You know Mario Kart. You (might) love Mario Kart. Nintendo is working on a new Mario Kart. In 3D!

Not shown during the company's E3 keynote but in development all the same is this new outing for the 3DS. Not much is currently known other than it will feature Mario, Luigi, some karts and, according to Nintendo, "shows off the potential of driving and tossing bananas in 3D." So just like the average Nintendo Life staffer's commute, then.

The name isn't final, but if Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii are any indication, our Batman-esque detective skills tell us this one'll be called Mario Kart 3DS.

Check out the gallery below for your first look at the impending blockbuster, and stay tuned to Nintendo Life for hands-on impressions from the show floor.