Mario Playing Cards

With Mario Kart 8's release slowly creeping closer, Nintendo is gradually stepping up its pre-order marketing for multiple regions. Nintendo of Europe was first out of the gate with its Limited Edition software bundle, which includes a Spiny trophy along with the game, while the UK also has various offerings that include wheel accessories, keyrings and even a Bullet Bill t-shirt.

Retailers in Japan are now getting in on the act, with pre-orders for the game from Amazon Japan including a choice of a Mario or Rosalina deck of playing cards, pictured above and below. Playing cards seem to be rather popular with the big N at present, with Club Nintendo in Europe now offering Premium Mario cards, which have also been Platinum awards in North America in the past.

These look like nice extras in Nintendo's homeland. Nintendo of America has been quiet to date on what pre-order goodies will be on offer in its region, meanwhile, but it's surely only a matter of time.

Rosalina Playing Cards

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