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  • Video Proof That Mario Kart 8 Can Only Be Enriched By The Addition Of F1-Style Commentary

    Murray Walker would be proud

    Mario Kart 8 is shaping up to be something pretty special, with its amazing visuals, upside-down track design and trademark killer gameplay. However, the following video — produced in conjunction with our friends at Family Gamer TV and Team VVV — illustrates that there's always room for improvement. What Nintendo...

  • Video This Is What Happens When You Fuse Mario Kart With Fast And Furious

    The standard of acting is vastly improved, for one thing

    We're not movie critics here at Nintendo Life, but we think it's safe to say that the Fast and Furious series is coming dangerously close to outstaying its welcome. But just how do you reinvent such an established franchise? You add Mario, of course. Created by Taiwanese firm NMA TV — which...

  • News This Strange Russian Cartoon Shows Mario's Nasty Side

    It's funny what crops up on YouTube. Packed among the videos of funny cats and "Fail" compilations you'll find hidden gems like Super Mario & Three Russian Bogaturs, a short animated film which stars Nintendo's famous mascot and three bumbling bogaturs (best described as Slavic knights). Check out the crazy video below and let us know what...

  • News Charles Martinet Interviewed At Random During Security Breach

    But they have no idea who he is

    One of the many advantages of being a video game voice actor is that you can walk down the street without anyone giving you so much as a second look. However, when you're the voice actor of one of the most iconic characters in gaming, it's a different story altogether - which is why we were very surprised to see...

  • News New Evidence Suggests That Arnie Is The Centre of The Gaming Universe

    Who knew that the former governor could influence so many games?

    Back in the '80s and early '90s, video game box art was a very different beast to that which we know today. CGI renders were the stuff of a madman's dreams and hand-drawn covers were commonplace. When you consider how many console and arcade titles were released on a yearly basis,...

  • News Ever Wondered How Your 3DS Battery Life Compares To the Original Game Boy?

    Semi-scientific evidence now available

    As portable systems become more powerful it's almost a given that battery life has to suffer as a result. We all fondly remember getting hours and hours of use out of our old monochrome Game Boys and Game Boy Advance MK1 consoles, but just how much more stamina do these retro relics offer when compared to the...

  • Feature The Rik Mayall Nintendo Adverts You Totally Forgot About

    What happened when a legend of British comedy and Nintendo collided

    Nintendo Life readers over the age of 25 and based in the United Kingdom will no doubt be familar with the comedic talents of Richard Michael "Rik" Mayall. One of the pioneers of 'alternative' British comedy in the '80s, he starred in a whole host of popular TV shows, including The...

  • News Mario Warfare Teaser Pokes Fun At Call Of Duty

    Tactical Mushroom Action

    The advent of YouTube and the emergence of affordable video creation and editing tools has given game fans the world over the opportunity to parody the living daylights out of pretty much anything they like. Beat Down Boogie are masters of this craft, having already scored a sizable satirical hit with Modern War Sear Solid...

  • News Donkey Kong Stars in the Most Awesome Wedding Video Ever

    Bride and groom go head-to-head

    Sure, you all thought that Donkey Kong music video we posted the other day was about as cool as moving images could get, but we've unearthed an absolute gem of a video from the mists of time which beats it hands down - heck, it even features a cameo from the great ape himself. The story goes like this: developer Gregg Tavares got wind that one of his pals was getting..

  • News This Zelda Paper Animation is Awesome, Hilarious, Frightening

    Run the gamut of emotions

    A slice of Zelda humour that doesn't play on the well-trodden "it's dangerous to go alone" joke is worth a hundred Rupees, so this series of paper animations that portray Link as an unruly creep is worth about ten times that amount. From smashing up a man's house to exacting his revenge on Navi at last, Link's adventures in 2D are well worth watching right..

  • News The Nintendo DS in Breakfast Form

    Now five years old, the DS is looking a bit crusty

    In the world of cuisine, the first bite is supposedly via the presentation. Following that rule of thumb, the creator of this "DS toast" has obviously gone for a flavour that Nintendo fans will enjoy. Presumably created by a fan rather than a famous chef, the crunchy console takes its form from the DSi, possibly even resembling the DSi XL..

  • News Mario Was Almost Called Mr Video

    "It's-a me Mr Video" just doesn't have the same ring to it

    Legend has it that Super Mario was named after the landlord of Nintendo's North American offices back when the company first started, but in the new 'Iwata Asks' feature it was revealed that our lovable tubby plumber was also going to be called 'Mr Video' at one stage. Shigeru Miyamoto said that he planned to use him in every game he made,..

