Mario Kart 8 - Limited Editon

When the Mario Kart 8 limited edition software bundle – containing a copy of the game and a Blue Shell figurine – was announced for Europe, many Nintendo fans across North America feared they would be missing out on a collectable item. Fortunately, for those wanting something to display next to their The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD limited edition Ganondorf figurines, a small window of opportunity has opened for Mario Kart fans in the US. The Nintendo World store in New York has revealed on Twitter that they too will be selling the same limited edition bundle as Europe, albeit with different outer box artwork.

The Nintendo World exclusivity of the recently announced bundle will, no doubt, come as a blow to those not living within a reasonable distance of New York, as the store doesn’t currently offer online or phone orders.

Were you hoping to get your hands on the Mario Kart limited edition bundle? If so, will you be making a pilgrimage to Nintendo World? Let us know in the comments section below.