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  • News EA Sports Is Bringing Back College Football Games After 8 Year Hiatus

    That's long enough to complete college at least twice

    College football is a big deal in America, and while star players don't get paid - they receive free tuition, housing, training, and equipment - they bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the college they play for. Each. Sure, it's not as big as the big leagues, like the NFL,...

  • News Rocket League Celebrates The Super Bowl With New Gridiron Game Mode

    It's time to swap the round ball for a slightly less round ball

    What says "American Football" more than a bunch of cars playing, er, the other type of football? Don't think about it too hard, but Rocket League is kicking off (heh) a whole new game mode in celebration of the NFL Super Bowl LV. Starting from February 2nd and ending on February 8th, a...

  • Random FIFA Crowd Noises Will Be Used For Some Televised Premier League Matches

    Crowded out

    Premier League football – or 'soccer', if you'd prefer – is about to make its long-awaited return following the cancellation of matches amid the coronavirus outbreak, but games will be played behind closed doors, which means no crowds and therefore no atmosphere. To ensure these matches – which are being televised – still have...

  • News 2K Sports Is Making NFL Games Again, But There’s A Pretty Big Catch

    And we’re not talking about one thrown by a quarterback, either

    If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you’re probably familiar with EA’s Madden series, which has been the only game in town for what feels like forever. Sadly, EA’s series has skipped the Switch entirely, which means unless you have a PS4 or Xbox One, you’re missing out on all...

  • News Ubisoft's Decade-Old Wii Game Sports Party Has Been Rated By The Australian Classification Board

    Party like it’s 2008

    On the same day we find out about Nintendo applying for an Endless Ocean trademark, the Australian Classification Board reveals Ubisoft's 2008 Wii title Sports Party is making its way to the Switch at some point in the near future.  Originally released on the Wii a decade ago, Sports Party features nine...

  • Random England's Dele Alli Performs Fortnite Emote At The World Cup, Gets Wrecked Online

    You can't escape this game

    If you follow football (or 'soccer' as it's known in North America) then you'll no doubt be tuned into the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which is currently taking place in Russia. You may also be aware that perennial under-achievers England have somehow managed to secure a spot in the semi-finals - for the first time since...

  • News FIFA 18's Free World Cup Mode Arrives On May 29th

    What, no "Road to the World Cup" edition?

    Those of you with long memories will no doubt recall that, once upon a time, EA never missed a trick when it came to milking the lucrative FIFA licence.  As well as the yearly FIFA updates we'd also get special editions, such as FIFA: Road to World Cup '98 (which took the place of the yearly entry for...

  • Random U.S. Curling Team Member Matt Hamilton Sure Reminds Us Of Someone

    It's-a Matt

    The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will be making sports headlines for the next few days, but one story we didn't expect to see is the fact that a Super Mario lookalike is taking part. U.S. Curling Team member Matt Hamilton - alongside his sister Becca - holds the distinction of winning the first Olympic mixed...

  • News Major League Baseball Owners Look Set To Approve Seattle Mariners Sale

    A home run for Nintendo's bottom line

    We reported back in April that Nintendo hoped to sell it's majority stake in the Seattle Mariners. It appears that the sale could close this week which would be great news for Nintendo's bank balance in advance of launching Nintendo NX in March 2017. It's been reported that Major League Baseball owners were set...

  • News Nintendo is Selling its Majority Stake in the Seattle Mariners

    It's only worth $1.4 billion

    Some of you may have already been aware of this interesting bit of trivia, but Nintendo has owned a majority stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team since 1992. For the most part, this wasn't entirely obvious to the average viewer, aside from some sparse Nintendo ads around Safeco Field – the Mariners' home – and...

  • Weirdness Minor League Baseball Team Is Making Its Players Wear Game Boy Jerseys

    Knocking it out of the park

    Minor league baseball team Frisco Roughriders has something of a habit of getting its players to wear unique shirts based on pop culture icons, and this year the team is harnessing the power of Gunpei Yokoi's finest creation, the Nintendo Game Boy. The Roughriders - who play at the amusingly-named Dr Pepper Ballpark -...

