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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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DarrenSW commented on Impossible Mission:

What happened to the Wii version of this? There were a few box mockups at online retailers (and a UK £14 price tag), then it was rumoured to be a WiiWare title, then... nothing. Anybody know?



DarrenSW commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

If what I've heard is right, every time you download a VC game, you're downloading a new copy of the emulator to run that game as part of the file. If that's true, then that's madness. Surely the big 'N' can licence each emulator and send them - once - as part of a System Update? That'd reduce the storage space needed pretty considerably. Or is that just too easy?



DarrenSW commented on Nintendo of Europe relaunches with Wii Points ...:

Don't know if anyone else noticed this, but registering a Wii console gives 1000 Stars, then registering Wii Sports - which came free with the console obviously - gives *another* 1000 Stars. Weird... but good!



DarrenSW commented on Donkey Kong Country:

I downloaded this upon launch, but visiting the Wii Shop today I found an 'update' which I could download free of charge. Anyone know what the 'update' actually updates?



DarrenSW commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

The N64 GoldenEye (a killer app if I've ever seen one) Pack was the first Nintendo console I ever owned. It's design is just perfection (I *still* love that controller), even if the graphics look like you have cellophane over the TV at times. Needless to say, a GameCube, GBA, DS and now Wii have followed. When will we see Pilotwings 64 on VC? And does anyone know the position on the brilliant Blast Corps? Is it Rareware or is it a Nintendo property?