Pow-pow-power slide

Let's admit it: some things just feel wasted on the young. With Nintendo stating its desire to increase its IP licensing, those of us who are adults can at least get away with buying the new plushies and figures and such that will come of this. But a licensed replica of Mario's very own Mario Kart as a ride-on? Good luck squeezing our fully-developed rears into one of those, as much as we want to try.

According to Toy News, Jakks Pacific will be releasing the ride-on in the UK this coming autumn or winter. Some readers may better know ride-ons by the brand eponym "power wheels." The ride-on from Jakks Pacific will include a 6V battery and the option to switch between on-road and off-road tires.

Ken Goodinson, a representative of Jakks Pacific, sounds quite pleased to be offering the kart among the company's lineup:

It's an exciting little runner that we expect to sit competitively within other 6V ride-ons and with it being so relevant to the Nintendo Mario Kart, it should do very well.

It's hard to disagree with him. Are there any other karts from the series you'd like to see presented in ride-on form? Let us know in the comments.

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