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  • News You Can Now Search Through a Complete Archive of Miiverse

    "Nearly 17 terabytes of data saved"

    A few months back we reported on a fearless web developer intent on saving every last post submitted to our fallen hero, Miiverse. Amazingly, the project is now complete and a brand new version of Nintendo's social media foray is now available, complete with a fully indexed, searchable archive. This...


  • News This Is The Most Touching Miiverse Tribute Of Them All

    "Thank you"

    The time that we wished would never come has now arrived, Miiverse is officially now no longer a thing. Back in August Nintendo notified customers that the plug would be pulled on the 8th November, and so it came to pass. Miiverse users were encouraged to submit a final doodle in October, which would be used to create a giant...

  • Random Say Goodbye To Miiverse With This Touching Tribute

    Pay your last respects

    Oh Miiverse, we hardly knew ye. It seems like only yesterday that Nintendo announced its bold vision to create a social network for gamers, but sadly the plan didn't quite work out. We've already highlighted our favourite Miiverse moments but the video tribute shown above - created with heartfelt care by Christian...


  • News Share Your Miiverse Memories On The "Everybody's Message Community"

    "Selected posts from this community may be used to create a giant collage"

    The clock is ticking on Miiverse, with the service due to close forever on 7th November. Sensing the Miiverse communities sadness, Nintendo has added a special 'Everybody's Message Community' recently which has the following aim: Share your memories and thoughts about...


  • News Miiverse Could Live Forever Thanks To A Fearless Web Developer

    "It never ends, it just keeps going and going and going."

    They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone; alas Miiverse you were too good for this cruel world. As we reported the plug will finally be pulled on Miiverse in November, while Nintendo is giving Miiverse users the option of downloading their own personal posts for posterity,...

  • Video Let's Reminisce With 34 of the Most Infamous Bad Miiverse Posts

    Some are good, most aren't

    Miiverse is a tool that for many was a source of great entertainment, and many of its users are mourning the loss of the service due in November. However, as no doubt most of you know, Miiverse also carried with it a certain notoriety for the quality of some of its content. No doubt the same could be argued of any social...


  • Editorial Farewell to the Flawed Miiverse, But Thanks for the Memories

    A bright start made way for a slightly weird online space

    Sometimes Nintendo takes an established idea and makes it very, well, 'Nintendo'. It made a deathmatch-style shooter but decided it shouldn't be all about killing, so we got Splatoon, for example. It's a broader trend through the company's history, too, especially in the hardware space...

  • News The Plug Will Finally Be Pulled On Miiverse In November

    We hardly knew Mii

    Back in July, we reported on a Wii U system update message which confirmed that Nintendo's quirky social network Miiverse would be coming to an end in the foreseeable future. Of course, the writing was on the wall the moment it was confirmed that Miiverse would not integrated into the Nintendo Switch launch.  Now it's been...



  • News Kirby Director Shares a Few Words on the Series’ 25th Anniversary

    Happy birthday, Kirby!

    It’s hard to believe, but this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Kirby franchise. The super tough pink puff has arguably proved himself to be Nintendo’s most flexible character yet, showing up in spinoffs spanning a wide variety of genres over the years. His latest game—Kirby: Planet Robobot—was pretty darned...






  • News Miiverse Maintenance Will Bring Eight Hours of Downtime

    That doodle will have to wait

    Miiverse has been one of Nintendo's most interesting additions in this generation of hardware, giving fans a chance to share notes, complain or post doodles to their heart's content. Though some rules and tweaks haven't always proven popular, it's still used with enthusiasm by a core of keen Wii U and 3DS gamers. It's...





  • Guide Surviving the New Miiverse Update

    Into the wild green yonder

    The most recent Miiverse update has met with mixed responses; some feel it's a marked improvement, others are reacting as though it's the spawn of something horrendous. For better or for worse, this new layout is here to stay. The new features may take some getting used to, but in order to speed up this process we've...

  • News The Miiverse Redesign Has Gone Live

    Up and running on Wii U, 3DS and web browsers

    As promised, Nintendo has launched its Miiverse redesign, which is structured to re-shape the platform back into a game-centric social network. It's changed how our posts are categorised, and a 30 post a day rule - which doesn't include all in-game posts - is certainly the most controversial move,...

  • Poll Where Do You Stand on Miiverse and Its Planned Changes?

    Assessing opinion 2.5 years after its original launch

    Miiverse, Nintendo's bespoke social network service, will undergo a major redesign on 29th July. It's easy to forget that the service is only a little over two and a half years old, having arrived with the Nintendo Network ID upon the launch of the Wii U. NNIDs and Miiverse are familiar now, but...

  • News Nintendo TVii Service Ends In North America On 11th August

    That's all folks!

    After never releasing in Europe, and being officially cancelled for the region earlier this year, the Nintendo TVii service will now close its doors in North America on 11th August after almost three years of activity. At the same time, Nintendo will also end the TVii Miiverse community. Take a look at the official Miiverse...

  • News The Miiverse Redesign Will Go Live on 29th July

    Batten down the hatches

    There have been hundreds - probably thousands - of comments complaining, but the Miiverse redesign is coming regardless. On the one hand the new layouts look like a slick way to share screens and progress in games, but the comment limits and move away from supporting 'chat' isn't going down well with all fans of the platform...

  • News Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Miiverse Redesign

    "Miiverse is created for gamers to talk about games"

    At the start of July Nintendo confirmed plans for a major redesign of Miiverse this Summer. The social network has already evolved a fair amount since its launch with the Wii U in November 2012, with plenty of updates tweaking functions and the user interface. This redesign is more of a...

  • News Sharing to Miiverse in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a Breeze

    No booting into the Home Menu here

    Nintendo recently updated the Japanese website for the upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on the 3DS, and lots of new information about the sharing functionality within the game has been revealed. In addition to posting images to Twitter and Facebook via the Image Sharing feature - as was the case in...

  • News Nintendo Cancels Camp Miiverse in Honour of Satoru Iwata

    Had been due to run until 20th July

    A week ago Nintendo of America launched its second annual Camp Miiverse event, which set new challenges in 3DS and Wii U games each day for fans to take on. However, after suspending activities on 13th July as a result of the announcement of Satoru Iwata passing away, it's been confirmed that the events -...

  • News ​Miiverse is Getting a Massive Redesign this Summer

    Screenshot Albums, Play Journals, Redesigned Communities, and more!

    Miiverse is Nintendo's take on implementing a social network-like platform that integrates and directly ties in with the games that people play. At the tap of a button, players can post screenshots, share thoughts and discussion, or draw pictures, and share this with the rest of the...


  • News Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and Some Users Aren't Exactly Pleased

    Rules aren't always there to be broken

    Miiverse, Nintendo's bespoke social network, has been one of the company's most notable moves in this generation. Social networks are old hat now, of course, but with immediate access from games, screenshot sharing and the option to doodle drawings, it's proved a relatively popular app. As it's web based it's...

  • News Nintendo Opens E3 2015 Miiverse Community

    All aboard the hype train

    Nintendo and hype go hand in hand, so why not celebrate this year’s E3 by drawing a picture of Reggie riding a train? To assist this creative process, Nintendo has opened a new community on Miiverse with the handle: Nintendo @E3 2015, where users can make predictions and even crazy demands in regards to what they would...