Mario Kart Wii Screen

Nintendo Life does Twitch! Hopefully without it crashing, breaking down and basically not working. We're going all modern and trendy — next up an annoying catchphrase to open every stream!

Well, maybe not on the catchphrase. We are, however, planning to run regular live streams of various Nintendo games that'll include multiplayer, playthroughs and random things we decide to do. This time around we're playing Mario Kart Wii online, getting in a last hurrah or two before the Wii's online multiplayer servers shut down on 20th May. We expect to perform very poorly, so let's get some important details out of the way first:

Why We'll Be Rubbish In These Races

  • We haven't played it in ages
  • As we're playing on the office Wii U (in Wii mode), our new profile doesn't have any of the cool vehicles unlocked
  • Some races will be in local splitscreen too, which is harder just because
  • Our Mario Kart skills are of a questionable level, regardless
  • We only have one Classic Controller handy, so fiddly Remote + Nunchuk controls will be used
  • The pressure of playing live on the interwebs will cause us to, beneath our calm exteriors, suffer crippling anxiety attacks

If we race well, ignore those reasons.

We'll be kicking off at 5pm UK time / 6pm CET / noon Eastern / 9am Pacific and playing for roughly an hour, or whenever we get hungry and decide to go home. Below, meanwhile, is the MK Wii friend code for our game. If enough of you add us and post your code in the comments here and/or on Twitch, we'll try to arrange a friend match.

Our Friend Code — 0563-1263-9830

You can watch the stream right here or over on our lovely Twitch channel. Thanks for watching!