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Talking Point: The Nintendo Figurine Platform Could be a Vital Money-Spinner

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A '90s approach that can still work

The Nintendo brand used to be everywhere. In the late '80s and early '90s the big N's brand, particularly in North America, was ever-present and dominant in the market. Mario and his fellow mascots had TV shows, cereal brands, toys and assorted paraphernalia all over store shelves. If you grew up in that era and lived in an area fully infiltrated by the Kyoto-based company, you may recall that brand Mario and Nintendo were constantly seizing attention.

Nintendo's still a major brand, let's not forget. You can say Mario to a gamer of almost any age and they'll still likely think of Nintendo right away — a personal experience of this writer was of various mushroom-related puns being thrown my way when unconvincingly taking on a 10km run dressed as Mario, and young kids offering high-fives once they spotted the outfit. When two tired runners are slumped on the grass and three young kids and a dad ask for a picture, you know the brand lives on.

Yet the brand power, which is judged more on cold hard facts such as sales in the millions, is weaker now than in previous golden eras. If the Wii and DS period represents a recent triumph, it's not been enough to maintain the Nintendo brand at stratospheric levels to generate 'Nintendo-like' profits in the last few years — far from it. The Wii Sports and Wii Fit concepts that so enraptured a generation have struggled to make a meaningful impact in the Wii U era, likewise Brain Age on 3DS. The struggles of these titles to maintain interest can arguably be attributed to strategic errors from Nintendo, undoubtedly, as well as factors such as the rise of inexpensive smart device games (in the case of Brain Age) that are easily accessible elsewhere.

In any case, the limited relevance of those 'new' brands has been telling for both the Wii U and 3DS; in the case of the former, there's now huge pressure on Mario Kart 8, for example, as the latest entry in a series that has delivered the goods throughout its entire history. Nintendo, out of necessity, also has an eye on the long term, and that's where its announcement and early details on the Nintendo Figurine Platform (NFP) come into play.

While Nintendo may or may not be kicking itself over a rejected Wii exclusivity deal with the first Skylanders game, it's been facing calls to dive into the collectible toy / video game market for a sustained period. Activision's business may be diverse, but its mature audience monster profits come from Call of Duty while the Skylanders brand covers gamers of various ages. We've complained that, technically, this collectible toy / video game model is actually exploitative on-disc DLC — the NFC (near field communication) toys of Skylanders and the more recent Disney Infinity are made up of primitive, inexpensive technology. When you pop a toy on a portal a basic chip is read and interpreted by the disc, with the majority of data and all of the gameplay simply unlocked on the disc; it's not black magic or actually impressive on a technical level.

The counter-argument, which is absolutely fair, is simply "who cares"? Both these brands are now huge business, exciting not just kids but 'big kids' of all ages — the simple act of having a neat toy for your shelf that also interacts with a game is a classic example of an obvious idea well executed. Perhaps it's surprising that it's become such a massive market considering the cost to supposedly money-aware consumers, but that's where we are, and most importantly for both brands it gives the games shelf space that others can only dream of. Game stores and various other kinds of retailers have starter kits, disc copies and rows upon rows of collectible toys to be bought individually. That means big money, but also invaluable exposure and what's often described as 'mind share'.

It's that retail presence where Nintendo's influence has perhaps waned the most. To be doom-and-gloom and suggest the trend is irreversible is foolish, however, and ignoring the impact of the Wii as opposed to the struggles of the GameCube. Nintendo's Figurine Platform also comes in behind two established brands, yet we suspect retailers that still stock some Mario plushes and Nintendo Monopoly will take a very real interest, provided stock levels and marketing are up to scratch from Nintendo. Nintendo's character IPs are still popular, but they need a fresh outlet just like this.

What may tempt parents, or us older fans that have limited budgets, is the early assurance that Nintendo's approach may not be quite as generational as that of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, which gradually phases out older toys and portals with ever-more elaborate new designs. Here's what Satoru Iwata said in his recent investor briefing:

In other words, the figurines, which consumers can buy and collect, are going to work with multiple software titles to be released in the future, and we are aiming to develop more software titles compatible with the figurines.

