I'd worry about falling off the back in a Double Dash mode

French site Gamekult sat down with Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno and director Kosuke Yobuki at E3 to talk about the inspirations and intentions around the latest, gravity-tumbling installment of the series.

According to a translation of the interview, the reverse gravity idea showcased in Mario Kart 8 was motivated by similar effects in the F-Zero and Super Mario Galaxy series. When asked why F-Zero or an entirely new IP has not yet been considered, Konno replied that there has always been a tradition of one Mario Kart game per console, but added that he hoped to see a new F-Zero entry in the future.

Mario Kart 8 has been in production for a little more than a year and is being undertaken solely by Nintendo EAD in Kyoto, according to Konno. No other studios are involved.

As for other gameplay features, Konno said the priority for the GamePad at this time is to serve as a remote screen, but that other options are under consideration — including, but certainly nowhere close to confirmed, a Double Dash-styled mode.

The tracks, according to Yobuki, have also been narrowed compared to those in Mario Kart Wii (where the Wii Wheel was more often in use) and rides will have similar customization options to those in Mario Kart 7, albeit with “a little more choice.”

How would you like Mario Kart 8 to shape up in comparison to other entries in the series? Let us know below.

[source gamekult.com, via neogaf.com]