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Takashi Tezuka: Mario Maker Won't Move Quite Like the Original Mario Bros.

Posted by Tim Latshaw

And a 3DS version isn't out of the question

We know that Mario Maker will allow players to craft levels that look akin to the original Super Mario Bros. (among other titles), but will those levels have the same feel of momentum that the NES had?

In speaking with Jeremy Parish over at USgamer, producer Takashi Tezuka noted that Mario doesn't control the same way in today's games that he did in his debut and wants to reflect some of that greater ease even in retro-styled levels:

My greatest challenge right now is that the physics of the original Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. are very different. So, people who are used to today's Mario games might have a hard time with the original if they're not accustomed to it. With Mario Maker, the retro Mario style looks that way visually, but the controls are a little bit closer to today's Marios.

I have a feeling that if I make the original Mario style content control like the original Mario, people used to current Mario may not enjoy it. So, we haven't carried those exact physics over. Yet there are parts, of course, that I don't want to let go, that I want to continue.

Tezuka also said that a 3DS version of Mario Maker is "possible," but the Wii U has been the go-to platform for its greater performance and creative options:

I have thought about it. But right now we think it's best for the Wii U Game Pad. I don't know if a 3DS version would work the same exact way, but maybe if Mario Maker does well on Wii U and people really love it, I might consider doing something for 3DS. Right now, the Wii U hardware has a lot more power, so you can fit a lot more enemies and elements on the course. That's why we prefer this hardware. But of course, I am interested in the idea of a portable version.

The full interview is available on USgamer and worth the read, especially to see more of Tezuka's philosophies when approaching an open-ended game such as this. Are you satisfied with a more modern-moving Mario, or would you rather go purely oldschool on retro-styled courses? Let us know below.


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sillygostly said:

I hope that we can create entire worlds with the game and share them (as opposed to one level at a time), and 5-player multiplayer a la New Super Mario Bros U would be so sweet.



TruenoGT said:

I was really wondering about this when they showed the switchable graphics. I'd say I prefer the tighter action of the original SMB, but the new physics have a place also. It would be really cool to play with SMB physics and the 3D graphics... I wonder if it's even possible. Platformers changed a lot when they went to 3D graphics from sprites.



DilMan33 said:

I would just prefer the original NES physics and graphics.

Also, I am glad I wasn't mad thinking that NSMB does in fact have different physics to the original game.



johndevine said:

As someone who has owned played and completed all the Mario games since Super Mario Bros... This was the first thing that came into my mind when I seen the E3 coverage of this title.

Playing Mario in the older graphical style with the newer gameplay style is gonna mess with my brain.

Being honest, Im worried about this title.

My belief in Tezuka was unfailing. Until Yoshis Island on the 3DS. Which was the worst Nintendo update Ive played in a long time.

Finished it, but was ultimately disappointed in it.

Also not holding out much hope for Yarn Yoshi. Graphics are good. But initial videos havent rocked my world. Too slow.

I hope Mario Maker is good. I guess its an important title for the Wii u.



EarthboundBenjy said:

It's easier for the casual person to understand the difference between "NES Graphics" and "Wii Graphics" than it is to understand the difference between "The physics the NES game had" and "The physics the Wii game had".
I can understand this decision entirely.



NintyMan said:

I can understand how the physics between games can be a challenge. NES mario would seem pretty heavy compared to NSMBU Mario. If they add Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, there's even more differences in jumping physics right there.

It would be neat if we can create our own boss situations as well.



hiptanaka said:

@Croz Because offering both variations of the physics would mess up things completely. If you designed a level around a certain jump height, running speed, etc, it would break when switching. Locking it to a specific one seems like the better way. Which one doesn't really matter. Both play great.



Einherjar said:

Well, id be glad if they would stick to the newer physics formular
Quite honestly, i suck at the original super mario bros...



ThreadShadow said:

So much for it being as fun as it should be. Being hogtied to NSMB physics is going to annoy me so much! The physics in NSMB is one of the things that annoys me about NSMB. I still like it but it's my least favorite Mario series. Why can't we have an option for physics?



sinalefa said:

I had no idea they will also allow a music editor. Now this game sounds even better.



V8_Ninja said:

@johndevine Takashi Tezuka actually had nothing to do with Yoshi's New Island. It was handled by Arzest, a company formed by ex-Artoon staff. Artoon is most known for handling the 2006 Yoshi's Island DS. Unfortunately, it seems that when Artoon became defunct in 2010 all of the talent went to places other than Arzest.

As for the main topic, I'm happy that Tezuka is working on Mario Maker rather than another New Super Mario Bros. game. To me he has always seemed more like a behind-the-scenes type of guy, so him working on what is (mostly) a tool seems to fit the strengths I imagine him having. That and his philosophy when it comes to the New Super Mario Bros. games probably doesn't work in favor of the series in the long-run.



Kirk said:

Just make sure you can f'n share your creations online Nintendo; you outdated backward twits at times.

We shouldn't even f'n have to worry that this might not happen in this day and age and ESPECIALLY with a game like this but based on what I read on GameSpot it seems that this might indeed be the case.

Totally and utterly ridiculous.