Nintendo has a lot of well-known character IP that has originated in video games, and we have been regularly releasing titles from game franchises that make use of this character IP. This is why I believe a brand-new type of platform will be born when the character IP becomes compatible with NFP.

Though the company will no doubt aim to maximise profits, it may try to do so more through more frequent software as opposed to toys. After all, Nintendo's stable of characters has its limits, and the diagram above suggests an intention for a figurine to have diverse uses across multiple games. A range of NFP games working with the same toy, which will have data writing capabilities to support character customisation, could become a strong brand on their own. As well as major retail entries, we'd also hope occasional small games on the eShop — with download cards available in stores, of course — will also factor into Nintendo's plans.

Most importantly, Nintendo is more than aware that it needs to act to ensure that an entire generation of gamers aren't more familiar with Skylanders, Angry Birds — seriously, AB toys are everywhere — and actually see Nintendo toys and want them. It follows on from Nintendo making clear its desire to boost the visibility of its IP, as stated in January, but reassuringly means more than licensing useless tat from merchandise companies — the company does, despite the opinion of some that it can be dangerously insulated, watch the market when judging moves to maintains brands and profits.

As for utilizing character figurines, Activision has released video game titles from the Skylanders series over the past three years and Disney Interactive released the software title, “Disney Infinity,” last year. Both video game series are compatible with character figurines and have created an extremely large market for these products. In the overseas markets especially, a huge amount of space has been allocated to those product lines at retail stores with a large market presence. Our primary focus, however, is not to develop software that is compatible with figurines. Rather, we have been developing figurines since last year because we believe there may be different approaches or ways to appeal to consumers by using them, and this could also be one way for Nintendo to utilize its character IP. At the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in January this year, we talked about our policy of actively utilizing character IP imagining that we would be able to show you the actual NFP product, which I mentioned today, at E3. However, when we talked about actively utilizing character IP, people were only focused on to whom and how licenses would be granted. So today, I decided to talk about our own project.

While we're optimistic Nintendo, unsurprisingly after recent financial results, is exceptionally cautious, keeping worryingly low Wii U sales estimates despite the figurines and related games due to start in the "year-end sales season". Perhaps the early launch will be low-key — rather like the Pokémon Rumble U toys have been for their whole run — but we'd actually expect Nintendo to bring out all the stops to target the Holiday season. It could be perfect to offer the Wii U system that has versions of the latest Skylanders and Disney Infinity games, in addition to a Nintendo range that's especially affordable due to the GamePad's NFC reader. There should be relevant bundles everywhere, if common sense is observed. Let's not forget, too, that next year will see the figurine platform come to the 3DS with an external portal, tapping into the portable's sizeable userbase.

Could the Nintendo Figurine Platform be a huge success? It's possible, of course. It certainly gives Nintendo an enticing opportunity to get into the lucrative toy/game market that bring major revenues to Activision and Disney. Most importantly it could get Nintendo toys onto a lot of store shelves, while that big N magic could give the genre a welcome spark of creativity.

As for this writer, I can't wait to customise and explore Nintendo wonderlands with my very own customisable Luigi toy. We'll all have our favourites.

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PrincessEevee9 said:

The minute I see a mini Rosalina figurine I'm sold. Could also get me if I can own Birdo and Toadette!



unrandomsam said:

I either hope the games are of no interest to me whatsoever.


The pricing is not so totally obscene as the current market leaders. (I cannot think of a situation where the Nintendo one has not cost even more) and i really want the content.

(Rather not have to have loads of plastic junk lying around if I can avoid it).



LittleIrves said:

"So what is it called?"
"For what system?"
"Wii U."
"How does it work?"
When will we learn more?"
Videogames are confusing.



faint said:

I realy hope to see a mr game & watch figure. Make it happen ninty



Mineral said:

I want a Pokemon Trainer Figurine where I can store all my pokemon "achievements". Like my badges, game cleared, playtimes, online ranking, battles won/lost, pokemon events I went to, and a team of 6 pokemon. I also want to be able to customize my character (not the figurine, duh) and have it carry over to all future pokemon games console or handheld !



kensredemption said:

Hmm...I never got into the whole plastic figurine, video game hybrid thing, but if those figurines can be used across different games and tied to Nintendo Network IDs and save data, I think I could get into that. Maybe Square Enix might do another Super Mario RPG but in the likeness of Xenoblade Chronicles, maybe even Final Fantasy XIV...Ooh, a Super Mario free-to-play MMORPG?!



