In recent weeks Nintendo — through social network accounts including its Wii U UK Facebook page — has been teasing out additional courses for the upcoming Mario Kart 8. As a result it's become a slightly unexpected weekend routine of skimming the previous seven days to see what new tracks are on show, and the happy news is that there has been one additional piece of artwork to show us what's coming.

This one will be familiar to those that pored over every frame of the trailer for the racer in the final Nintendo Direct of 2013, as it opened that particular video before being joined by some of the others that have since been formally named. This one, unsurprisingly, is called Sunshine Airport.

Sunshine Airport

That takes us up to eight of these formal name reveals — check out the other seven here and here; that's the equivalent of two cups. There have also been glimpses in trailers to date of reworked retro tracks, of course, including some from Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 — unless our eyes have deceived us, of course.

The series norm would be for 16 new tracks and 16 retro, though we'll see in good time. Much is still unknown about MK8, including its local multiplayer battle modes, online functionality, the likely return of Communities, and any solid demonstration of the potentially awesome Mario Kart TV sharing options. Plenty to anticipate before 30th May.

Let us know whether this is a course you're excited about; you can see some neat clips of it in the December 2013 Nintendo Direct trailer, below.