According to this site linked to Best Buy's Mario Kart 8 page, the company has an interesting promotion for customers in the United States. If you pre-order and purchase Mario Kart 8 at your local Best Buy, you'll get $10 in "gas cash" to fuel your real-life ride using a special code online.

Specific details for the promotion are reproduced below, so make sure to read the fine print before rushing off to the store:

1) Pre-order Mario Kart 8 from 27th April 2014 to 29th May 2014 at Best Buy or BestBuy.com.
2) Pay balance and receive Mario Kart 8 at Best Buy by 7th June 2014 and get $10 in Gas Cash.
3) Receive code on register receipt and enter information at www.revupyourkart.com/redeem.
4) Print out your Virtual Gas Cash reward.

The site has a FAQ section for those interested; one important thing of note is that the virtual cash must be redeemed at a retailer that accepts MasterCard.

It's certainly interesting to see a tie-in for a video game that involves real goods. Will you be grabbing Best Buy's unique pre-order bonus for Mario Kart 8? What other interesting real-life promotions could retailers use to drive Nintendo game sales? Let us know your best ideas in the comments!

Thanks to Will Beach for the tip.

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