  • News Miyamoto: I Wanted To Patent Jumping In Games

    Nintendo's latest Q&A session reveals an amusing tid-bit

    Nintendo's regular "Iwata Asks" Q&A sessions have thrown up some interesting points and the latest one - featuring Shigeru Miyamoto - is no exception. Miyamoto: After Mario Bros., there were a fair few jumping-style games released by various companies and I felt that this kind...

  • News Capcom Cordially Invites You To Decide The Next Versus Title

    Company blog wants you to submit your dream crossover idea

    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is just around the corner for Western fighting fans but Capcom is already thinking about future instalments in its insanely popular "Versus" series. Posting on the Capcom Unity blog, team member Snow has asked fans to submit their own ideas for the next...

  • News Cyber-Squatter Uses PSPgo's Web Domain to Pimp DSi

    Valuable domain name is nabbed from under Sony's nose

    The practice of 'cyber-squatting' - which basically means buying a domain name in the hope that it will one day become valuable - has been commonplace for a while now, but this is one of the more amusing episodes we've witnessed. An industrious Chinese person has registered the domain name www.pspgo.co.uk, probably thinking that Sony will open..

  • News Iwata and WarioWare: Snapped!

    Playing WarioWare Snapped! - 500 Points; Watching Iwata play WarioWare Snapped! - Priceless

    If you've played WarioWare Snapped!, then you know by now that it will make you do things that you ordinarily would never be caught on camera doing. But WarioWare Snapped! changes all that, by taking pictures of you while you play through the various...

  • Feature April Fool Jokes – The Dust Settles

    We select our favourite Nintendo-related pranks from the big day

    April 1st is a day feared by regular inhabitants of the internet. It’s the one day of the year when you can practically ignore all amazing and outlandish news stories as rival sites attempt to out-do each other with their attempts at humour. However, putting aside the more pathetic...

  • News Modern Games Get a NES Makeover

    Gears of War 2 on the humble NES? You wish

    Imagine if video game console technology stopped at the NES and never progressed to the 3D powerhouses we have today. A scary thought, perhaps? Not for the people at video game comedy site the-minusworld (yes, that is how it’s spelt); they’ve posted up some fake box art for some seriously cool ‘modern...

  • News Arc Rise Fantasia – Now with 100% Less Underboob

    Marvelous covers up its latest RPG

    Since seeing it in action, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on Marvelous Interactive’s upcoming Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia. With the talents of director Hiroyuki Kanemaru and composer Yasunori Mitsuda, this Wii-exclusive title is shaping up to be a fine role-player. However, putting the impressive staff roster...

  • News Super Nintoaster gives you a slice of the action

    I like my SNES games slightly burnt, thanks

    If you thought that the Nintoaster was cool, wait till you see its big brother – the SUPER Nintoaster! Here we have a device that looks like your common breakfast-producing kitchen item but in fact plays everything from Super Mario World through to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; truly, this is the ultimate tool for gamers who need something a..

  • News Behind the scenes with the new Lara Croft

    EIDOS show some behind-the-scenes footage of Alison Carroll as she becomes the latest incarnate of Lara Croft.

    Meet Alison Carroll – actress, gymnast and arguably the greatest living embodiment of Lara Croft so far. There have been several memorable real-life incarnations of England’s first lady of adventure over the last decade, but few have managed to capture what Lara embodies with quite so..

  • News Deer Drive - dumbest game of the year?

    It must be an American thing, who else would think running around with guns shooting at Deer is cool?

    Video game publisher Mastiff announced today that they have teamed up with developers SCS Software and Kouyousha to bring the award-winning arcade- style, multi-player hunting series, Deer Drive, to Wii TM this fall. Deer Drive meshes hunting simulation with arcade style pick-up-and-play action and..

  • News Gemma Atkinson's Chest Causes Wii Problems

    Celeb Moans About Carrying Additional Baggage During Wii Sessions

    She may have her 'knockers' but former HollyOaks star Gemma Atkinson maintains she enjoys a good session on the Wii just as much as anyone else. The busty starlet – who is arguably more famous for posing in her underwear than her acting skills – will be present at the upcoming...

  • News Gameboy Comes Back From The Dead

    A new meaning to the term 'Paper Mario'

    This is one of the most amusing ‘mods’ we’ve seen in quite some time. Nintendo fan Josh Burker decided that when his trusty handheld finally gave up the ghost, he wasn’t going to sit around and sulk about it. Instead, the industrious chap has given the console a new lease of life by creating a 3D Mario...

  • News Gazza Is Addicted To Wii

    Troubled Soccer Star loves a bit of Nintendo

    He may be more famous for his hilarious antics (such as crying like a baby, drinking lots of booze and allegedly slapping his wife about) than actually playing football, but Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne is still seen as something of a legend by English soccer fans. The former Spurs and England star is holed-up in a swanky Newcastle hotel recovering from a..

