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Sonic Lost World Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Smaller screens, bigger problems

Due to the disparity between technical capabilities, it's tough for a dual Wii U / 3DS release to hold up on the portable device that's captivated tens of millions of gamers. So let's just toss that comparison aside and acknowledge that much of the 3DS iteration of Sonic Lost World is following the same principles but is an entirely separate game; the trouble is that even as a standalone title it has a number of issues.

One area that does match up with the Wii U title is the overall storyline, though unfortunately the quality of the cutscenes is abysmal, with the compression techniques having led to exceptionally compromised quality. In Sonic Generations a rather low-tech approach was taken with slightly animated dialogue sequences, and that would have been preferable; it's a pity, as the remainder of the presentation in this title is thoroughly reasonable and, at times, impressive.

SEGA and Dimps' notable efforts to recreate 3D environments have, meanwhile, led to technically impressive results. There are still a good share of 2D levels that bring previous releases to mind, with rails and momentum being key components. Yet as promised this title delivers 3D stages new to portable Sonic in recent times, assuming we're not going to get tied down considering below par efforts such as Sonic Labyrinth. Some levels reflect a noticeable effort to accommodate the hardware's limitations, such as zoned off 3D tunnels, but there are also some impressively open and expansive levels to appreciate, giving the mascot plenty of space in which to dash around.

Perhaps due to limited development time — the 3DS project began after early work on the Wii U title was complete — there's a decent number of what would be considered the standard 2D and 2.5D styles of stages, while some 3D levels can resemble multiple sets of arenas. To begin with the 2D stages, they offer the standard fare and, on occasion, challenge the player to dash and maintain their momentum for sustained periods, while at other times offering light puzzles. With arena-style 3D stages there can be a heavy emphasis on puzzles or defeating certain numbers of enemies to unlock springs to the next destination.

At times the level design falls over in a significant way. We've met a number of roadblocks that required a rest and approach with a fresh mind at a later hour, as some puzzles or enemy challenges can be taxing on any gamer's patience. We've encountered near-impossible chasms requiring ludicrous gymnastics if you mess up an initial series of homing attacks, a sequence of rolling snowballs while respawning enemies bully the blue blur, and a snowboarding level with controls that, bizarrely, feel as if they're operating on a digital — not analogue — set of inputs. While not representative of the whole experience, stages such as these — and others that feel like over-enthusiastic labyrinths with no end — have a damaging effect on the wider campaign.

That's not to say that Lost World on 3DS doesn't have some positive moments. Bold levels that strip back filler puzzles and focus on platforming can be a treat, and the streamlined move-set and parkour capabilities are reasonably accessible. As well as dashing, jumping and homing attacks, options to bounce as a ball and run up and alongside walls — with a button tap given a slight extension in distance — eventually feel natural. One similarity with its Wii U brethren, however, is that we'd question whether younger gamers will be able to handle the manoeuvres and skills required, especially in the aforementioned stages that are poorly designed.

What this title does offer is plenty of variety, however, with Wisp powers being particularly important in multiple stages. They're often mandatory to progress, and in some cases cleverly incorporate subtle motion controls; favourites of ours include the drill and a heavy rock that you roll by tilting the handheld left and right, bringing to mind certain powers in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Motion controls also feature in Special Stages, though these are less subtle and really require you to stand up and swivel around on the spot — not for the bus commute, then. You gather up Chaos Emeralds by flying around obstacle courses in space, and if you manage to collect them all you deserve the treat that awaits, as these special stages — opened up by performing well in campaign levels — become fiendishly difficult.

Overall, the campaign veers from decent moments to drawn-out stages that exasperate rather than satisfy. Completionists can seek out red coins and target better grades in each level, but we suspect most will just be happy to see the end of some more confusing and agitating levels. Therein lies the great flaw with this effort from Dimps — too much of the game simply isn't fun.

For those that do gain more from this experience, there are extras in which to indulge. Each level (and participation in other modes) awards resources that can be used in Tail's Lab — you can create RC vehicles to help you in game by shooting enemies, or one that you can fly to safety; if you want to transfer vehicles to a Wii U version of the game you also need to upgrade the lab itself. You'll need to play plenty of single player and multiplayer levels to accumulate worthwhile resources, though options to pick up random materials by spending Play Coins helps; some minor planning ahead is advised.