Ryno said:

I hope I have no interest in the games that have these things.



Zyph said:

The problem is that even though Nintendo has these famous characters and IPs, Skylanders has different sets of monster figurines every single time a new game comes out. Unless they make full use of ALL there renowned characters, they'd do well to create new IPs at least for the sake of there figurine line. Now that's a probable money-making machine.



Yorumi said:

I collect anime figures so the scary thing is even if the games suck I'd probably still buy the toys. The potential for these is pretty huge, specially since we've so miniaturized data storage.

Think about it, though the cost is prohibitive technology today could put enough solid storage on it for like 50-100GB of data. Though the cost of that much storage is going to prevent it from happening entire 3ds games are only a couple GBs of data. With even minimal amounts of storage you could sell them with mini-programs on them so the content doesn't have to be of the "on-disc" variety.

Of course that likewise goes ot show how much you could save to one of these for purposes of rpg like elements. Bouncing off what @Mineral was saying. Imagine something like a pokemon stadium game, you save all your trainer data and a team to the nfc figure, then you can just plop your figure and another person's and have a pokemon battle, or a co-op adventure. Heck if we really want to get into shut up and take my money department, imagine if they had customization options online. You build your own trainer and then you can order a nfc figure of it. Also consider animal crossing, or even fire emblem(you got to make a custom character for awakening).

Sure I'm going well beyond any announcement here but that just shows a little bit of the potential these have.



sleepinglion said:

Nintendo could do a lot here, yes, but they need to expand beyond the Mario series.
For quite some time now the only Nintendo figures/collectibles US fans could buy were generally Mario by nature with a few exceptions for a Link plush or two.
If they were to embrace the Super Smash Bros. series as a collectible toy line ALL their characters could come out to play. Regardless how they proceed I'll likely keep ordering Figmas from Japan where the choices are diverse and the quality is outstanding.



FJOJR said:

All Nintendo needs to look at is their Super Smash Bros. roster and realize the opportunity those characters create outside of games. Especially beyond the Mario and Pokemon franchise.



Guybrush20X6 said:

I hoep it does better than Pokemon Rumble. It was a good idea but the blind packing killed it for me. And that there was no figures for some of my favorites.



DreamOn said:

Overpriced Mario figurines with bad paint jobs pumped out from Chinese factories that are not paid to produce anything with any amount of craft to it. That's what those "World Of" toys are that look worse than the capsule key chain figures that are even cheaper. I hope this NFP thing takes better care than what Ive seen recently.



bistricky said:

I think it will be hugely successful. One of the many reasons Wii U is failing in sales, is the lack of shelf space often given to it and its games. These figurines will turn that around and bring more attention to Nintendo products. I am positive this is the one thing that will pull the Wii U out of the muck of low sales. Cheers



dkxcalibur said:

I think Nintendo's current branding is not as good as it could be. The current Nintendo toys are a rip off. My kids bought a few figurines for both Mario and Pokemon and both are over priced pieces of plastic that do not articulate. Other then the Pokemon cartoon, I feel like Nintendo's other TV/movies are horrible. Why was the first Mario movie so bad? Why is there not a current Mario movie using computer animation? If it was well written (The Lego Movie, Pixar, Despicable Me) then a Mario Movie would be huge.

I guess the figures worked for Disney and Activision but I would be worried about over-saturation. How many figures are parents prepared to buy for their kids? I'm personally about done buying the Disney Figures for my sons. I know collectors will buy. I know Nintendo's fans will buy.



Bolt_Strike said:

Well, the idea is certainly interesting, possibly even innovative. But as far as whether or not it will be successful? IDK, maybe.

