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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Zephyr_Tread commented on Adventures of Lolo:

LOVE IT! I love this game and will be picking up the sequels as they come, great for anyone who likes to think.



Zephyr_Tread commented on SimCity:

Quite a good game, Campaign is near impossible, you definitely buy it for the practice mode. A tricky but entertaining game that takes planning, but is rewarding when you see your town start to grow. 3 stars!



Zephyr_Tread commented on Donkey Kong Country:

The DKC series was my childhood, they are definitely classics, all three are very good and they are different enough to get all 3 but similar enough to still be good. 5 stars!



Zephyr_Tread commented on Bomberman '93:

I'm looking forward to the SNES super bomberman, but this one is a very good thing to spend your time waiting. Buy it for the multiplayer, but play the story aswell!



Zephyr_Tread commented on Wario's Woods:

Interesting game with an interesting concept and a creative gaming interface, stacking them yourself rather than selecting where they land (such as in tetris) is a lot of fun, it's always a challenge to keep things organized and things can get pretty intense on the later levels. I'll say this: THIS GAME IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I had played this on Animal Crossing and knew that I liked it before I downloaded it, You don't necessarily need to like most other puzzle games to like it. Try it if you like, competetive multiplayer is great and suspend play are perfect for this game.