DreamOn said:

I'm not bothered either way. Whatever they implement I'll be happy to play.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Kirk that would be a complete waste if they didn't but I'm struggling to see any sort of confirmation of sharing except on IGN's youtube video. If they do it for Pullblox, they'll do it for Mario



unrandomsam said:

The best thing about NSMB is wall jumps but old Super Mario Bros doesn't have them. (And they are not forced anywhere near enough.)



JaxonH said:

Good call. NSMBU physics are spot on. Times change, physics improve, and one thing you absolutely cannot argue with is the supremely fine tuned physics of modern Mario platformers. The original Super Mario Bros physics are dated, limited and just downright inferior. I like the retro look, but there's so much more control with modern physics. There's no reason to drive in a beat up Delorean when we have a perfect good 2012 Mustang at our disposal.



Anguspuss said:

as long as we can easily share mad mario levels who cares.
Now we can finally delude ourselfs we could design a better mario game



ejamer said:

Disagree all the way. The new controls are slippery and awkward. I much much prefer the original physics - to the point where this might be a deal breaker for me. In fact, while playing NES Remix today one of my biggest peeves was that you could tell the in-game physics for Mario weren't the same and it messed with my timing. Hugely disappointing!

That said, it's all a matter of personal preference and what you get used to. I grew up spending countless hours playing the original NES games so it's no surprise that I prefer those controls. People who grow up with NSMB games will likely differ.



JaxonH said:


Actually I was born in the early 80's. I grew up with those games, but I just recognize that physics were limited by the technology of the era. It was great at the time, but I would never choose those old physics over what we have today. I hate jumping and not being able to control your velocity or direction until you land.

Idk, I like the games I grew up with. They'll always have a special place in my heart, but I love games today WAY more. I was actually playing DKC2 Diddy's Kong Quest today (my #1 childhood favorite of all time), and it was amazing, as it always has been. But it made me realize how great Returns and Tropical Freeze really are in comparison. I will say that SMB3 and SMW were much, MUCH improved over the original Super Mario Bros, but I still find New Super Mario Bros U to be the pinnacle of 2D Mario platforming. But hey, that's just me.



noctowl said:

Just let me easily download other people's levels. Don't restrict it to qr codes.



Megumi said:

They could have just thrown in both options, but whatever is fine by me.



DBPirate said:

I know Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World will definitely be featured art styles but I'd also like to see Super Mario Bros. 2 (doubtful...but still) and it would also be nice to see the drawing-like style of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island but maybe that's stretching it. Tezuka did say he would like to include other franchises and as I THINK he worked on some Yoshi games, I hope it will be included.



MadAdam81 said:

@JaxonH I agree. They obviously haven't improved as much as the graphics, but they are definitely better (for most people) and allow you to do about 3 times as many things.



Dreamz said:

There's zero reason why they can't implement both. We can already switch between old and new graphical styles, why not just have the movement style change to match it?



DiscoGentleman said:

@Dreamz agreed.
We need both. Why please the retro crowd only in graphics? If you're offering that retro look, you need to offer the physics. No other way about it. Hopefully they reconsider this.



WiiLovePeace said:

I enjoy both the New Super Mario Bros. games & the original ones so I don't mind this at all. The new ones physics work a lot better whereas the old ones are almost broken in comparison. I can see why they went with the New series' physics.



GreatPlayer said:

The game is probably one of the greatest idea. I have been bored playing Nintendo-made platforming games and now I can play user-made levels. Sweet!



alwaysasn said:

Ok fine... How about this: DLC... Nintendo want's to start incopoorating that anyway.

1) Make the game slightly cheaper and give DLC options like SMB2/3/world graphics.

2) Make a DLC pack with different physic engines.



argol228 said:

I just hope they add in other characters. I want to play using Peach. even if she doesn't have her float.



TeeJay said:

@ejamer "Slippery and awkward" is actually exactly how I would describe the original physics. Seriously, how are the modern physics slippery? They're tight and fine-tuned as hell. You can correct your jump trajectory on a dime. Whereas in the original once you make a jump you're basically commited to your jump arc with little control for correction.



HyperSonicEXE said:

I feel so helpless with the new physics.
I can DEFINITELY rock the old physics, even slippery SMB3 and SMW, to an extent.



LztheQuack said:

He also mentioned the possibility of using other games. This could get very interesting...



NodesforNoids said:

30$ for the game (with an online community and near endless levels, two seperate graphics engines and a music editor) they could do a 10$ art pack (they'd likely do 7-10$ per art style, considering the coding for each individual set) and a 10$ physics pack (seeing as they haven't used the truly 'retro' physics in over 20 years, I doubt they'd have an easily translated set just lying around and would have to rewrite the entire physics engine).



0utburst said:

The only difference I think is you can jump when stomping enemies. If you want the old physics, just don't jump LOL.



Beau_Skunk said:

I don't know, as somebody who's played the original SMB & Lost Levels many times, I'm quite used to the original physics, so it's going to throw me off (and other old-school fans) playing with 8-bit style graphics, but modern-style physics...
Would be better if they let you switch the physics, as somebody previously suggested.
(And remove the tile details from the 8-bit version to when you're done customizing. While it's handy for designing it kinda spoils the original 8-bit style a bit.)

