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  • News One Piece Unlimited World Red Is Sailing To Wii U And 3DS In Europe And Australia

    Prepare to shiver those timbers

    Namco Bandai Games has revealed that it is bringing One Piece Unlimited World Red to Wii U and 3DS consoles in Europe and Australia. Based on the massively popular manga and anime series created by Eiichiiro Oda, Unlimited World Red will showcase all the usual nautical action and adventure, fused with co-op play and...

  • News Namco Bandai Will Now Be Known As Bandai Namco Around The World

    Don't forget

    While we may know it as Namco Bandai, in its Japanese homeland the famous developer is known as Bandai Namco. In a bid to boost the brand around the world, the company has now decided to unify the name, so from 1st April we will have to revert to the Japanese convention. Bandai Namco it is, then, with its subsidiaries and regional...

  • News Namco Bandai Appears Impressed By Demand For Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

    Petition for western release now at over 16,000 signatures

    Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode — a 3DS update of the PSP title Digimon World Re:Digitize — launched in Japan earlier this year. Since then, there have been calls from western fans of the series to localise the game for North America and Europe, but thus far Namco Bandai has remained...

  • News SoulCalibur II HD On Wii U "Isn't Out Of The Question", Says Series Producer

    Could Link cross swords once more?

    Namco Bandai's weapons-based brawler SoulCalibur II may be getting a HD remaster for the PS3 and 360, but the game still has a chance of coming to Wii U, according to series producer Masaaki Hoshino. When asked if there was any chance of the title hitting Nintendo's machine, Hoshino replied that it "wasn't out of...

  • News Namco Bandai Announces Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life For 3DS In Japan

    3DS LL bundle also revealed

    Namco Bandai, together with Disney Japan, is developing a new 3DS title, Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. The game will release in Japan on 11th July, and will also receive a limited edition 3DS LL bundle; the handheld itself is white and includes a special design on the surface, with gold and white Mickey Mouse...

  • News Here's What The Next Mario Kart Looks Like

    Just one catch - it's the arcade version

    Screenshots of the next entry in the popular Mario Kart series have hit the web - but before you get too excited about laying your eyes on the recently-announced Wii U sequel, we should point out that we're talking about Mario Kart: Arcade GP DX, developed by Namco Bandai. It's the third game in the coin-op...

  • News Project X Zone Suffers Massive Price Drop In Japan

    3DS tactical role-player discounted by 85%

    Namco Bandai's cross-over RPG Project X Zone has seen its price slashed by an incredible 85% by one Japanese retailer in what appears to be an effort to shift unsold stock. To make matters even more embarrassing, it would appear that the version of the game being discounted is the first-print limited...

  • News Namco Bandai Impressed By Western Interest In Project X Zone

    Chance for an English-language version yet?

    Cross-over RPG Project X Zone launched on the 3DS in Japan earlier this year but hasn't been granted a western release as yet - despite the efforts of Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. However, some people at Namco Bandai are at least aware of the demand for this game in this part of the world - including...

  • News Petition Started To Get Dark Souls II On The Wii U

    Prepare to die, possibly?

    Namco Bandai recently announced Dark Souls II, the sequel to one of 2011's surprise critical hits. Only the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions have been confirmed so far - there's no love for Nintendo players, sadly. However, a group of fans is hoping to change that by petitioning Namco Bandai - and developer From Software - in...

  • News Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Trailer Brings the Madness

    Includes a panda dressed as Princess Peach

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition will be available on launch day, and will include a number of features and modes exclusive to Nintendo's console. As you'd expect, adding Nintendo into a Tekken title promises to bring bizarre and humorous results, while the GamePad itself will allow control options...

  • News More Nintendo Costumes For Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition

    Dress up as Sheik, Captain Falcon and Toad

    Last month, Namco Bandai announced that gamers would be able to dress up as certain Nintendo characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition; including big N's mascot Mario. New outfits have been added to the wardrobe, with players be able to dress characters up as Sheik (Zelda), Captain Falcon...

  • News Namco Bandai Release New 'Grandpa Danger' Screenshots

    Potty mouth

    Last month we reported the announcement of a rather odd upcoming Japanese 3DS title, Denjarasu Jii-San Jya. 'Grandpa Danger', as he's known in North America, is a popular Japanese manga strip featured in Coro Coro magazine. In the 3DS adaptation, players will be put in the shoes of Grandpa as he goes on a quest to save his friends who...

  • News Namco Bandai Opens Dragon Ball Heroes Official Site

    It's official

    On Saturday we reported a rumour that Namco Bandai would be be bringing the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes to the 3DS, in Japan. This has now been confirmed, as Namco Bandai has opened up an official website for the 3DS version — Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission. You can check out the website here. While it's currently a little...

