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The heat of competition burns at your pounding heart, rivulets of sweat drip down your brow but you can't afford even a second to wipe it away. Your pulse marks each passing second, the weight of the world gathers on your weary shoulders and as the finish line comes into sight, you know the true meaning of the word triumph. That's right, it's MARIO KART!!

The Winter Olympics in Sochi are almost over, and its been an incredible run. Both glory and heartbreak have washed over the athletes, which isn't so dissimilar to a particularly passionate round of Mario Kart if you're inclined to get as invested as some of us here at Nintendo Life. Today, special effects-laden YouTube channel timtimded has once again bridged the gap between reality and video games, providing a vision of the Mushroom Kingdom Winter Olympics.

The result is suitably chaotic, as the Olympic speed skaters blast each other with blue shells and chain chomps at every opportunity. To make matters even worse, it takes place at Sochi's infamous Baby Park Stadium, and Double Dash fans know just how bad that can get...

You can check out the video below, but be warned that it isn't always a pretty sight when thunder clouds and koopa shells are involved!