Personally, I'm worried about the costs of this system. Skylanders and Disney Infinity, as Tom pointed out, is basically "DLC: The Game, Action Figure Edition". Nintendo does not usually sink so low as to engage in some of the shoddier tactics that other developers have over the last few years. The fact that these figurines are compatible with multiple games gives me a bit more hope in that regard, though, since a single action figure in this series would add much more value than the ones in Skylanders and Disney Infinity.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I can't say I'm not curious, but I'm kinda picky with figurines - I vastly prefer stylish characters (Samus, Rosalina, Matthew/Isaac, Cynthia, Fox, Falco) over cartoony ones (Mario, Luigi, Slippy, AC characters), so except for Rosalina, none of the Mario series characters interest me far enough to want them on my shelf.
If Nintendo brings characters from other IP's, however, I'm probably gonna starve while covered in figurines...



antipop621 said:

My concern is limited edition ones given out at events or on club Nintendo that skyrocket in price on eBay. As a completist, things like that really bother me.



ricklongo said:

I have stayed well away from Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but you know what's great about this? I am already interested in Nintendo figurines anyway, even without having them tie up to any game. I have a Mario, a Luigi, a Donkey Kong and a couple of Kirbies decorating my gaming space already. Those characters are something I'm already interested in, unlike Disney or Skylander characters.

Also, knowing Nintendo, I have absolutely no doubt that whatever game they concoct out of this will be a blast. It's a win-win situation. I'm officially excited.



SavoirFaire said:

I hope whatever game this all fits into is high enough quality to warrant the purchases. If this is a decent quality figure in a crummy sandbox, no thanks!

Also I don't want to see 15 forms of Mario (fire flower, taniooki, boomerang, etc) and 1 form (or worse, zero) of everyone else.

As was also mentioned, no blind packaging of anything. I don't want to gamble on what I already expect to be $10ish items!



Neko_Ichigofan said:

The only games that did this concept right imo was the Playstation Monster Rancher games, though only the first two games were any good. I liked how you could use any of your other Playstation games and any of your music CD's to obtain monsters. It allowed you to obtain monsters in a fun way, without forcing you to spend $100's on figurines to unlock every monster...



Randomname19 said:

In the 90's I watched all cartoons based on videogames without knowing they were based on videogames until I found out later.

I'm not going to buy any of these figurines,for me they're just physical DLC.



AyeHaley said:

I'm already saving cash to go absolutely INSANE this holiday. I love figurines, gaming and Nintendo so errr Bring it on!



Gerbwmu said:

Might be cool if you could use the figurines to sub in characters for Nintendo games......using Mario instead of Samus.....flying in starfox with Bowser......making Wario save Princess Peach?



Nintenjoe64 said:

They could have made Nintendoland DLC in the form of these toys. I really want a Starfox game for it



rjejr said:

Angry Birds is big b/c its free and on the phones and tablets that every kid borrows from their parents. If Nintendo wanted to get that big again they'ld need a free tablet game to promote their IP.

Skylanders toys - toys, not DLC - are big in part b/c they can be brought to any friends house and played on any system they have - Wii, PS3, Xbox360. This also makes its easy for peopel to buy them as gifts b/c they don't need to know what system the kid has. And those 3 systems cover just about every household in America. How many Wii U are out there?

Nintendo using characters in different games - (Skylanders characters from the first game can also be used in the 2nd and 3rd and 3DS versions which are different so that is multiple games, not one) - is a good idea but Ninteod still needs 1 really good game for people to buy them in the first place. Something like Disney Magical World Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing would be good, or a Subspace Emmissary sequel since they are leaving it out of SSB.

But they still won't b eas huge as Skylanders or Disney Infinity b/c not as many peoelp own a Wii U. Maybe when the 3DS games come out, though that is problematic as you'll need to carry toys w/ you and that' snot ideal.

Don't mean to be so down, I'm looking forward to what Nintendo can come up w/, I just don't expect it to be some huge game changer. Though it could dethrone AB, I'm sick of them being everywhere. My kids need more Mario feetie pjs.



unrandomsam said:

I might go for using a toy (Instead of the easily damaged optical disk) as the DRM mechanism (So a physical game can be loaded from hdd). With the license stored in the toy. I doubt Nintendo is forward thinking enough to go for that though. (They won't even go for load from hdd with the disk still in).



unrandomsam said:

@Alucard83 They will get some shelf space back that is for sure. The supermarkets love Skylanders and Disney Infinity. (More than the PS4/Xbone even).



Agent721 said:

I have all the figurines I need via the Nintendo Chess set. That thing is awesome. But I hope this works & takes off with the intended crowd, for Nintendo's sake.



