Luigi MK8 Bundle

You may have already seen the news that Nintendo of Europe has confirmed the Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition Wii U Hardware Bundle for the region, and we expect that a North American announcement is just a matter of time. As anticipated it's a 32GB system with a disc copy of the game, and the standard retail price will be £249.99.

That won't stop retailers battling it out for your money, however, and Amazon UK has listed the system for £220.00, at the time of writing, which is a fairly tasty price for the bundle.

Elsewhere, meanwhile, the Nintendo UK store is listing awesome GamePad covers for pre-order at £17.99. These are the same Mario and Luigi-themed covers we previously reported that Hori was bringing to Japan.

It seems the Hori Mario and Luigi Wii Wheels will come to the West too, as Nintendo UK's store also includes some impressive bundles that will include a wheel, GamePad cover, Wii Remote Plus, Hat and Mario Kart 8 Strategy Guide with the console bundle — there are Mario and Luigi versions, including the relevant Remotes, covers and hats. These are priced at £299.99, which seems reasonable considering all of the extras.

Are you excited about the GamePad covers, below, and do these bundles or prices call out to your wallet?

Mario Game Pad Front
Mario Game Pad Back
Luigi Game Pad Front

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