  • News “No More Heroes Is Like The Arctic Monkeys”

    Game creator makes a surprising comparison and reveals sequel is a possibility

    No More Heroes isn’t available in the West yet but creator Goichi Suda (AKA Suda-51) is already thinking about producing a follow up. I'm really willing to make a sequel version and right now I'm asking if it can be made...I think No More Heroes is a great game, there's no other action game like it for the Wii. If it..

  • News Gentlemen, Meet The "Winner"

    We imagine Sony, Nintendo and MS are quite scared

    The horrible notion of poor quality clones of existing console hardware is certainly nothing new, but this particular knock-off struck us as worthy of note. A nightmarish combination of the Wii's motion sensitive control system and the PS3's awkward design, the "Winner" promises all kinds...

  • News The Queen Says: "Wii ARE Amused"

    Ruler of the Land likes to swing a Wiimote every now and then

    Nintendo’s cup runneth over. Not only is the company riding high in terms of worldwide hardware and software sales, it would appear that it also has fans in very lofty places. UK tabloid The People has reported that Her Majesty The Queen of England has recently become hooked on the Nintendo Wii purchased for her grandson Prince..

  • News SNES CD Prototype Pad On Ebay

    Totally useless but historically interesting all the same!

    We don’t usually get too excited about ‘prototype’ items but this caught our attention here at NintendoLife Towers. Some lucky chap is currently selling a SNES CD joypad prototype on eBay. For those of you that don’t know, the SNES CD never actually existed; it was supposed to be a wonderful collaboration between Nintendo and Sony..

  • News Unwanted Xmas Gift Series: Wii Weapon Set

    Let's hope Santa didn't pop one of these in your stocking

    As the warm, fluffy memory of Christmas fades away and the horrifying prospect of another year of hard graft slowly becomes a reality, it’s a good time to take stock of the thoroughly useless items you’ve been given over the festive period. The success of the Wii has seen many companies produce a dazzling range of totally pointless..

  • News Magazine Pictures Unveil The... Erm... "Vii"!

    GoNintendo.com have uncovered some rather amusing magazine pictures which seem to promote a Nintendo Wii rip-off known as the "Vii".

    While it's name is not exactly going to win awards for originality it's design is not likely to either, given the console is a cheap plasticy rip-off of both the Wii-remote and the Wii console itself. Even Nintendo's...

  • News Music Album Released On NES Cartridge

    Forget MP3. Forget CD and cassette. And don't even think you're retro by collecting vinyl. Alex Mauer likes to do things a little bit differently.

    Well a lot differently actually - seeing as his latest album Vegavox is seeing a release on a NES cartridge. I'll quit the jibber-jabber and let you see/hear for yourself: Probably the coolest idea ever for an album release and it's available for a mere..

  • News Buy Me A Pair Of These

    While the DS and PSP may have replaced the Game Boy for back seat journeys and train rides - it's nice to know you can still wear retro Nintendo.

    The Game Boy Color makes a mighty fine pair of shoes as showcased by orthopaedic footwear expert Helen Red Richards. Ironically these shoes look like they will create more bunions than they are worth. Thankfully these shoes aren't made for walking but..

  • News The Female Wii Boxing Championships

    Crave Online hosts the first and maybe last Wii Boxing Championships for laydees.

    Obviously the guys in the office at Crave Online got alittle bored, they decided the mix work with pleasure and came up with the first official Crave Online Wii Boxing Championships, look away now if you have any morals or self-respect. Yes, the event was captured on DV and upload to their website, head on over to..

  • News Bow Infront Of The Lego Wii Bowling Master

    Bored guy creates the "WiigoBot" a Lego robot that bowls the perfect game of Wii Sports: Bowling. Seriously.

    "You are looking at a Wii Remote mounted on a robotically controlled swing. A second motor is used to trigger the bowling, by first Pressing the A button and left arrow, and then holding down the B button, swinging, and finally releasing the B button." Check out the robowler in action:

  • News April Fools Round Up

    Just incase you forgot, April 1st always brings a bucket load of crazy gaming related stories to be posted around the interweb, we provide you with a convenient round up.

    New Zelda Game For Wii Set In The Future! New Wii, 160gb HDD with 1080i Up-scaling! LEGO Zelda Heading For Wii

  • News Mii's In Hyrule?!

    Miyamoto talks about the Twilight Princess team currently toying around with Mii's in the TP engine.

    Whilst speaking at GDC last week, Shigeru Miyamoto told MTV that the Twilight Princess team had been having some fun with Mii's. "They've been having fun just fiddling around with Miis in the Twilight Princess engine. This is something our development teams do all the time once they get done..

  • News Red Noses In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    TTGames gets in on the Red Nose Day action and offers nosey little cheat for Lego Star Wars II.