Time Trials are present and correct, in which you can blast through favourite levels and post a score online. There are also Race, Battle and Special Stage multiplayer modes that support up to four players; pleasingly these include local play (in which all players own a copy), Download Play and online matches. Race is likely to be the most popular mode, as you dash through levels as quickly as possible; it's always a fun diversion. Battles take place in relatively small arenas, and as well as collecting as many rings as possible there are a selection of power-ups that can be used to attack opponents; this is an enjoyable option, albeit one lacking the simple pleasure of races. Special Stage matches incorporate the aforementioned Chaos Emerald levels, so that's one to play in a spacious room with no observers.

These extra modes are all welcome, and selecting favoured stages in any of these options is as pleasurable as expected. Unfortunately, this is a title riddled with poorly designed stages, or in some cases areas of stages. These issues vary in form, whether with sudden deaths, cruel one-shot combos or, unforgivably, tedious stages that barely resemble a Sonic game at all, but instead rely upon unimaginative sub-tasks in open areas before progress is allowed. Throw in fiddly controls that — though workable for experienced gamers — intimidate younger or less experienced gamers, and this is a Sonic adventure that comes across as a hotch-potch of ideas, some of which shouldn't have made it past the concept stage.


Sonic Lost World on the 3DS has glimpses of excellence, but these flashes are overwhelmed by numerous mediocre stages and a few that are poorly designed and, as a result, too taxing to encourage enjoyment. In trying to incorporate 3D environments and ideas from the Wii U title, Dimps has rather tied Sonic's red boots together, causing him to often stumble and fall. Dedicated franchise fans may be able to make a reasonable attempt at gleaning some satisfaction from this one, but for most it will be a distinctly average experience.

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User Comments (103)



Yomerodes said:

Wow, when it comes to dissapoint, Sonic is one of the best...they should have put more effort on the 3DS, it might as well was the version with the best chances of success.



Gamer83 said:

Thanks for saving me some $ Thomas. Looks like A Link Between Worlds will be my 3DS game for this fall. I held out slight hope for this one but I kind of figured all along Zelda would be the better of the two, this pretty much confirms it.



paburrows said:

This reminds me when there were tons of bad reviews for last years Mickey Mouse game and it was probably my favorite 3DS game that year. I played this game at Comic-Con and its awesome go out and get it, ignore the reviews.



RaymanFan2 said:

Literally called rings 'coins' in third-to-last paragraph

But yeah, after everyone except me hated Generations on 3DS, I think I'll still be getting this (in fact, both versions).



WYLD-WOO said:

Last night a hedgehog ruined my life. I purchased this game yesterday to play with my brother`s son that is 10 years old. Last year, I passed on all my old consoles that still work to him including the Master System and my beloved Megadrive. He loved all the older sonic games and we have completed them together only a few months ago. We were both really disappointed with the pace of the 3D levels. The game seems like it has been rushed in its development process. I think the review score is quite kind, my score would have been 3/10. The sonic from old has been lost in my World...



Kirk said:

A 5 for the DS version and a 7 for the Wii U version.

Another bad Sonic game.



ninjalink said:

Reviewers just don't like sonic games, nearly every sonic game gets a bad score yet when I play those games their the most amazing game I'v ever played



gamingreal said:

i preorder my copy at game but no text yet saying that its in ??
i guess as i preordered it already i will still pick it up but cant deny that im a little disappointed by dimps yet again (if the review is accurate).
half tempted just to drop my £5 spent on the preorder and pick up gta 5 instead...



cammy said:

That's disappointing to hear. Was looking forward to this, to play with my son who is a big Sonic fan.



WYLD-WOO said:

In my opinion this website is the best around and the reviews are always spot on. Most of the reviewers at NL have played and loved sonic as children including myself. This is just a really poor game, if anything I would have thought they may have over scored the review because of their childhood love for the blue blur. I was really hoping the kids in my life could experience what I did when I was young.



Socar said:

You know what? I'm gonna get this 3DS game! Once it comes out in US.....



Spoony_Tech said:

Can't say I didn't see this coming. It often happens when they try to make the portable version similar to the console version. Something just gets lost along the way! Would've picked this up if it rated at least a 7 but will still probably get it one day when its super cheap! Well at least ill save some money!



gamingreal said:

Ign gave the wii u version a bad score, not that id normally go by ign reviews but the reviewer sounded like they actually played sonic games... so much potential what on earth happened to it all??