  • News Just When You Thought the Humble Wii Was Dead, Here Comes PSA World Tour Squash

    Late to the Wii party?

    Given that the Wii U first went on sale in November 2012, you might have assumed by now that publishers would have all stopped developing Wii games and moved on to take advantage of the power of the newer system. Alternative Software doesn't seem to have got the memo and is releasing PSA World Tour Squash on the Wii on the...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Darts Up

    Bully for you

    Many reading this may be aware that this title was previously released on the 3DS as Darts Up 3D, and you might be expecting a more fleshed-out experience on the Wii U’s considerably more powerful hardware. As it stands, this version of the pub-game simulator is largely the same as the portable instalment. You aim with the...

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    Review Inazuma Eleven GO: Light & Shadow

    Shiny new kit

    In Japan, Level-5 is one of the masters at maximising franchises through games — typically on portable systems — and TV shows or films, continually keeping the storyline going and producing regular content. Yo-kai Watch is the current craze, while Professor Layton had some film content to accompany six main-series games and more...

  • 21

    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Baseball

    Not quite a grand slam

    Originally released alongside the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s, Nintendo's Baseball is one of several simple, lean titles that, while primitive and slow by today's standards, still show a special Nintendo pedigree. Ideally these games would be released as a compilation; the content in Baseball,...

  • News NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

    NBA 2K14 is jogging onto the court this Autumn, but one of the formats it won't be gracing is the Wii U — despite the fact that the prequel was a launch title for the system. Speaking to Kotaku, Jason Argent, the senior vice president of sports operations for 2K Games, explained the reason for the snub: We...

  • News Ashes Cricket 2013 Announced For Wii U

    Prepare to be bowled over

    You would not believe how many emails we've had over the years about Ashes Cricket 2009. No, seriously — you simply would not believe it. It's easily one of the most requested titles we've ever covered, and the fact that it wasn't released in some cricket-loving parts of the world seems to have upset an awful lot of...

  • News Final Fantasy's Battle System Is Based On American Football

    Who knew?

    Square Enix's Hiroyuki Ito has revealed to 1UP the origin of the turn-based battle system in the original Final Fantasy - and it's somewhat unexpected, to say the least. Driven to create an efficient system for Hironobu Sakaguchi's seminal NES RPG, Ito turned to professional sports for his inspiration. 1UP: So did you create the battle...

  • News Ever Seen Professional Ice Skaters Do a Super Mario Routine?

    You can soon

    Do not underestimate the impact of Super Mario Bros. — it's inspired beatboxers, flautists, orchestras, artists and plenty more in its 25 year history, but it's rarely hit the limelight for its influence on the world of professional ice skating. Today, that injustice ends. Top skaters Tatiana Volosozhar and Maksim Trankov took to the...

  • News NBA Jam Roster Features Obama, Beastie Boys and More

    It wouldn't be basketball without politicians

    Remember NBA Jam's bizarre roster of characters featuring everyone from Warren Moon to Bill Clinton? The upcoming NBA Jam for Wii isn't about to disappoint in that regard, with its presidential qualifications fulfilled neatly by one Barack Obama and other unexpected players hidden away. As well as Obama,...

  • News Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam

    Couch multiplayer only

    When we interviewed NBA Jam producer Pete Trenouth earlier this year, he wasn't sure if online play would make it into the final release. Regrettably EA Sports' Community Manager Alain Quinto has confirmed via Twitter that the game will not ship with online play. Q: Will NBA Jam have an online multiplayer mode on the Wii? If...

  • News The Roller Derby Game of Your Dreams is Coming to WiiWare

    Girls on rollerskates at last

    "What's a roller derby?", the curious among you may have asked. It's a sport in which two teams of five players on rollerskates try to score points against each other. It's fast, physical and hardly what you'd call "mainstream", which makes it a perfect candidate for a transition to Wii. That's exactly what's happening,...

  • News Freddie Flintoff Hits DS for Six

    First cricket game heading to the handheld

    Last year's Ashes Cricket 2009 on Wii was a huge success for Codemasters, but the lack of a DS version disappointed fans who wanted a bit of leather-on-willow on the move. Thankfully UK developer Fuzzy Frog Games has stepped in to fill the gap with Freddie Flintoff's Power Play Cricket on the way to DS in August. Taking an arcade-style approach to the..