Also, here's hoping for SMB2/USA, SMB3, and SMW-style graphic sets to.



jariw said:

@Nintenjoe64 @Kirk If you read the original USGamer source article for this news, Tezuka talks quite a lot about the sharing of levels online, and his design goals related to that.



unrandomsam said:

@TeeJay You can correct your jump trajectory on the original Super Mario Bros using left. (Holding right and tapping left with the bottom of your thumb).



Inkling said:

I have a feeling that if there's DLC for this, there will be a F2P version.

I don't know why though



6ch6ris6 said:

for the time the original was released the controls were amazing but nowadays they really fell a tiny little bit awkward. i think it is good that it will feel more like the new mario games.



LavaTwilight said:

I just want them to allow us to create longer levels. The feel I got from the demo's and E3 videos is that the size of the levels are very short. Hopefully this was just because it's in it's alpha state but I'm sure we'll see soon enough.



Nathan said:

There should be an option to have the original physics when using the original style. For crying out loud. And also, they better include the Super Mario World style in the finished product, heck, why not all styles? There is something wrong if they can't pull that off.



TeeJay said:

@unrandomsam Yeah hardly. That's why in my comment I said "little control". Pressing left hardly changes your jump trajectory in any significant manner at all. Or at least not fast enough to be of any real use if you need to correct a mistake.



Dogpigfish said:

I agree. Things have changed since 1983. Less people should chuck their controller in 2014. I hope its exactly like the new Mario's. Im playing super mario world and even that had some timing issues with the jump, like you have to jump a split second earlier. They should fix those issues on the virtual console. Games have come a long way.



unrandomsam said:

@Dogpigfish Thats a Wii U problem. (Doesn't exist on the Wii VC or a real SNES). The NES games on the 3DS are wrong as well (But correct on the Wii). Funnily enough Super Mario Bros Deluxe on the 3DS is correct.



Kirk said:


No offense but I'm not going to make any, I'm not even going to get the game (I Just know it would be silly not to have online sharing of user created levels), and I wouldn't play yours anyway.



unrandomsam said:

@TeeJay I think it is not a problem the only time I use it more than you can in the original is getting 1 ups when there is a line of 10 goombas or something.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Kirk It is slightly worrying that he's not saying it's a done deal but he is more or less saying they're trying to put it in. In a demo with IGN or Metro Gamecentral it was allegedly confirmed.

It would sell far more if people can play awesome levels without having to build them. I bet they're half worried about the fact people will recreate games they still charge a premium for like Mario All Stars!



Kirk said:


Good because sharing these user created levels online should have been something that was planned from the day the game was conceived and should be getting implemented fully right now as I type.


Well here's hoping they really do and here's hoping they do it right too...



SetupDisk said:

Play the original and the new ones back to back and you will get what he is talking about. It will also help to take nostalgia googles off. The new physics are way better.



argol228 said:

The whole argument of new vs old is stupid. To those that like the old physics. step up to the challenge. Don't mope about in your retro cave viewing everything through nostalgia vision. If things don't change then nothing advances. So get off your asses and be the gamer you are. face the challenge and adapt to what the game throws at you. that, in essence, is what gaming is about.



HyperSonicEXE said:

SMG as Luigi, SMB3, SMB2JP, all very slippery.
SMB1, SM64, SMS, all control tightly.
SMW, SML's, and SMG1 have a little slip to them.



FJOJR said:

Waits anxiously for Metroid Maker, Kirby Maker, F-Zero maker, Zelda Maker & Donkey Kong Maker.



unrandomsam said:

@HyperSonicEXE There is nothing whatsoever wrong with the controls on SMB / SMB2 (Jpn) / SMB3 / SMW. (Real Hardware - CRT). SMB2 (Jpn) is basically exactly the same as SMB. (With the exception of that higher jump mechanic).



FJOJR said:

@SetupDisk It's a matter of preference but obviously things have improved since 1985. Honestly it would be difficult to incorporate every physics of each 2D platformer into this. But hopefully they can add SMB2 stuff such as POW blocks and throwing items and enemies, and SMB3 things like the Tanooki Suit, sliding down hills and Kuribo's Shoe. If they do make a 3DS version I hope they add a Super Mario Land 1&2 mode along with the items from those games.



FabioSMASH said:

I wouldn't worry about it too much, fellow NL readers. As a lifelong Nintendo-obsessed gamer (stretching back to the original NES days), I spent a good chunk of time playing Mario Maker at E3 and LOVED every second of it (my personal Game Of The Show, FWIW). It felt just fine... great, in fact!
Only the hardest of hardcore Mario speed runners will be affected, and probably won't care, since this game is a Mario fan's dream-come-true.



Dudemario89 said:

At E3, when I tried Mario Maker, it was pretty good! Not bad! Hope it comes in a portable version.^^



Luffymcduck said:

I'd want to make Super Mario World style levels and my own world maps, like you've been able to do on PC for years.



Marioman64 said:

awww I was hoping to make levels where you have to jump backward to gain momentum (not really but still...)

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