Spoony_Tech said:

@gamingreal If Game is like Gamestop here in the states you shouldn't lose your money! Just say I don't want that game and they should move it to whatever you want instead.



gamingreal said:

@Spoony_Tech thanks didn't think of that, might wait for some 3ds video reviews before i make my mind up. I have pokemon x and steam world dig(on sale) so my 3ds is kitted out for the time being just need more home console games so gta v (although im more interested in gta online) seems like a safe bet



ueI said:

This may be the lowest score I've seen for a portable sonic game.



SphericalCrusher said:

The WiiU game is a day one buy for me. I'm probably going to wait on this version and maybe grab Sonic Generations on 3DS when I can (I own Generations on Xbox 360 already)



Whopper744 said:

Crap. COme on really. I was really hoping for something good here. I still say (IMO) the best time for Sonic was with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance. Anyway that's just me.



ferrers405 said:

I can't believe it's another bad game, a sad, sad day for me... I love Sonic, but... Still going to play anyway.



LordessMeep said:

Ouch. I was going to purchase a retail copy but looks like this might be a miss. Well, I'll just hang around and wait for Ace Attorney 5 now.



Captain_Toad said:

"probably short development time that started after wiiu version was complete"
really dimps?
"Cheap level design with near impossible chasms.."
"Unforgiving death with one shot combos"
Dimps Dimps Dimps.......
I'll give it a rent and see if I like it because at least it doesn't seem as short as 3DS generations.

Sometimes Dimps cant be trusted on making sonic games that doesn't have cheap lvl design...or at least not get pressed 4 development time.



Knuckles said:

Darn it, I was hoping for a higher score but I will still get this regardless.



WYLD-WOO said:


Just thinking how dimps sounds a bit little a STD. "Yeah, I got back from a weekend away in Eastern Europe and caught a dose of the dimps."



Jeankito said:

I really don't understand why they keep making such crap games for the 3ds . It's not the most powerful system but let's say it's equivalent to a psp or a gamecube. They were some magnificent titles for the psp and the gamecube. Big 3d environments. In fact take spyro for the ps1. Great game with great visuals. I just don't understand why they can't do the same with the 3ds . They say they can't because of "Hardware limitations" yet the gamecube/psp games were amazing and this has about or even better hardware than both of these systems.



NintyMan said:

Ouch, this is quite a disappointment for the 3DS version, which actually seemed pretty promising. I'll play the Wii U version, but maybe not this one.



johndevine said:

The reason Sonic games always turn out disappointing is because people actually expect them to be good.

They are always poopsiedoodlecacapoopiedoodoos. They always have been and always will be. Nostalgia seems to cloud ex Sega fans judgement.

This game is getting reviews which are pretty much as I expected.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



unrandomsam said:

Are the 2D parts 60fps ? (The first part being about the cutscenes which I universally skip. (Rondo of Blood being the only recent exception)). Hard for me to decide because I like games where without practice I can barely play them. (And speed - 3d land and NSMB2 were a total waste of time for me. Slow and incredibly easy). What did Famitsu give this version ? (I prefer dsiware Commando : Steel Disaster (which got 5 here) to dsiware Shantae (Which got 10 but was loads too short and easy). Makes things much more risky for me buying games.



Mauhiho said:

This just proves that I will never again look at a review to convince myself whether I should buy the game or not.



unrandomsam said:

@johndevine I would agree about it being reviewed how I expected. But any recent Mario game has been so easy and dull that for me playing them has been utterly worthless. (Same applies to Mario Kart). I prefer classic Mario to Sonic (Ristar to any 16 bit Sonic). But All Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U or PC) and PC Sonic Generations is light years better than any recent 3d 2d Mario or Mario Kart . (I think it would be still too easy playing using your nose on the circle pad) .



unrandomsam said:

@Mauhiho Problem with that is (At least when I tried it) the amount of money you waste. What I ended up doing is having to read the text of loads of them but it is still not very accurate. (Buy 2 games at £20 only hoping to like one is what I am going to start doing I think with this type of stuff). Nintendo's recent Mario output at full price was even worse because I was basically expecting perfection.

(Fairly sure I will prefer this to 3D Land for example. Think the glimpses of excellence mentioned are more than likely genuine. Whereas I was somewhat indifferent to playing the levels on 3D Land once but I really disliked having to play levels I didn't like the first time again lots of time to get the coins to progress).



Ralizah said:

Yeah, I thought this might happen. Glad I didn't preorder this.