  • News Tekken Boss Thinks Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft Should Get Cosy


    It's nice to want things. For example, I'm sure many people reading this would love to have a Wii U console sitting under their TV set right now. Or perhaps a brand-new Ferrari on the driveway. Heck, why not wish for your own personal tropical island paradise while you're at it? Go crazy. It's tempting to surmise that Tekken producer...

  • News Namco Bandai Hooks a Trophy for Family Fishing Sales

    Prize catch

    Namco Bandai's Family Fishing — known in North America as Fishing Resort — has proven itself a keeper. The Wii game has surpassed 200,000 shipped units in Japan during its first year, and as a reward Nintendo has sent the team a snazzy trophy. Developed by Yuji Naka's Prope and published by XSEED in North America, Fishing Resort...

  • News Namco's Harada: Smash Bros. Design is Sakurai's Job

    Super Smash Boss

    If you're worried that Namco Bandai's involvement in the next Super Smash Bros. will mean an influx of Tekken characters, fear not. Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada says that usual Smash main man Masahiro Sakurai remains in control of design. Harada assured Dusty Cartridge that he is focused on Tekken — including upcoming...

  • News Grandpa Danger Jya Coming to 3DS

    But most likely never leaving Japan

    Today Namco Bandai opened a new teaser site for the little known Denjarasu Jii-san Jya. It's a 3DS game based around the manga Grandpa Danger, which features in the monthly Japanese manga publication CoroCoro magazine. Grandpa Danger's teaser site features a trailer, which doesn't shed any light on the game, but...

  • News New Tekken Trailer Tags In

    Team spirit

    Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for its upcoming Wii U fighter Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Featuring over 50 fighters, including punchy Panda, wooden man Mokujin and dozens of slightly less absurd characters, it boasts brawling a-plenty and a Snoop Dogg collaboration. At E3 we saw that Mario power-ups are in the Wii U version too...

  • E3 2012 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Stands Alone on Wii U

    Waiting for a new challenger

    When 3DS was announced, it seemed like publishers rushed to announce their fighting games for the system, but Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is something of a lone wolf on Wii U. While Warner Bros.' Injustice: Gods Among Us takes a serious look at DC Comics characters, TTT2 went a bit tongue-in-cheek with its trailer, showing...

  • News Frank West and Hsien-Ko Join Project X Zone

    Say 'cheese'

    Namco Bandai-SEGA-Capcom crossover Project X Zone already has a pretty sturdy line-up of characters, but it just got bigger with new faces coming in from Dead Rising, Darkstalkers, Resonance of Fate and more. Here's who's who out of the new faces: Gods Eater Burst: Alisa, SomaResonance of Fate: Leanne, ZephyrDarkstalkers: Hsien-KoDead...

  • News Namco Bandai Shouts "Thundercats, Ho!"

    Purring onto DS

    Cartoon reboot Thundercats is getting a DS game courtesy of Namco Bandai. The side-scrolling action platformer comes courtesy of Naruto Ninja Council developer Aspect Digital and is due out in August. As you defeat enemies as Lion-O you gather energy for the Sword of Omens: once you've hoarded enough, you can shoot a damaging beam...

  • News Project X Zone Screens Burst Out

    More next week

    The first scans of Namco Bandai, Capcom and SEGA collaboration Project X Zone (pronounced "Project Cross Zone") emerged yesterday, but now we have crisp, clear stills of the game in action. The shots show the strategy RPG's combat team-ups: Mega Man and Zero, Ryu and Ken, Demitri and Dante, Akira and Pai and more are all in...

  • News Namco, SEGA and Capcom Reveal Project X Zone

    3DS strategy RPG unveiled

    The teasing is over: the mystery Namco Bandai, Capcom and SEGA 3DS project is Project X Zone, a strategy RPG for 3DS. The countdown clock hasn't ended yet but Famitsu has led with the first details on the game. Characters from all three companies will fight in pairs: Ryu and Ken, Pai and Akira, Jin and Ling Xiaoyu to give a...

  • News Namco, Capcom and SEGA Secret Countdown Starts

    It's on

    That mysterious SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai 3DS game just advanced to the next stage of teasing: the dreaded countdown site. After weeks of colour coded hints that seem to nudge towards characters ranging from Ken Masters to Bahn from long-dormant SEGA scrapper Fighting Vipers, the site's updated to include a new countdown will end at...

  • News Looks Like Namco Wants to Sell You One Piece SP 2

    Rating out

    Remember the controversy when the localised version of One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP only came with half the content of its Japanese counterpart? People weren't happy. Stand by to relive those emotions. The Australian Classification Board has rated One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP 2 for sale, so it's very likely we'll get the second part...

