Should Mario Kart take to the water?

Steve Lycett, executive producer of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, is quite proud of his game on Wii U - and rightly so. Recently he made comments about how he feels the game pushes the genre forwards and said that Nintendo's Mario Kart series could learn a lot from it.

Speaking to Mario's Hat, Lycett said he has a lot of respect for the Nintendo themed racer, but he feels it can now look to incorporate some of the features found in Sumo Digital's effort:

The land, air and sea play allow us to make tracks that are very dynamic. You’re not simply racing three laps with a few tweaks to the track as you go. Instead, you get a race that can completely change on every lap. It’s allowed us to work in elements such as racing through asteroids, through a volcano on lava, and on tracks where the players can actually change the route of the race too.

The Mario Kart series has dabbled in water and flying courses in the latest iteration, Mario Kart 7, but it has never truly taken to the skies or driven across waters in the same way Diddy Kong Racing or Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed does.

Lycett also believes Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed works so well because it branches out of the Sonic universe and includes characters from other SEGA franchises such as AiAi from Super Monkey Ball and Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe. He believes Mario Kart should start to do the same:

Breaking out of just the Sonic universe has also meant we can really go to town with variety too. I’d actually love to play a “Super Smash Bros. Kart” and escape the Mushroom Kingdom.

We gave Sumo Digital's new racer a glowing verdict in our Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review. Do you think it's time Mario Kart started including other Nintendo characters, or is it fine the way it is? Fire-off in the comments below.