    "TT Games is supporting Red Nose Day by offering you a special secret cheat code for LEGO Star Wars II (on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC and Gamecube). It puts red noses on all the characters in the game – from Han Solo to the Emperor. See classic...

  • News Wii Is HD Afterall?

    Either that or TheInquirer.net are seriously in need of some hits to their site this week.

    Anyway, according to a post on their website the Wii is in fact capable of High Definition graphics. It's just hidden. Or something. The original article states: It is amazing what you can get out of a drunk Nintendo executive. Who would have thought Nintendo knows anything about CPUs and GPUs? The bit I got..

  • News BBC Take Advantage Of News Channel

    Just an amusing little snippet to round off the day involving the BBC taking advantage of the Nintendo Wii's news channel.

    Wired.com reader "chrominance" claims: So I'm watching the World Business Report on BBC World and there's a story about Google being attacked by media conglomerates because of copyrighted videos on YouTube. Apparently the BBC have decided to get their AP feed from Nintendo..

  • News Fanboys: EA Say "Buy 360 And/Or Wii, Skip The PS3."

    I'm not one to create speculation over which console is the best. As far as I am concerned NintendoLife.com is 100% unbiased and all of us here keep an open mind about the latest video games and consoles.

    However the question does always ponder as to whether people within the actual industry (so developers, publishers and the such) have meaningful opinions? The noises heading out of EA HQ are,..

  • News Peach And Bowser To Marry April 9th?

    Haha, Nintendo don't half like doing things a little abnormally. As this press release proves.

    Nintendo of America Requests the Pleasure of Your Company at the Marriage of PeachtoBowser on the 9th Day of April 2007 The nuptials will take place at the beginning of Super Paper Mario, which will be available for Nintendo's hot new Wii home video game system. Those who wish to attend - or thwart - the..

  • News Wii Weights Will Enhance Your Workout

    A couple of weeks ago I was genuinely going to do a test for NintendoLife.com based around how fit you can get from playing the Wii. I was not the only one to notice an increase in the size of my biceps.

    Unfortunately some American blogger had already beaten me to the idea and recorded himself losing a total of 9lbs just from playing the Wii daily. While we all wait for a string of fitness games to..

  • News Knowing Me, Knowing You

    Ah ha! Upcoming gaming blog Game People interview Nintendo Life founder on life, games and blogging.

    Were you ever curious about who made Nintendo Life? I doubt it - but If you were, now you have a chance to find out about our founding member courtesy of Andy from Game People. Andy approached me last week and told me all about a new regular interview feature on his site called "Blogging People"..

  • News Alternate Marios

    Gallery of alternate Mario's has surfaced via Digg

    Head on over to the Media Post website to find yourself a nice little gallery of Mario's. If anyone knows of other artwork galleries related to Nintendo feel free to post them in the comments section.

  • News Leisure Suit Larry Wii

    The lounge lizard coming to a Nintendo console near you? No, but wouldn't it be funny!

    BBspot published a pretty interesting idea for another Wii game last month, we missed it but here's what they came up with. "Sierra will release what they think will be the most innovative use of the new "Wiimote" used on the immensely popular Wii from Nintendo. They plan to release a new episode..

  • News Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

    Helping evil bunny rabbits and sick children.

    The gaming webcomic Penny Arcade, have leant their efforts to help show off Rayman Raving Rabbids in a new ad campaign. The game was released at launch but Ubisoft have asked Gabe over at the PA blog to design some short comics in order to give the game an extra kick in the media stakes. If you are familiar with the Penny Arcade blog you will know of..

  • News Wii Has The Power...

    ... Glove. Just in case you missed it, here's the brand spanking new Power Glove for Wii.

    When Wii was first announced, alot of people said "wait, isn't that just a power glove all over again?" Thankfully they were wrong, Wii has proved to accomplish exactly what the Power glove wanted to achieve on the NES over 15 years ago. It was only a matter of time before someone attached their Wiimote to a..

  • News Those Wacky Japanese

    Hold the press! Japanese man plays with his Wii on a 1.5" TV.

    We love those Japanese games designers, they make some great crazy games but how to they actually come up with the ideas in the first place? It's probably a culture thing. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, this "little" video comes outta no-where, its a Japanese gamer playing his brand new Wii console on a 1.5" screen. Whatever..

  • News Wii Sports WILL Be Boxed

    Internet Message Board geeks rejoice - Wii Sports WILL come boxed in Europe.

    Eurogamer announced today that Wii Sports does indeed come boxed in Europe - because they just got their copies of the console shipped in from Europe. This is what they had to say: "The PAL version of Nintendo Wii will ship with a boxed version of Wii Sports rather than a bare disc as it did in the US, we can confirm..