  • News Madden NFL 11 Franchise Mode Gets Upgraded

    Football returns to Wii with single-player improvements

    Last year's Madden NFL 10 for Wii was one of the series' best multiplayer entries yet, with the Showdown and Huddle-Up modes bringing casual gamers into the gridiron action quickly. Its single-player elements, sadly, were not quite so well-developed, but for this year's instalment EA is promising a far improved Franchise mode that it's calling..

  • News NHL Slapshot Includes Wii's First Dinky Hockey Stick

    See Wayne Gretsky hold it and smile

    In a move that's caused someone, somewhere to curse why they didn't think of it first, the next NHL Slapshot game is coming to Wii complete with a very fetching mini hockey stick peripheral, as modelled by Wayne Gretsky and family here. As EA's first foray into Wii ice hockey you'd expect it to take on the more...

  • News Chicago Blackhawks Prepare for Stanley Cup with a Little Mario Kart

    Blue shells part of team's mental readiness

    Competitive team sports are all about bonding as a unit: maximising each other's unique abilities, communicating well and working together towards a common goal. Pretty much the opposite of Mario Kart Wii then, but tell that to the Chicago Blackhawks who like to chill out with the game as part of their...

  • News Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 to Offer More Authenticity to Your Game

    With features old and new

    Last season's Tiger Woods instalment offered gamers an intuitive and engaging golf game with very little to be disappointed at; and if you're not familiar with it, you can read our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 review to find out why. Given all that the game has accomplished, what new features can EA implement this season? Let's find out as we go over some game details and soak..

  • News NBA Jam Developers Gives Game Insights

    ...as well as their "slam dunk" faces

    Gamers were delighted when the beloved NBA Jam series was announced to be making a return to consoles; specifically, the Wii. With game details and screenshots being fed to us carefully and slowly, it's time to call "timeout" and sit back to watch the latest development video. Creative director Trey Smith and art director Rob Hilson talk about how the..

  • News THQ Announces Big Beach Sports 2

    Includes five new activities

    With summer just around the corner, it's about time that we're greeted with a plethora of sports titles. With Wii Sports Resort taking the limelight last summer, THQ hopes to kick things off with their sequel to 2008's Big Beach Sports. Developed by Jet Black Games, Big Beach Sports 2 sees gamers taking part in the annual Coconut Cup Championship which takes place on..

  • News DSiWare Enters Tie-Break with VT Tennis

    Spanish developer Virtual Toys serves up some tennis

    In between tournament seasons and need a tennis fix? Starting next Monday, you can get the strawberries and cream out of the fridge as you start preparing for a Summer of sports with a new tennis title on the DSi. VT Tennis will feature a Quickmatch mode where you can tweak certain settings and get off to a quick game. The number of games, and..

  • News Hubert the Teddy Bear Gives WiiWare a Hug

    Cutesy Winter sports ahoy!

    The UK may finally have shaken off most of its snow, but there's still time to have some Winter fun, as Teyon announces Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games is heading to WiiWare in the near future. Here comes their press release, rolling down a snowy hill, skating over an icy pond and pirouetting gracefully into view. Your Winter fun is not over! Enter a frosty..

  • News EA Makes NBA Jam Wii Officially Official

    From downtown, etc!

    'Twas but one week ago a little birdie told ESPN that NBA Jam would be making a comeback, so color us not-so-surprised to hear that EA has made it official that they've got a new Jam in the pipes for this year. Apart from the obvious graphical overhaul, which is said to bring "visible player emotion" to the table (e.g. eye popping), expect new modes and characters on..

  • News NASCAR Gets A Mario Makeover

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii car competing on Saturday

    The world's of NASCAR and Nintendo fans alike will mesh together on November 14 (a.k.a. this Saturday, a.k.a. New Super Mario Bros. Wii Eve) thanks to a decked-out stock car co-sponsored by Gamestop and Nintendo of America. The car, and its driver, Denny Hamlin, will be competing in the Able Body Labor 200 at Phoenix International Raceway. Best of..