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Tue 4th Feb 2014

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Mineral commented on Shovel Knight is Now Playable on Wii U Emulato...:

Why does NintendoLife keep posting this kind stuff ? I don't like piracy or homebrew. (which sometimes leads to piracy)

An emulator is still piracy to me even if you somehow buy the game since they expect you do buy their console too.
If this was for a console that wasn't still being sold then I wouldn't care but I don't like this.
Did the guy at least buy a copy of shovel knight ? They made the game and deserve to be payed for it. Same for Nintendo.



Mineral commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

It was a fantastic Nintendo Direct to me. I wasn't expecting DQ 7 and 8 to be announced ! That was a great surprise
Pokemon Red, blue and yellow are pretty cool too, I'm totally getting those !
I'm also looking forward to Twilight Princess HD since I never played it before.



Mineral commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

It depends on the game and franchise you pick for it.

I love Splatoon's multiplayer but it probably wouldn't have half the appeal to me if it was a Mario game. Triforce heroes sounds okay but it's not really what I'm looking for in a Zelda game. Singleplayer in that game doesn't sound really interesting.

If you're making a multiplayer focused game just try to make a new franchise or use one that's not used much.



Mineral commented on Rumour: Animal Crossing and Pixel 8-Bit Mario ...:

I don't like leaks but I do like those AC amiibos !

Congratulation Nintendo, you convinced me to get at least 6 more amiibos with all those announcements. ;__;
Will probably buy even more if there's more AC characters available.



Mineral commented on Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, amiibo 3...:

To all people complaining :
Those are the price for the Japanese market not the US, not the UK.
Different markets get different things at different prices depending on what's okay and what isn't in that market.

Who knows ? Might be cheaper in the US or the game might be "free" to play.
I'm not interested either way, unless the cards work on AC Wii U



Mineral commented on Review: Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS):

They did ? I LOVED the story in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, at least I think that's the one I played. Best pokemon story ever lol
Gameplay wasn't bad at all either. Gets a 10/10 from me.



Mineral commented on Pokémon Bank Subscribers to Receive Final Evo...:

Can't wait to breed one for online use !

Pokebank has been completely worth it for me, I finally caught them all and stored all of them in there which was pretty useful when I stared playing AS to get my shiny and oval charms quickly.

I can store pokemon that I bred and trained and I can also save my event and shiny pokemon in there too. Worth the yearly $5 to me.
Even more if they hand out free gifts like these from time to time.



Mineral commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (...:

I would have bought it again (already have all 3 on DS) if I could have a physical copy. Just for collection purpose. I might buy this still but only on a good sale and if I don't have anything better to get at the time.
A collector edition or something would have been sweet.

That said, I recommend this game to anyone who like story in video games. It's great ! One of my favorite games ever ! These are the best of Ace Attorney in my opinion.



Mineral commented on Pokémon Bank Version 1.2 Is Now Available To ...:

@rjejr In my opinion it's only worth it if you like to breed competitive pokemon for online battle and trading so you can keep them for future games and/or if you want a complete pokedex in it so that you only have to catch any new pokemon that they release. I like to breed/battle and I got a complete pokedex in the bank, so it's worth it for me



Mineral commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

I hope they show more Splatoon and announce the localization of Dragon quest 7 !
I also want them to localize Little Battlers eXperience W Super Custom ! It's cardboard robot fighting game by Level 5. Looked kinda fun, I don't know lol

AND they better be making a new Phantasy Star 0 game for 3DS



Mineral commented on Tappingo 2 Confirmed for a Summer Release on 3...:

I really like the first Tappingo !
Bought it on sale mainly thanks to that trailer on the Nintendo Youtube Channel.
I REALLY REALLY hope you guys can get a level editor and QR codes for sharing levels like in Pushmo/Crashmo, so I can download some neat fanmade video games sprites puzzles. I mainly want it for pokemon or even megaman sprites



Mineral commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Figurine Platform ...:

I want a Pokemon Trainer Figurine where I can store all my pokemon "achievements". Like my badges, game cleared, playtimes, online ranking, battles won/lost, pokemon events I went to, and a team of 6 pokemon. I also want to be able to customize my character (not the figurine, duh) and have it carry over to all future pokemon games console or handheld !