CosmoXY said:

As an adult collector of expensive Masters of the Universe figures, I almost dread the thought of more of my money going toward toys. But if the figures are quality I don't know that I'll have the willpower not to collect them. And if there are quality Pokémon figures that acompany a Wii U game I can play with my kids, then so help me I won't have any choice in the matter.



Crunc said:

Nintendo is getting into this game late. I hope it works out for them, but I'm a bit skeptical. Plus there's only a limited supply of Nintendo characters, unlike, say, Skylanders, where they can keep making new ones up and keep the franchise going until everyone is sick of it (which I keep thinking is going to be soon, but it hasn't petered out yet, so what do I know)?



MikeLove said:

As an adult, I have no interest or desire to collect fruity Nintendo figurines



Gridatttack said:

Yay figurines. I dont care if im too old for them. I love having them as decor in my room and other places :3

Thought I hope they aren't the same characters who already have over 9000 figures released before in other places.



2Sang said:

I want Ness, Lucas, Pit, Link, Red, and Olimar.
If they make figures for all smash bros. characters, I will certainly buy at least several if not more.



Funny_Moblin said:

This is just Nintendo couldn't get any more casual. When I was 8, I had a Gamecube with Super Mario was tough, but I learned by exploring and trying over and over again. Kids don't need these little gimmicks...neither do adults, unless they want to be kids...who like gimmicks.



Yorumi said:

@jc3bull mature adults generally arn't concerned with that. I'm 30 and I have a collection of various anime figures all over and I can't play any game with them.



Yorumi said:

Hey dudebros, look at this man. At first he looks like a loser, but on further inspection he has a hobby he enjoys, and a job providing a stable income and financial independence to support his hobby. On the other hand you're wasting time on the internet making fun of people you've never met as a result of your own insecurity. So what's your excuse?



DespyCL said:

The only thing that nintendo needs for this to be successful is good marketing, that's enough.



Jake_homs said:

I'm an adult, and I am excited to collect these. They're not for everyone, clearly, but having been a youth in the mid-80s, I grew up on these items and when I can't be playing a game (which is more often than not!) it's fun to see the collectibles in my den. I have a great framed poster of Earthbound and another of all the Zelda weapons and items right above my computer. Again, not for everyone, but for those like me this move by Nintendo could be quite intriguing!



Iggly said:

If the games are very nice, I'll buy them as Skylanders and Disney Infinity didn't interest me much when it came to the gameplay(Though I'd pick Skylanders if you made me choose one). Also I'm hoping Nintendo will do a better job at handling these NFC figures as they didn't even bother to ship some Pokemon NFC figures to Canada when Pokemon Rumble U came out so I was pretty upset that I couldn't use the feature.



Yorumi said:

@KennyPowers who says he's making all his money from that? Is there really anything more pathetic than running around the internet insulting random people based on one picture? Grow up.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Needless to say I'm right there with you, and no series has done anything like it since, this would be a good time for a new MR game. They weren't exactly easy games either despite being a "kiddie" sort of genre, they gave Pokemon a run for its money in the mechanics department.

As far as figurines go, I miss the old PVC mini-figurines they used to make. The closest I've seen were those pre-order bonuses for platinum and HG/SS, and they're still built like those trading figure game pieces. Speaking of which that would be a cool idea for the NFC figurines, some sort of "card" game.



TwilightAngel said:

@Gerbwmu That is a great idea like for example use link in new super mario bro's U or samus or pit anybody if they do that, wow i would lose my mind.



MikeLove said:


I didn't insult anyone. I just posted a photo that referenced NFC dolls.

You are the only one taking personal offence to it. Lighten up!



Yorumi said:

if you want to claim to be too mature and adult for the rest of us then act like it.



Rect_Pola said:

Finally something new to talk about! That wasn't so hard was it? I'm getting strange feeling. I used to know this feel. I believe it's hopeful. Maybe even excited!
... no, that's too far. Hopeful.



TwilightAngel said:

I just care that the figures look good and in great quality like disney infinity has with there toys and such.



