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Eggman,best thing ever. That's it.

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Wed 6th Nov 2013

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segasonic3039 commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (3DS):

It's generally enjoyable. The game has many problems;trial and error gameplay,the practical impossibility of using the circle pad,generally terrible story,and the fact that the wisps are almost impossible to control with the exception of lightning. The special stages are terrible,even compared to the ones in games like the original cd or heroes. As many as i can name,most of them come down to horrible control. I used the D-pad for the full game,which highly improves the game. The level themes,while mario like,are fun and interesting. Super sonic is sort of worth it,as his speed increases his jump and and his ability to climb walls. If you make electic shields,you will never lose him. You will make several S ranks with him. The rc system is reliable,though only if you make several of the specific one you need. The Music is great as usual,especially the eggman and deadly six boss themes (SPOILERS!!!!! EGGMAN IS BAD!) Eggman steals the show in every sense,being a better main character than sonic. Which brings me to the story and characters. Eggman is funny as usual,but is much more compassionate than usual. Sonic is his ususal cocky self,but almos to the point of being a douche,though when he makes fun of and interacts with the deadly six,it is pretty funny. Tails has anger issues and mood swings,no clue why. The deadly six;Zavok is evil...thats it. Zomnom is fat and stupid...thats it. Zor is emo....thats it. Zeena is vain and self centered,hey look another one with two adjectives! Zazz is nuts,and zik is that guy from karate kid. Bosses? Zazz is pathetic,zomnom is longer and pathetic,zik is annoying if you dont know that it controls like an actual circle,and that it takes turning the circle/d-pad in a circle. Zeena is pathetic if you can control lightning,which can kill her in two hits, zor takes no effort,and zavok is the only hard boss. Eggman is pathetic. Though this is mostly negative,i find myself with the cartridge still sitting in my 3ds,waiting for me to play it after school. and i do so,so there must be something i like. The controls are able to be gotten used to,so id say 6.5 at least.