  • News Tekken Wii U Could Use Controller as Digital Strategy Guide


    Fresh from Tekken 3D Prime Edition, series stalwart Katsuhiro Harada has turned his thoughts to Tekken on Wii U and how it might use that tantalising second screen built into the controller. Speaking to Nintendo Gamer, Harada spoke of using the controller's screen to emulate the arcade Tekken experience, where second screens show player...

  • News SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai Tease 3DS Project

    Big names, secret game

    SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai are collaborating on a secret Nintendo 3DS project. The game, which Namco Bandai will publish, has no name or genre so far, just a teaser site available. What do you think these three giant companies could be cooking up for 3DS?

  • News Tekken 3D's Multiplayer Mode is 2D Only

    Pulling punches

    Tekken 3D Prime Edition's bulging cart of 41 characters and a full-length 3D movie is nothing to be trifled with, and the latest Iwata Asks reveals plenty of interesting nuggets — and, indeed, noodles — about next week's scrapper. One such fact is that the stereoscopic display isn't available in wireless multiplayer. A footnote...

  • News Ono and Harada Keep Scrapping in Tekken 3D Trailer

    Those boys just can't get along

    You might have seen this Tekken 3D Prime Edition trailer before, but it's so good it bears a second, third and fourth watch. Featuring Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition mastermind Yoshinori Ono, it's all in aid of upcoming 3DS scrapper Tekken 3D Prime Edition, which features 41 characters, online play and more. It's out..

  • News SoulCalibur V 3DS Appears on Retail Coming Soon List

    Draw your weapon

    3DS certainly isn't short of fighting games, but it may be getting one more added to its stable in the form of Namco Bandai's SoulCalibur V. A retail insider tipped us off that a pre-order listing for the game appears on tills at a major high street chain. Namco Bandai had not responded to our invitation to comment at the time of...

  • News Tekken 3D Steps Into North America on 14th February

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Namco's panda-puncher (now there's a PETA campaign waiting to happen) Tekken 3D Prime Edition will take on North America from 14th February 2012. The 3D fighter arrives with CGI movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance intact, and another promise that it'll "make the most of the Wi-Fi functionality" of Nintendo 3DS. What does that even mean, Namco? Please be more precise with..

  • News Nintendo and Namco Team Up to Bring One Piece to Europe

    Mark your calendars

    Nintendo's clearly still in the festive spirit as it's just signed a distribution deal with Namco Bandai to bring One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special to Europe on 10th February 2012. The game's a 3D revamp of Wii title One Piece Unlimited Cruise Part 1: Adventure Beneath the Waves — one of the rarer Wii games — with new...

  • News Tekken 3D Prime Edition Punches Europe on 17th February

    Just a day after Japan

    Talk about your short waits. Nintendo and Namco Bandai have signed a deal to bring Tekken 3D Prime Edition to Europe on 17th February 2012, just 24 hours after its Japanese release. As with other 3DS fighting titles — Dead or Alive: Dimensions and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition — Nintendo will handle sales, marketing...

  • News Tekken 3D Packs In 40 Fighters at 60 Frames Per Second

    A contender?

    As the first Tekken game to grace a Nintendo console since Tekken Advance nearly ten years ago, Tekken 3D Prime Edition has a lot of catching up to do. Namco Bandai is certainly going all-out to bring a sizeable cast of characters to the 3D fighter, with over 40 characters crammed into the 3DS cartridge. As well as featuring 3DS's...

  • News Tales of the Abyss 3DS Journeys to North America on 14th February

    Better late than never

    We recently reported that Tales of the Abyss, the 3DS enhanced remake of the well-regarded PlayStation 2 RPG, will hit PAL regions on 25th November, and Namco Bandai has now confirmed that the game will make it to North America a few months later on 14th February. Valentine's Day just got a little bit more epic. Do you plan on...

  • News Tales of the Abyss Slips to 25th November in Europe

    Still not far off, though

    3DS owners haven't got a lot of RPGs vying for their attention at the moment, but one that's on many players' radars is Namco Bandai's Tales of the Abyss, now confirmed for a 25th November release across Europe. The game was originally supposed to make it to European shores a few weeks earlier, but encountered a minor delay. It should still reach the continent long before..

  • News Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Trailer Takes Flight

    Plane sailing

    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy might read like a decent (if short) game of Scrabble, it's actually the name of Namco Bandai's upcoming aerial dogfighter, and it looks a lot like this. Containing such fantastic dialogue as "a coup on the day of the treaty signing?!", the trailer does show off some of the game's rather impressive graphics, which we imagine will look even..

  • News Let This Tales of the Abyss Trailer Set the Scene

    "A great evil threatens the land..." (probably)

    This Tales of the Abyss trailer would be great if it were a little larger, and clearer, and if the sound were louder. But you can't have it all, so squint feast your eyes on the free-flowing combat footage below. Namco Bandai's classic action RPG is making its way to Europe and North America in the...