NintyMan said:

A lot of negativity here. I can understand how many are apprehensive about collecting figurines and games at the same time, considering how there could be a lot of good games coming in the future along with potentially good figurines. As a figurine fan, I like the idea of having something that can be put on display as well as used in a game. But wait, it gets even better. These Nintendo figurines will be used across multiple, different games, and as this article pointed out, they will be good for quite a while and won't be quickly phased out. While not nearly as numerous as Disney characters, there are many Nintendo characters Nintendo could make into figurines.

I wouldn't worry about the quality of these figurines too. Nintendo figurines actually made by Nintendo would be a lot better than those made by other companies. I have some figurines of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, and more, but they will look like antiques compared to the official Nintendo figurines. The Mario example Iwata provided looks flashy to me.

I also wouldn't worry about the quality of these games Nintendo will make. How could we be worried if we haven't even seen what the games will look like yet? When they are revealed and they don't quite look like that fine Nintendo quality Nintendo is typically good at providing, then you can be concerned. But right now all I see is promise.

One thing that Nintendo will try to do is not copy too much from Skylanders and Disney Infinity. They like to do their own thing after all. Right now these figurines sound rather mysterious, but E3 will clear up a lot, and I personally believe this will be a very good thing. I've been wanting Nintendo to do something like this for a while, and I'm happy to see they're finally taking this route. I'm excited to see what they have in store!



Anguspuss said:

I just hope one they are a better quality than the pokemon rumble ones & two they dont sell them in blind packs.



MikeLove said:


Hopefully these NFC items are tied to only a single title (like the Skylander series) and not implimented for other Nintendo franchises like MK, Zelda, etc. I would LOATHE it if Nintendo made certain levels and characters in these games only accessible via purchasing something like this, which I have no interest in.



Rafie said:

I'm in if it's Nintendo. I'll be 32 tomorrow and I haven't let go my kid side at all. Like @Yorumi said, even if the game isn't that good....I'll still buy the figurines just because. LOL



Smasher64 said:

Instead of NFP they should call it "Wallet killer" ...because I'm going to buy all of them...



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Zyph Well they can always add more toys in different poses or equipment but with the same characters. I can see the figurine selection being different between games like Mario Kart, Tennis, Golf, Smash Bros, etc.

Games like Zelda also have a tendency to change art style as well so the figurines would most likely reflect this.



MadAdam81 said:

@KennyPowers what it might be is that Nintendo add in an extra feature for big titles with the figures (ie trophies for Smash Bros, unlocking stamps) and then have one big title solely for it and.a.bunch of smaller titles as well.



MadAdam81 said:

I think Nintendo have a big enough roster for a lot of different figures. Aside from Mario and Pokemon, there's Zelda, DK, Animal Crossing, Metroid, Star Fox, Earthbound and so many other series that can provide 5 or even 10, and Pokemon.alone could provide more than Skylanders and Disney Infinity combined.



aaronsullivan said:

I'll be buying a figurine or two for sure. As others have said, however, it's the key games that I'm really curious about. What does Nintendo have in its collective mind for the games? It could really be anywhere between mildly novel to completely amazing — sort of a build your own Nintendo-game thing would qualify as amazing to me, for instance.

I worry a bit about the toy quality, too. Disney Infinity toys are so easy to shell out for because they have a unique style and they are display worthy. They are a couple bucks more than I'd spend on a collector's model and they are also functional. It's a tough balance, I think. I hope Nintendo pulls it off.

Samus: mine
Toon Link: mine
Skyward Sword Zelda: mine
The kids can fight over the others...



Dudemario89 said:

Rosalina and Link figurine would be cool also baby Rosalina. I own all the mario characters and plushies and Kirby and Megaman but I need a Zelda plush......I just order at eBay and Amazon.



2Sang said:

@DestinyMan I think you clicked "reply" enough times lol

On topic: I definitely think that the figures are a good way to connect the QoL and gaming consoles. Having 1 figure would be a cool way to store your progress rather than an sd card or usb drive.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

"People your age shouldn’t be playing video games"

"People your age shouldn’t be buying toys"

"People your age shouldn’t be…"


How about you leave people to their own interests and you stick to yours rather than belittle them? Thank You

That goes for any of you who complain and say how you're not buying figures because you're "an adult" and "too mature". No one asked about your insecurities over your masculinity and no one's forcing you to buy these figurines.