I don't. I need him to repeat the same sentence another 10 times!



retro_player_22 said:

Well for Sonic's sake Sega should now just return him back to his 2D side for the handheld as his 3D outing aren't working quite as good as it should.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Maybe if they went back to focusing on exclusive handheld releases for Sonic (like the Advance trilogy and the Rush duology) instead of churning out watered down ports of console releases, they could come up with a good one that I'd be interested in getting. I mean, why would you get this version if you could get the full experience of the Wii U version instead? They're really limiting their audience with this strategy.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Now the comments are going to pretend that Colors and Generations were bad games to keep up a narrative of "all Sonic games are bad" which isn't the case.

That said, this is being made by Dimps. This was not an unexpected outcome for the 3DS version.



unrandomsam said:

@SparkOfSpirit Famitsu gave the Wii U version one point higher I have just found out. (If they were biased they were likely biased in both cases). I loved (Steam) Generations so I think I will give them the benefit of the doubt when I get a Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

(Closest I have to a publication that generally likes the stuff I do. Even though a perfect score isn't as perfect as it used to be from them).



TheGZeus said:

GREAT. There goes 5 bucks of pre-order. Guess I'll get some batteries? Whatever...

Thanks, DIMPS. Thank you for making me feel like a chump because I can't afford to buy a Wii U for the 5-10 games I'd actually play.



TheGZeus said:

@BulbasaurusRex How is it limiting anything? There are more 3DS out there than Wii U. I think Sega was just hedging their bets, and bet on DIMPS for some reason. I had the 3DS version on pre-order, knowing it wouldn't be as good as the Wii U version. Why? Because I don't have 300 bucks to spend on a console that has maybe 10 games I want available, and since most of that is eShop only, I may as well invest in a new external hard drive... looking at that, I may as well wait for the PS4 release and buy a cheap used PS3.
Oh, and I found the Rush games to be a super-sonic attack of Hold Right To Win... Unless You Die.
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH-WIN/DEAD with no idea how you did either. TOO fast.



3MonthBeef said:

Read somewhere someone else said all they have to do is take Green Hills Zone and make 12 more levels like that.



TheSonicdude97 said:

Forget the reviews everyone! Play the game to see if you like it for real. Sonic Lost World on 3DS is amazing beyond any expectation!!~



KnightOfNothing said:

I'm still really looking forward to the game. Its not a carbon copy of the wii u version which gives a reason to try it. I have to disagree with some people who say this game is no good. Its not a easy game to get into, i get that but once you learn to speed run and use all of Sonic's abilities to their fullest, it really is a fun and enjoyable game that changes up the formula of the usual 3D sonic games. Dont let the reviews fool you, it really is enjoyable. I say we should all try it for ourselves.



Dexter2015 said:

3rd party games suck compare to First party and this year's first party on the 3ds and wiiU is stronger them ever!!



StarDust4Ever said:

Folks, whenever a 3D console platformer gets shoehorned into a handheld game for concurent release, don't buy it. It's almost always worse than the console version. Why? Because the engine was designed for the more powerful console hardware, and they have to gimp parts the game to get the engine to work right.



WaxxyOne said:

What?! A sonic game that shows promise and then turns out to be mediocre garbage?!! For only the 20th time in a row?!! Shocking!!



Genesaur said:

Had a feeling about this. S'why I got the Wii U version and am not expecting to get the 3DS one. It was clear from the get-go that this version wasn't receiving the same level of attention and polish.

@StarDust I dunno; the DS version of Sonic Colours was pretty good.



audiobrainiac said:

Still have to get it. Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate got some horrible reviews and i LOVE that game. Is this RETAIL stores ONLY, or eshop release as well?



Xjarnold said:

NOOOO! Sonic was looking so good with Colors and generations... SEGA! Why'd you do me like this?



hYdeks said:

really only a 5??? mehh, it still looks really good to me as a Sonic fan and Im looking at that luigi's mansion bundle and this.



RinCartwright said:

I think a lot of the Sonic games don't get good reviews unless they do something really different. And when they do do something different, they get bad reviews. Well, I'm still going to get this anyways.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@TheGZeus While you do fit the target audience, a good portion of the 3DS userbase has or will eventually get a Wii U, in which case they have no reason to consider these watered-down ports. If they focused on making good handheld exclusives, they could market them to the entire 3DS userbase.



EpicJonah said:

The only problem I've seen is that the controls are a bit slipperier than the Wii U version and the special gyros stages. If you want a good example of the game, watch Cobanermani456.



