MK8 Toad Turnpike

This week has brought us a flurry of activity relating to Mario Kart 8, with information emerging and a host of previews arriving online, including our own. One area that's been agreed upon across most outlets is that Nintendo's upcoming racer is a visual treat, utilising the hardware and terrific art design to great effect.

You've been able to see that for yourself in official trailers from Nintendo, of course, though these have often focused on cinematic replay-style shots, as opposed to the core gameplay. We'll be posting our own footage shortly, but our colleagues at Eurogamer have put together a video that highlights the leap in visual fidelity with direct comparisons of the remixed retro tracks and their originals.

It should be remembered that footage taken has been limited to off-screen recording, and that YouTube videos do not stream at 60 frames-per-second; as a result the videos you see struggle to truly highlight how smooth this game is while in motion. Nevertheless, the comparison below does show how far visuals have come in this latest entry, so check it out below.