SuperMikey said:

@Gerbwmu DUUUUUUDDDEE!!! I was thinking of that too and it'd be cool to play Metroid Prime or something with Kirby XD at least it'd make sense when your charge beam attracted small items because Kirby could just suck them up.



SuperMikey said:

@MadAdam81 That's actually a pretty good idea! Not just supporting existing games or having their own Nintendo World (Nintendo's Disney Infinity) but having both could add even more value to figurines making them more desirable = NINTENDO GETS A NEW MONEY PRINTER!! Oh wait... My math was wrong... THEY'D HAVE 10,000 MONEY PRINTERS!!! (^o^)/



Action51 said:

I know a man who makes a living for himself by selling WWE and assorted wrestling collectibles. He's almost a senior citizen and although he's not living in the Taj Mahal, he's got a nice car, home, and can afford all the simple luxuries. You would not guess this from meeting him, I assure you he's a regular guy that could be anyone's Grand-Dad.

He's not even an obsessive wrestling fan....just a hobbyist who knows the market and how to move collectibles.



Sceptic said:

So far it's just talk (again). Look at all the babble since their numbers crashed. There's seemingly a buzzword for everybody but no tangible product in sight. "QOL! ", "redefine the definition! " (my favorite, lol), "NFC! ", "collectibles!" - Every single even moderately successful concept of the last five years has been named, but how credible is that from a multi-billion company that so utterly failed in their core competence and market (all the while sweet talking their fans into believing it was totally going to be ok)? They had one job. Now they claim they can handle ten?

Besides, going by their track record it will be years until they can give us a meaningful game that uses this, much less "several". By that time, indeed, the whole Skylanders concept will look like the decade-old tech it will be.

And by assuming they will give us a "meaningful" game I'm being very optimistic. Most likely it will be some shallow backward-facing implementation of what the original Skylanders did. Going by the comments here the handful if die hard fans would love that, but as for the market, it will be the WiiU game pad all over again.

Besides, with every day they chant in denial from the pit of their failure, they slip farther into oblivion. Kids in the street already can only name about three Nintendo characters these days. It is, again, too little, too vague and way too late.



AshFoxX said:

@Nintenjoe64 I'm right there with you, Star Fox has been ignored for far too long.

Makes me wonder if Nintendo franchises outside of the Mario series will be in these figures as well. I would totally be all over an Arwing / Landmaster / Fox McCloud figure bundle.



Action51 said:

@Sceptic - wow, why bother to do anything?

According to your post, it seems like the only option is for Nintendo to liquidate all their assets, get out of the market with whatever yen they can carry, and everyone who enjoys their products should toss them in the trash and light them on fire before kneeling in front of their Sony and Microsoft saviors.

It's a tough market, but I think you engage in the common fallacy of dumping all of the industries shortcomings, failures, and problems on Nintendo. We're getting a kinect-less XboxOne to the dismay of the early adopters who sank over $500 into that thing...six months in to the release of a console. We have Sony doing well at moving consoles but spending themselves into deeper debt with massive advertising and an anemic launch schedule that makes the Wii U library look downright robust.

I'm not going to argue the false position that it's all roses and sunshine for Nintendo....because it's not...but you have such a damned if they do, damned if they don't attitude that it's really hard to believe you aren't way too invested emotionally in wanting to see Nintendoomed.

It's the way you keep referring to the 'die hards' and the 'sweet talking' and the language you's so full of bile and hate and contempt for Nintendo and people who just enjoy the systems and games. Nobody had to sweet talk me into buying anything, and I'm not regretting my purchases. Why so much cynicism and animosity?

I dunno least they're trying something.



JimLad said:

I really don't think this 'brand power' is as powerful as they make out. They've neglected so many of their IPs for so long that the only characters that have any sort of mainstream recognition now are Mario, Zelda and Pokemon.



Sceptic said:

@Action51: We have no indication that they are actually trying something. All we've got is a lot of talk that suspiciously lacks even the least bit of focus but instead tries to push every buzzword button imaginable while actually remaining totally non-committal as what is really going to materialize (or when).



tj3dsXL said:

Not sure if anyone ELSE knows this but i'll let the bomb drop: SONIC BOOM will incorporate these "toy's" as well, in addition to the main game !!!
MARCH 17th 2014 "Sonic Boom was announced as a TV show, toy range and — perhaps most importantly — a game for Wii U and 3DS...."
2+2 = 4 but Im a C student at math so what do you think>?
(my chaos emeralds are telling me "si" !



