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Sun 20th Apr 2008

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Karma commented on Metroid:

This is quite possibly one of the top games ever, and anything less than 5 stars at the least is a cruel injustice and a blatantly demeaning slap in the face of anyone who actually appreciates the best that classic gaming ever had to offer.

There are thousands of reasons that this game is a masterpiece, and all of them are well documented.

I must say that giving this game a mere rating of three is wrong. Flat out wrong. on every conceivable level.

It is absolutely worth the download, and honestly, should be right up there with the first 2 titles that ALL Virtual Console shoppers simply must purchase to begin with. If not the very first title that is essential for downloading.



Karma commented on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure:

Wow. Did Nintendo ever completly drop the ball on this game or what?

If they are going to charge more for this game than a standard title due to it's "import status", when they are too damn lazy to even translate it, when other people online have even gone to the lengths of doing so for free, that just tells me that Nintendo is lazy and doesn't care if they rip you off.

Yes, this game is an immensely enjoyable game. Only tainted because Nintendo is absolutely too lazy to bother doing anything decent with it.

They dropped the ball here. Most of the time I do NOT advocate grabbing ROM's over VC titles. But there are certain exceptions sometimes in which grabbing the ROM is vastly preferred.

This is one of those times. Don't waste money on an "import" game that Nintendo is too lazy to properly translate.

This game deserves to be played in English with a professional translation and until they do, take a pass on this.

I mean, it's a wonderful game, but that only underscores how important it is that Nintendo actually put some effort into good releases like this.

Send them a message, that they either import games properly or don't bother at all.



Karma commented on Streets of Rage 2:

#54, sirmatt... erm.. so the mere levels themseves bother you more than the gameplay? I think the over-the-top style of the game is one of it's many strengths. I mean that is quite an anal way to over-analize the game.

Sure the progression of the levels are ridiculous. It's one of the key factors into the variety of the game, and plus... it's pretty funny.

I had a completly different reaction than you to the silly levels. I suddenly found myself in a cave fighting a giant, rubber alien head? I just laughed and shrugged it off. I found it amusing.

Instead of letting things bother you, you should realize it's a video game, not the real world. Sit back, laugh at it's quirkyness, and enjoy.

After all, it's a Japanese game and 8 times out of 10, in a Japanese video game, it's a bit more off-kilter and weirder than the sense of gritty realism that people expect from say, a Tom Clancy shooter. And plus, this is Japan's quirky portrayal of Hollywood B-action films.

Much how Earthbound was a quirky portrayal of how they viewed the western area of the world. The insanity of Streets Of Rage 2 and 3 is more of a light hearted, parody of "over-the-top" B-movies than anything else. I mean, come on. The game is riddled with cliches that aim to be funny in a subtle sort of way. Right up to the "Big Boss" Mr. X being a stereotypical crime lord with a machine gun. How can the parody of that stereotype escape people as being intentional? Don't over-analyze it. Just play the dang thing.

Don't let some silly minor hang-ups on what the levels simply look like ruin an otherwise great game. Doing so is even more nonsensical than the levels themselves.

Not to mention that your point, in itself is rather hypocritical. I mean you say "Give me The Simpsons Arcade and TMNT any day"? Those games, and the inherent themes in those are absolutely 3 times as ridiculous as Streets Of Rage 2 could have dreamed of being.

I mean, complaining about silly themes in a game and then personally preferring two games that take "ridiculous" to a whole other level is really no way to make a good point.



Karma commented on River City Ransom:

"I have this game on my original NES and I guarantee you, it is the best game on the Virtual Console so far."

I love River City Ransom too.... but with games like Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros 3, and tons of games that are easily on a whole other level of greatness than RCR, your guarentee is pretty much worthless.

Not trying to be a prick or anything. I like this game and I'll likely download it as it's a very good game. I'm just saying. There are at least 9 or 10 better games on the VC than this by FAR.



Karma commented on Altered Beast:

Good call. I'm glad to see that nostaligia alone here isn't getting this a good review. Because sometimes a game deserves critical acclaim for it's accomplishments in the world of gaming.

Altered Beasts isn't one of them.

This game is famous for two things. First, for being initially bundled with the Genesis/Megadrive before Sonic The Hedgehog took over that honor. Second, for it's to-this-day hilariously bad audio clip. Quite possibly one of the few rare examples of SPOKEN Engrish in classic games as opposed to the usual written kind.

Gameplay? That area of remembrance is far out the window, and for good reason. This game stinks on ice.