Slionr said:

For my part, it was pretty alright!^^
The controls are a bit floaty (the platforming) and I hate the use of gyro-controls in special-stages (almost on par with sonic heroes special-stages) and one wisp-power. Seems like they knew that in the special-stages where a pain, since I was able to clear them with only a couple of failures thanks to decent time. And the cut-scenes are so blurry and pixelated -.-

BUT the level-designs are different and unique, giving it a sonic 1 feel, in the regard it had platforming-stages with exploration ( a bit more than the original though), and some fast-speed lvls (with inspiration of Mario Galaxy)^^ Sonic is still fast and charming, with nice worlds and a ranking-system that still shows you gotta go fast, but do explore to get the highest ranking. Fun power-ups (except one who demands gyro-controlls) and the elemental-shield is really lovely to see again. I would lie if I said there where some lvls I didnt enjoy, but still.... that felt so minor since there where in my eyes just 2 lvls I really didnt enjoy.

I would give a 7. Its a good recommendation for sonic-fans and those who are new to the series as a start.

Its a bumpy ride. But still fast and fun^^



Ristar42 said:

As a Sonic fan since '91 this is one of the better late games I've played in the series, levels are varied, the controls actually work really well for the most part (with the exception of the gyro) and I also like the slower pace of some levels. The 'button to run' mechanic lessens the problem with speeding off ledges and provides improved control, there are new game play mechanics like the wall run which work well, and if you get stuck with a particularly challenging sequence, the game even helps you out with handy little RC vehicles.

With the snowboarding stage, if you hold up on the analogue slider and curve to steer, you get a much better sense of control than just pushing left or right.

I really don’t understand the low ratings on this, if you're a Sonic fan, I would recommend trying this game.



iPruch said:

I can't believe NL is one of those giving this awesome game bad scores without good reasons.

If Sonic Generations (3DS version) was worth a 7 ( http://www.nintendolife.com/reviews/2011/11/sonic_generations_3ds ) , then Sonic Lost World for 3DS deserves at least a 9. Therefore, maybe that 7 was too much for Generations 3DS (that's what I think, because the "big" version of Generations was a very good game but not perfect, 8-9 worth), maybe NL are just following the others footsteps (which is something I believed they didn't and that was the main reason to read NL instead of that bunch of polemic-generators=getting-twice-clicks/visits), or maybe both.

In any case, I'm very disappointed. As a Sonic fan I've been always looking forward to new games, but I've also been as unbiased as I could. I admit that Sonic has been falling since more than 10 years, with some particular titles being horribly bad. Hopefully, I saw him rising again, and that rise started with Rush followed by Colours, 4 (ep. 2) and Generations. Even in these last titles there have been ups and downs (Sonic Generations 3DS, Unleashed...), but generally better and better. And now that I've played both versions of Sonic Lost World I can't believe this effort by media and critic to bring them down. I can't understand WHY! If it isnt about generating polemic to achieve more visitors and click rate, I don't see the point. And if it is exactly that (or any other "ethics-lack" matter), then I won't believe in reviewers anymore.



iPruch said:

@Mauhiho Agree with you. I enjoy much more the 3DS version than the Wii U's one. And I also won't read any reviews to convince myself to buy or not. If I did I would have missed this awesome game.



Socar said:

so were you able to get through all the special stages? I saw a few of them including the last one and I really don't know how I can use the gyroscope movement once I get the game



GreatPlayer said:

I am getting Sonic The Lost World Wii U version no matter what. If it is good, I am going to buy a 3DS so that I can play the 3DS version.



GreatPlayer said:

@unrandomsam I played the Steam version of Sonic Generations - never encountered a single issue. Sonic Generations is probably one of my most favourite Sonic games.



Royalblues said:

The last great Sonic game was Sonic Rush part 1 for the Nintendo DS. How many years ago did that come out?
At this point, Sonic is better off staying on handhelds. Standalone games, not complimentary games to Wii U games.



segasonic3039 said:

