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Tue 4th February, 2014

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Mineral commented on Review: Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS):

They did ? I LOVED the story in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, at least I think that's the one I played. Best pokemon story ever lol
Gameplay wasn't bad at all either. Gets a 10/10 from me.



Mineral commented on Pokémon Bank Subscribers to Receive Final Evo...:

Can't wait to breed one for online use !

Pokebank has been completely worth it for me, I finally caught them all and stored all of them in there which was pretty useful when I stared playing AS to get my shiny and oval charms quickly.

I can store pokemon that I bred and trained and I can also save my event and shiny pokemon in there too. Worth the yearly $5 to me.
Even more if they hand out free gifts like these from time to time.



Mineral commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (...:

I would have bought it again (already have all 3 on DS) if I could have a physical copy. Just for collection purpose. I might buy this still but only on a good sale and if I don't have anything better to get at the time.
A collector edition or something would have been sweet.

That said, I recommend this game to anyone who like story in video games. It's great ! One of my favorite games ever ! These are the best of Ace Attorney in my opinion.



Mineral commented on Pokémon Bank Version 1.2 Is Now Available To ...:

@rjejr In my opinion it's only worth it if you like to breed competitive pokemon for online battle and trading so you can keep them for future games and/or if you want a complete pokedex in it so that you only have to catch any new pokemon that they release. I like to breed/battle and I got a complete pokedex in the bank, so it's worth it for me <img class=)" />



Mineral commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

I hope they show more Splatoon and announce the localization of Dragon quest 7 !
I also want them to localize Little Battlers eXperience W Super Custom ! It's cardboard robot fighting game by Level 5. Looked kinda fun, I don't know lol

AND they better be making a new Phantasy Star 0 game for 3DS <img class=(" />



Mineral commented on Tappingo 2 Confirmed for a Summer Release on 3...:

I really like the first Tappingo !
Bought it on sale mainly thanks to that trailer on the Nintendo Youtube Channel.
I REALLY REALLY hope you guys can get a level editor and QR codes for sharing levels like in Pushmo/Crashmo, so I can download some neat fanmade video games sprites puzzles. I mainly want it for pokemon or even megaman sprites :-)



Mineral commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Figurine Platform ...:

I want a Pokemon Trainer Figurine where I can store all my pokemon "achievements". Like my badges, game cleared, playtimes, online ranking, battles won/lost, pokemon events I went to, and a team of 6 pokemon. I also want to be able to customize my character (not the figurine, duh) and have it carry over to all future pokemon games console or handheld ! :D