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  • Weirdness This Real-Life Version Of Mario Kart Looks Extreme

    Blue shells seem thankfully absent

    Australia is the place to go if it's raw thrills you're after. Even just putting on a shoe is a potentially heart-racing experience as you wonder what kind of multi-legged monster is waiting within. Bungee-jumping and surfing may be getting a bit stale for some adrenaline junkies though, so what better way to liven...


  • News Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Is Drifting Into Western Arcades This Winter

    Hope you've collected lots of coins

    Namco Bandai and Nintendo announced Mario Kart GP DX at the start of the year, but a western release of the coin-op hasn't been up for discussion — until now, that is. Arcade Hero is reporting that the game will be making its way out of Japan this year, with attendees at the IAAPA 2013 trade show in Orlando...




  • News There's a Real-Life Mario Kart for Sale

    Don’t kick the tires

    Ever wanted your very own life-sized Mario Kart? Or at least a replica that appeared in a TV spot? Your chance is now on that dream market called eBay! A Luigi Bumblebee Kart is currently listed for bidding, starting at $1,000 and closing shortly before 5 p.m. PDT on 10th August. Of course, if you want to forgo the excitement...

  • News Boy Credits Mario Kart After Taking Control of Car and Saving Lives When Grandmother Passed Out

    All that practice came in handy

    Video games are often labelled as a time wasting exercise that offer nothing more than a bit of escapism but it's fair to say they have much more value to them than that. Take Gryffin Sanders, a ten year old boy who was riding in a car with his younger brother and his 72 year old grandmother in Golden, Colorado...


  • News Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Racing to Arcades

    Like Mario Kart 7 on steroids, and probably not as good

    While talking about the Mario Kart franchise, we think the majority of people focus on those games published by Nintendo for its systems, but any discussion will have at least one person say "ah, but what about the arcades?" Typically they're not counted as part of the series, as they're...

  • Video This Is What Happens When You Fuse Mario Kart With Fast And Furious

    The standard of acting is vastly improved, for one thing

    We're not movie critics here at Nintendo Life, but we think it's safe to say that the Fast and Furious series is coming dangerously close to outstaying its welcome. But just how do you reinvent such an established franchise? You add Mario, of course. Created by Taiwanese firm NMA TV — which...

  • News Mario Kart 8 Team Talk GamePad Features, Track Design And F-Zero

    Hideki Konno and Kosuke Yobuki spill some beans

    French site Gamekult sat down with Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno and director Kosuke Yobuki at E3 to talk about the inspirations and intentions around the latest, gravity-tumbling installment of the series. According to a translation of the interview, the reverse gravity idea showcased in Mario...




  • News Rejoice, Mario Kart Wii U Is Coming This Year

    Pole position

    We already know that Nintendo is working on a fresh Mario Kart entry for the Wii U and that it will make its debut at this year's E3. However, in a PR email pertaining to its 2013 financial results, Nintendo has let slip that the game will be rolled out onto the starting grid this year, which should give the struggling console a...



  • News Here's What The Next Mario Kart Looks Like

    Just one catch - it's the arcade version

    Screenshots of the next entry in the popular Mario Kart series have hit the web - but before you get too excited about laying your eyes on the recently-announced Wii U sequel, we should point out that we're talking about Mario Kart: Arcade GP DX, developed by Namco Bandai. It's the third game in the coin-op...


  • News Sumo Digital: Mario Kart Should Incorporate Other Nintendo Franchises

    Smash Bros. in a kart

    Steve Lycett, executive producer of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, is quite proud of his game on Wii U - and rightly so. Recently he made comments about how he feels the game pushes the genre forwards and said that Nintendo's Mario Kart series could learn a lot from it. Speaking to Mario's Hat, Lycett said he has a...




  • Feature 20 Years of Mario Kart

    How the time, and kart, flies

    Today is yet another Nintendo anniversary, in this case the 20th anniversary of Super Mario Kart's release in Japan. That's 20 years of powering around tracks and making other mascot's driving lives miserable, while infuriating their masters in multiplayer. It's a series with enduring appeal that has evolved into one...




  • News Miniature Mario Kart Course Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

    The course we've all dreamt of

    If you're separated from your beloved Super NES and Super Mario Kart, there may be another way for you to get your fix of its speedy charms by following the example of anime association Motsukora. The Spanish group built a real-life Mario Kart circuit for its remote controlled cars to boost around, displaying it at a...


  • E3 2010 Mario Kart Speeding to 3DS

    Shells in your face whoooaaaaa

    You know Mario Kart. You (might) love Mario Kart. Nintendo is working on a new Mario Kart. In 3D! Not shown during the company's E3 keynote but in development all the same is this new outing for the 3DS. Not much is currently known other than it will feature Mario, Luigi, some karts and, according to Nintendo,...


  • News Chicago Blackhawks Prepare for Stanley Cup with a Little Mario Kart

    Blue shells part of team's mental readiness

    Competitive team sports are all about bonding as a unit: maximising each other's unique abilities, communicating well and working together towards a common goal. Pretty much the opposite of Mario Kart Wii then, but tell that to the Chicago Blackhawks who like to chill out with the game as part of their...

  • News Kick Back and Relax with Some Super Mario Kart Jazz

    The OneUps take guitars, organs, flute to classic soundtrack

    Since Super Mario Kart launched on the European Virtual Console just a few weeks ago we've had those catchy ditties stuck in our heads all over again. Imagine our joy, then, when we stumbled upon a fully re-recorded and rather lovely-sounding soundtrack from The OneUps. Taking ten classic...


  • News Super Mario Kart Races to Europe on Friday

    Virtual Console owners, start your Points cards!

    It's been a long wait for European gamers to race around those classic 16-bit courses in the original Super Mario Kart: out in North America since November last year, and Japan since June, there's been barely a sniff of it outside those territories. The wait is nearly over though, as Nintendo has...



  • News Mario Kart Wii Available In Europe Now!

    The morning has been a good one for most of us Europeans as we all (hopefully) got to grips with the latest in the Mario Kart series and Nintendo's new "Wii-Wheel" controller extension.

    With (what I deem to be) the first major Nintendo Wii title to feature online gaming (and let me tell you now - it works very well) I thought it was prime time for...

  • News German Stores Selling Mario Kart Wii Early?

    Our humourless European friends get to play it first

    A poster on respected forum NeoGAF has claimed that some German stores are selling copies of Mario Kart Wii early, and has posted a photo to prove it. It would appear that the game comes packaged in an oversized cardboard box in order to accommodate the Wii Wheel, so you'd best make some extra...

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