It's generally enjoyable. The game has many problems;trial and error gameplay,the practical impossibility of using the circle pad,generally terrible story,and the fact that the wisps are almost impossible to control with the exception of lightning. The special stages are terrible,even compared to the ones in games like the original cd or heroes. As many as i can name,most of them come down to horrible control. I used the D-pad for the full game,which highly improves the game. The level themes,while mario like,are fun and interesting. Super sonic is sort of worth it,as his speed increases his jump and and his ability to climb walls. If you make electic shields,you will never lose him. You will make several S ranks with him. The rc system is reliable,though only if you make several of the specific one you need. The Music is great as usual,especially the eggman and deadly six boss themes (SPOILERS!!!!! EGGMAN IS BAD!) Eggman steals the show in every sense,being a better main character than sonic. Which brings me to the story and characters. Eggman is funny as usual,but is much more compassionate than usual. Sonic is his ususal cocky self,but almos to the point of being a douche,though when he makes fun of and interacts with the deadly six,it is pretty funny. Tails has anger issues and mood swings,no clue why. The deadly six;Zavok is evil...thats it. Zomnom is fat and stupid...thats it. Zor is emo....thats it. Zeena is vain and self centered,hey look another one with two adjectives! Zazz is nuts,and zik is that guy from karate kid. Bosses? Zazz is pathetic,zomnom is longer and pathetic,zik is annoying if you dont know that it controls like an actual circle,and that it takes turning the circle/d-pad in a circle. Zeena is pathetic if you can control lightning,which can kill her in two hits, zor takes no effort,and zavok is the only hard boss. Eggman is pathetic. Though this is mostly negative,i find myself with the cartridge still sitting in my 3ds,waiting for me to play it after school. and i do so,so there must be something i like. The controls are able to be gotten used to,so id say 6.5 at least.



Socar said:

If only the demo would be out, I can at least try out one level!!!!!!



WispMetas said:

Only play like 5 zones after completing the game...really...REALLY desapointed...and i have never been desapointed with a sonic game before.. (yes not even Sonic 06)



jasonbra said:

i actually like the demo quite a bit. havent tried it on the wiiu yet. will pick this up at some point i think.



daveh30 said:

I've been really enjoying the Wii U version, and just downloaded the 3DS demo... the 3DS demo might actually be better. This is a pretty solid title, and people should at least give the demo a try. I don't think this review does the game justice, and people really should try it for themselves...



Justaguest said:

oh my.. guess Ill be on side with people who actually liked this game after all. I just tried the demo version and I liked it. While I almost gave up on this game seeing the first cutscene in such atrocious quality I gotta say I had a lot of fun. I love speed and this game doesnt waste any time and thats what I like. While it is one of the slower sonic games it is fast enough for me. All 3ds games seem so slow I need something like this right now to spice up my gaming experience with 3ds:p



unrandomsam said:

I have played the demo 3 times now and I liked it better every time I play it.

(Got some enjoyment out of it I didn't get out of the entirety of 3D Land).

What I want to know now is - is the quality similar to that demo level throughout the game ?



mayhem13 said:

There is a demo for this game on the 3DS and Wii U, I suggest you people get off an opinion/review site and just play the demos and makeup your own minds. I have both games, I like both. Some people prefer the 3DS version, some prefer the Wii U. Some think they both stink. Either way...demos exist. Play them. I definately don't think this is a 5 out of 10. It's not flawless, the cutscreens are ugly, controls on both versions are odd and the Gyro special stages made me sick. But everything else I generally enjoyed in the 3DS version. Try the demos, make up your minds



RetroJosh said:

Can't believe there's people out there that actually had thoughts of buying a game but then don't because of a review.
Many times have a game gotten bad reviews but I still loved the game. Don't let reviews stop you, I'm loving this game, its something different in a Sonic game, and I love the banter between Robotnik & Sonic/Tails!



ThrowMeBarrel said:

@RetroJosh because people are sheep and easily fooled by hype, also this site is mostly pro 1st party releases aka zelda/mario/pokemon etc which makes me think they obviously have some kind of business deal with nintendo. If this game is so bad, How can a game like zelda which is recycling the same old things over and over with repetitive gameplay deserve such high scores or mario who has been living off gimmicks since the wii? Play the game first to decide for yourself, The same critics also spoken out badly about the Sonic adventure series upon release but these games are now regarded as a sega and dreamcast classics and are very sought after and played by fans today . The problem is everybody is hyper critical because of media and social networks, When the dreamcast was available none of this mass hype and social blogging was going around before release so it was an easy decision to buy a game based on if we just like the look of it but now everybody is brainwashing us and are super competitive to a point where it's barely about the games, Just enjoy it who cares if somebody else didn't like the game not everybody has the same taste.



Sforzando said:

This is quite a late comment, but yeah screw reviews. The demo was tons of fun, with great graphics/gameplay so the game is worth a try in my eyes.



TheNumberHunter said:

What a bad review, did you seriously complain about the cutscenes? Would you rather have boring text boxes over full CG movies from the console title that, although compressed, look awesome?

Anyway this game is awesome and more challenging than any Mario title.

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