Nintendo has some of the most recognisable IP in the world of entertainment, and is clearly taking steps to leverage its library of characters with a new "World of Nintendo" range of toys and merchandise.

2014's big release Mario Kart 8 is getting a sizable push, with special track sets and cars hitting the market soon. In keeping with the antigravity theme of the game, you'll be able to purchase karts which drive on walls, no doubt employing the same suction-powered technology that was seen in Disney's Tron Legacy light cycles a few years back.

Delux Track L 590 X539

Single Loop L 590 X442

Shock Racer L 590 X442

IRwall Climbers L 590 X442

Outside of the racing world, Nintendo will be launching a range of figures and playsets which showcase famous faces from its key franchises, including Star Fox, F-Zero, Pikmin and Zelda.

You can check out many of these products in the gallery below. All of these items are confirmed for release in Australia, and will no doubt make it to other territories this year.

2 Inch5 Figure Assortment L 590 X442

4 Inch Figures Assortment L 590 X442

Plush L 590 X400

3 Pack Micro Fig L 590 X310

3 Pack Micro Land L 590 X442

Are you planning to get your hands on any of these toys? Let us know with a comment.