  • News Tekken 3D Prime Edition Shots and Trailer Pack a Punch

    Tekken returns to Nintendo

    It's been a long time since Tekken graced a Nintendo console — its last and only appearance was on Game Boy Advance nearly 10 years ago. It's about to make a big return though, coming to both Wii U and 3DS next year. The handheld version is named Tekken 3D Prime Edition and is already shaping up to give current portable...

  • News Ace Combat 3DS Screens Enter the Danger Zone

    Not pictured: volleyball scene

    Ace Combat 3D is like the muscle-bound big brother of Pilotwings Resort: if Pilotwings' sedate island tomfoolery was a little slow for your liking, Ace Combat's Top Gun-inspired aerial chicanery could be right up your street. The upcoming 3DS outing marks the first time the popular series has come to a Nintendo...

  • News Tales of the Abyss Dated for Europe

    Namco Bandai RPG out this November

    During the Japan Expo 12th Impact event in Paris, France this week, Namco Bandai announced the European release date of its 3DS role-playing game, Tales of the Abyss. Based on the 2006 PlayStation 2 original, Tales of the Abyss stars Luke fon Fabre, the heir to an aristocratic family who has spent too long being...

  • News 3D System Update Addresses Ridge Racer Issues

    No more crashes

    Last week's long anticipated 3DS eShop update had its issues, causing crashes in Ridge Racer 3D. Nintendo assured customers a patch would be made available before the end of June, and lo and behold it's now available. To grab the update, simply pop open your machine and head over to System Settings, Other Settings and System Update. Alternatively, entering the eShop will prompt you..

  • News Share Your Own Stages Online in Tekken Wii U

    Make your own Pac-Land

    Tekken is coming to a Nintendo home console for the first time ever, and series producer Katsuhiro Harada has spoken about some of the new features made possible by the Wii U. The interview below confirms several promising features, including the ability to customise your own stages and share these online with other players...

  • News Screenshots of Ace Combat 3D Fly Overhead

    Bogey spotted

    Namco Bandai Games is bringing its Ace Combat series to the 3DS and the publisher has now released some initial game details along with a handful of screenshots. The aerial shooter will provide gamers with real-world aircrafts to fly as they take on a wide range of missions. The touch screen is not only used to lock on to enemy planes...

  • News First 3DS Screenshots Escape From The Abyss

    Grand Tales

    Following the good news that Tales of the Abyss is coming to 3DS, Namco Bandai has revealed the first screenshots of the game in action on the console. The stills show the full range of RPG staples, with battle sequences, anime cutscenes, grandiose cities and the world map all shown in glorious 2D-o-vision. Check out the screenshots in the gallery below and keep visiting Nintendo Life..

  • News Ace Combat Flies Into the 3DS Danger Zone

    Top Gun high-fives all around

    Namco Bandai has announced its action-packed aerial combat series Ace Combat is coming to 3DS. The news came at the same Dubai conference that confirmed Tales of The Abyss 3DS is going global. Developed by series stalwarts Project Aces, little is known about the game yet, other than that the idea of shooting down planes in three dimensions is undeniably appealing, and..

  • News Tales of the Abyss 3DS Confirmed for Europe

    Game gets global green light

    Worried about the Western release chances of the 3DS RPG Tales of the Abyss? Then worry no more friends, for Namco Bandai has confirmed the game will see a global release. The announcement came at the publisher's Level Up conference in Dubai, where VP Olivier Comte had this to say: We were there at the launch of 3DS and...

  • News Gear Up for Solatorobo's Launch with New Videos

    Publicity push planned

    Namco Bandai's furry mech RPG Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is due to attack European DS consoles on 1st July, courtesy of Nintendo. The publishing team-up has just announced a plan to bring new videos and details on the game every other week as its release date approaches. For the uninitiated, Solatorobo is an action RPG title that strays ever-so-slightly from the usual genre..

  • News Tales of the Abyss Could Be Europe-Bound Next Year

    Long wait on the cards

    Dear European readers. Remember how left out you felt when we revealed that Tales of the Abyss is coming to North America? You can wipe those tears from your eyes now, as according to NGamer (via 3DS Tribe) the game is heading to Europe. The bad news, however, is that Tales of the Abyss might not make it to European shores...

  • News Tales of the Abyss 3DS Coming to North America

    Modern RPG classic heading Westward

    Back in September, we learned that Namco Bandai planned to port the popular 2006 PlayStation 2 RPG Tales of the Abyss to the 3DS, fully updated with 3D graphics. We've just learned from the most recent issue of Nintendo Power that the game would see release in North America as well. The full page teaser reads:...