

Just as I remember it, still great fun, fingers crossed "Super Punch Out" is not far away because I have heard that's even better? but I don't know if that is the case because I missed out on Super Punch Out first time around which is why I am looking forward to trying it out for myself even more. JB



Josey_Wales commented on US VC Releases - 26th March - RoTK IV:

Hi! to all,

Personally I would just like to see some more N64 games added sooner rather than later, there has only been a few released to date, when you consider all the great N64 games surely it's not asking to much for a few more to be added? I know Nintendo probably want to hold back a few gems but come on I think there is only 3 or 4 N64 games up for download at the moment. JB



Josey_Wales commented on Donkey Kong Country:

Fantastic game, this game was the first that I downloaded from the VC quickly followed by SM World & SM64, and I love it, I have probably played DKC just as much as the two Mario games, so that should tell you something, I think what has also helped me appreciate DKC is the fact that I missed out on it first time around, If you like platformers this game is a must and it fully deserves it's 5 star rating! JB