Mariru said:

I agree with Yorumi and MrWalkieTalkie.
I hope the figurines are not too expensive ^_^ Toon Link would be amazing <3



Action51 said:

@Sceptic said:

We have no indication that they are actually trying something.

Say what you will about "fanboys" or "nintendrones" denying reality...I think you're going out of your way to be obtuse and inflexible.

They are trying an NFC figurine multi-game approach for the Wii U. That's new. Like it or not, and regardless of 'buzzwords' being thrown around, that's kind of a fact you can't dispute.



World said:

Give me a Game & Watch series, and I am THERE.

Oh PS - someone needs to drop some CS Lewis "when I was a child, etc." quotations in this thread like yesterday!



DESS-M-8 said:

QoL sucks balls and needs putting to bed now.
Whereas something like this actually has legs, is actually in the realm of video games and actually sounds quite interesting

It'll show the strength of the brand. Something similar on other consoles would just be random mash of second party characters filling a roster noteven hhalf the size.
PlayStation rumble??? Hahaha



CriticalError13 said:

I can see this as being a better version of the AR cards platform for 3DS. But this time, it might be possible to sell the figures with more data on them, so you could, say, spend $15 for a Mario figurine with the original Super Mario Bros for Virtual Console available to redeem on the eShop / play through an app.



Action51 said:

@KennyPowers - You like plastic wrestling dolls just don't like Nintendo figurines because you are a Nintendo hater?

Also, wrestling is pretty stupid. I used to like it as a kid...and let's be honest, it's geared at children and adolescent boys. I respect the athleticism and physical endurance of the performers, but it's no more mature than a Mario game.

Come on.

edit: I shouldn't call wrestling "stupid"...but unsophisticated and juvenile. If you like it, fine...enjoy it.



StarDust4Ever said:

@Dudemario89 No need to scream. I made a long post about it, practically a mini fanfiction, and it got deleted. My best friend is obsessed with Waluigi, and I am obsessed with Rosalina.

Here's the fanboy logic:


It is easy to put two and two together and throw Waluigi and Rosalina together, but it's wrong. Wario, Waluigi, and Daisy are all spinoffs that don't belong in the Mario canon anyway, save for racing, sports, and party games. The way I see it:


Yes, PeachXBowser, because Peach spends far more time being kidnapped than rescued.

Which leaves Luigi by himself.



Dudemario89 said:

@StarDust4Ever , Mario saved Daisy in Super Mario Land. Yeah PeachXBowser might be good too because in Super Paper Mario (Wii) , Peach begged Bowser to help her and Mario on some mission ( I forgot) and yeah. I don't like Waluigi that much because his voice make my ear bleed and he only joined because wario needed a partner for mario tennis...that's it. Daisy and Wario is fine too. Also , I am obesssed with Rosalina too. MarioXRosalina is my opinion.

What I SEE:
PeachXLink or Bowser
Well that's all.
Also , do you wanna race when Mk8 comes out?



StarDust4Ever said:

@DudeMario89 Peach and Bowser get married in the prologue of Super Paper Mario.

In Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr declares that Peach is his moma.

Say what you will, but both of those are strong evidence for PeachXBowser.

As for PeachXLink, man please don't cross worlds.

Mario X Pauline, Peach, Rosalina, etc...

Yes, Pauline was Mario's ex girlfriend before he got sucked into rescuing princesses. Which gives me a new idea:




theBluntKnight said:

here some of my hopes for this. First I hope that these figurines are like the assist trophies in smash bros. where they cover all Nintendo owned characters. I don't want them releasing a separate pokemon line even though there are nearly a trillion individual pokemon by now. I say release a figurine for each individual pokemon if you can or must Nintendo but stick to that thing where figurines will be able to work with multiple games. I hope they can be creative about it rather than make their in game application a simple virtual collection, things like unlock new characters or scanning them in does other unexpected things like unlock hidden areas or opens up new different possibilities.

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