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Sun 13th Jun 2010

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bioniccheese commented on Review: My Aquarium 2 (WiiWare):

in my opinion ZENQUARIA beats both this and the prequel in terms of realism- especialy in the movement of the fish.most obvious example is the plants which in MA 1 and 2 are flat images,compared to the rendered ones in zenquaria.STILL I UNDERSTAND PEOPLE WHO PREFER MA FOR ITS DIVERSITY OF OPTIONS-if you like customizing your aquarium over realism MA is the better choice.i should note that i downloaded zenquaria and none of the MAs,but i did so because of my impressions from gameplay movies of both.



bioniccheese commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (Europe):

oh i remember those days in the early 90s when every game company had their own furry mascot and those games were anticipated like todays gory series, the ever going console wars (genesis vs snes those days) were full of comparisons of which had the better version...
i havent played either of the AEROs but i rather wait for the sequel according to what i read here.
anyway i would take BUBSY THE BOBCAT instead without thinking, only for its nostalgic values for me, but will it ever come to vc?



bioniccheese commented on Zenquaria: Virtual Aquarium:

being able to swim in the aquarium or looking through the fish view makes it look like a step above MY AQUARIUM but i still wonder how it will score in the reviews.
guess ill wait for them before buying.



bioniccheese commented on Ufouria: The Saga:

never heard of it.but it looks like a game full of originality quality and style.just look at those character animations! i think it just earned its place among my NES wishlist next to kirbys adventure and mario 3.



bioniccheese commented on Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy:

wow! this seems like a less frantic but very unique take on the metal slug series.just look at those street fighter esque moves! never heard of it till now, got to try it.



bioniccheese commented on Donkey Kong Country:

BEWARE! not recommended if you dont have the classic controller.yes it supports gamecube pad,but the button layout for it is so stupidly uncomfortably designed (B for jump and Y for roll) that it ruined the whole game for me.and i consider this game to be one one of the best ever.



bioniccheese commented on Review: Mischief Makers (Nintendo 64):

i remember this game being too strange for me back in the day-control and gameplay wise.
maybe ill give it a shot once again if it comes i consider myself more open minded now
anyway, even back then i really appreciated the unusual themes and
style and the crazy storyline.