It's a remarkable mess of poor design, and vastly less-than-thrilling re-playability. (That is being kind).This game is best known as having a reputation that has somehow, oddly enough caused the nostalgia factor alone to have drones of people who don't even PLAY Altered Beasts to defend it's craptastically awful gameplay based on nostalgia factor alone.

There are plenty of places online where this trash gets glorified reviews. Glad this isn't one of them.

It's seriously a bad game, and deserves to be forgotten.. or... at the very least relegated to the numerous "Top 10 most embarrassing games" lists and gaming articles.



Karma commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

For all of the people demanding that Sonic 1 have 4 stars, let me say something.

First of all, this game was the original Sonic game. Obviously Sonic 2 was a better game simply out of needing to improve upon their first major hit game. Which they did.

But in the end, if there was no Sonic 1, there would have been no Sonic 2, with which to try and improve UPON.

Sonic 1 bashers, to this say still annoy me. Because they have a bizarre and blurred grasp on the idea of the passage of time. And they base their own opinions soley of this complete ignorance as to the simplicity of how time progress forward in a linear fashion.

It's one of those things that everyone should know. The future comes AFTER the present and the present comes AFTER the past. No duh, right? Not for people that like to talk down about Sonic 1.

You people seem to act as if Sonic 2 was already finished and developed when Sonic 1 was created, the way you people seem to love whining about how it's apparently some sort of "downgrade"

The fact is that this game was a major invention and a masterpiece all it's own that was further expanded upon in the FUTURE installment.

That being said, Sonic 1 cannot and should not ever be compared in terms of quality to it's sequel which, at the time did not even exist.

If Sonic 1 were not the damn good game that it is, that actually built Sega up to a directly competing franchise against Nintendo, thereby deserving the ultimate of praise (5 stars), there would never have been the "better" sequel, because the demand would just not be there.

As the original, as a classic, from a historical standpoint, and even by today's standpoint, Sonic The Hedgehog, cannot be denied it's place as a 5 star title simply because some sequel that came out later IMPROVED upon the foundation of Sonic AFTER the fact.

This game, reviewed on it's own merits, and without being compared to the sequel, deserves.. no, DEMANDS 5 stars.

And last time I checked, that's what a good, constructive review does. Judges a game on it's own merits. Not based on what came before or what came after.

You four star advocates... shame on you.



Karma commented on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People:

""Why not make one big game and release it for like 10 bucks? Dont milk the game like that."

Hush. What's good enough for Sam & Max is good enough for Homestar Runner. It's not any different than paying a small price per episode of television show episodes on iTunes. Only more interactive and less non-interactive.

You make it sound like actually spending "gasp* MONEY on a service that's well worth the price is some sort of unspeakable abomination to mankind.

So seriously. Pipe down and just enjoy getting what you pay for. Because the old saying still runs true: "You get what you pay for."



Karma commented on Donkey Kong Country:

This is a reply to comment #52, by "Roo" who said "Overrated! It strictly emphasises that a lot of folks in the early '90's were willing to tolerate average gameplay as long as the character models and backgrounds were asthetically-pleasing. There's loads of superior platformers on VC - why bother with this?"

Nice going, Roo. You succeeded in copying and pasting the exact same comment that Shigeru Miyamoto once said by directly stealing it DIRECTLY from the Donkey Kong Country Wikipedia article and pretending that it's your own opinion.

For proof, here's the article. Read the "Gameplay" section. Notice who Roo directly stole this comment and pasted it here in order to be a troll.

Although, Roo, you also conveniently forgot the part where he apologized and retracted this statement as he only made it because he was frustrated at being told to make Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island like this game, by his superiors.

So, nice going. You not only copied and pasted a statement that isn't yours, and doesn't even reflect your own opinion, just one that you stole from elsewhere, but it's also an opinion made by someone who later retracted said statement. You sure are smart.

Although here's some advice for you. If you want people to take anything you say seriously, don't steal opinions that you just read on something you probably know nothing about, and rewording it so that you can pretend to come off as intelligent.

Again, congratulations on making yourself look like the biggest hypocrite ever. I mean did you seriously think that no one would discover that you basically ripped off a statement that wasn't yours, off the internet? You must be even dumber than your attempt at making yourself look good makes you seem.

This game is actually a perfect classic and deserves the hype and praise it got then and still gets today. That is, trolls that rip off comments not attributable to themselves, besides.

At least you could PRETEND to know what you're talking about next time.