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I'm a person. 3DS name: mike (lowercase) alert me if you add me so I can add you.

Mon 26th Nov 2012

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Pixelrobin commented on Goodbye Galaxy Games' Hugo Smits Unveils Gomba...:

@HugoSmits You are amazing. Thank you. Will the "Til based movement" have smoother transitions? That is, can everything move by pixel to at least get to the specified tile? From what I saw, Its more like a real time strategy game. That limits things quite a bit. I'm guessing I won't be too hard to add.



Pixelrobin commented on Scirra's Construct 2 Engine to Support Wii U N...:

Alright YoyoGames, get GameMaker in there too!

Construct 2 is a great engine but seems very limited when compared to Gamemaker in my own opinion.

But then there's the Unity Framework. The best one out there. Now supports 2D. Nobody's using it. Wow.



Pixelrobin commented on Review: Urban Trial Freestyle (3DS eShop):

Great game. Ragdoll (when you fall off your bike) physics are the best but worst I have ever seen . At some points the rider would go fully into a wall when you crash. I suppose since they do not affect the gameplay, That's fine.
On another note: It takes a few hours to update your world record and by then someone could have beat it. I have found out about the picture thing before and I'm Mike. My picture is taken upside-down on purpose. This is truly a great game. Highly recommended to anyone by me :3. Now excuse me while I go try to beat Nlife's scores...



Pixelrobin commented on Review: Farming Simulator 3D (3DS eShop):

This gsme is a lot of fun. Just because this is pretty much the only game that relies on the manual accesible at the home menu, people give it no credit for tutorials. You are not limited to wheat. You can easily switch seed types by tapping a simple button. The corn can be cut whole or harvested for chaff which you can use to make biofuel. Its a bit bland at first for those that expect a tutorial on everything. But once you get the hang of it, buy a few fields and trucks, you will be playong for hours straight. You had to figure things out in VVVVVV. So what? Overall, I give this game 7-8/10. Its about time gaming got a bitharder again. I agree they could've added more but that doesn't mean its not playable or not fun.
But the puns.......Oh the puns



Pixelrobin commented on Talking Point: The Positive Power of Gaming:

The life changing games were not made for addicts. They may be made to gain profit, but they are made with quality and time. If you make a highly addicting bad game, congratulations: you just ruined yet someone else's life. I appreciate companies such as nintendo who try to find unique, innovative, and quality gaming.



Pixelrobin commented on Feature: Nintendo Battle - Donkey Kong: Tablet...:

Wow what treasures. DK was always a favorite for me and I believe it was the very first nintendo game I have ever played. I still see the original DK at arcades that haven't been updated in a while. Thats when I realize I have no loose change.