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Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament Trademarks Emerge in Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Breathe and count to ten...

Last year rumours swirled of a Pokémon fighting game for Wii U, as trademarks for Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament arrived in North America shortly after the following video from the Tokyo Game Show had grabbed attention. At the end of the video there's a glimpse of Mega Lucario and Mega Blaziken facing off in what could conceivably be Wii U-level visuals.

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It's been a little while since that burst of activity, but in timing sure to have fans eagerly looking ahead to a certain LA event, patent records filed in Europe on 1st May match those from North America.

As before this could be something of nothing, or may be non-game content such as films or an animated series. With E3 2014 on the horizon and an apparent effort to bring all major regions into line, we shouldn't have long to wait before we find out.


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memoryman3 said:

Sorry to rain on your parade but Pokémon spinoffs are usually of the absolute lowest quality. So this is going to be more pointless hyperbole like HYRULE WARRIOR.....



EverythingAmiibo said:

I DON'T want this at E3, a Zelda trailer is confirmed, more X footage would be nice, Bayonetta is probably getting shown and it'll probably have the final Smash Bros trailer as well, hopefully there's a surprise in there somewhere too. I seriously do NOT want some Pokemon spin off taking up ANY time in my precious E3 Digital Presentation!



MadAdam81 said:

This would be a Wii U mover, it would generate massive mainstream gaming & general kids news worldwide.



ShanaUnite said:

@memoryman3 I disagree. I love pokemon spin-offs. Games like Pokemon trading card game for the gbc and pokemon mystery dungeon:explorers of the sky are among my favorite games of all time.



AJWolfTill said:

To be honest I want as little time spent on Bayonetta and X as possible too. Both games look amazing (X is probably my No.1 announced Wii U game) but Nintendo have been riding off hype for those for about a year.Unless they are out in the summer then I hope there is enough going on this year that they don't need to rely on those.



Emblem said:

@memoryman3 What spinoffs are you reffering to? I can't think of any that were not well received by fans and/or critics.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@AJWolfTill fair enough, but I'd still rather an extended trailer or even gameplay walkthrough (I can dream ) of Zelda than time wasted on Pokemon, when all 2013/14 has been about is X and Y!



Phazoncoruption said:

Hmm. Perhaps this is another collaborative project with Namco? A Tekken-style Pokémon fighting game sounds pretty good to me.



Socar said:

@PvtOttobot What's the big deal about E3 presentation? As long as we have Nintendo directs, I honestly think the big announcements for E3 are wearing off. Not everyone gets to go to E3 so really its not much.

Although It would be nice if Nintendo has announced that the internal development restructure is finally fixed and shows footage of F-Zero and Star Fox.



Emblem said:

@memoryman3 Dungeon and rumble u were not low quality and were well received by fans. Not great games but by no means bad or low quality.



BakaKnight said:

Didn't they confirm the glimpse of Lucario and Blaziken was purely tech demo?
Then again there is no Pokemon title on the shelves for WiiU and that's a lack I'm sure Nintendo is willing to fix soon or later. Definitly sooner IF this new trademark is indeed an upcoming game XP

Kinda surprised people in comments disliking pokemon spinoffs so much... I played some of them and noone of those was below average level. No masterpieces or mustbuy, but all funny well made games



EverythingAmiibo said:

A: Generally speaking, many companies (Nintendo incl) seem to keep most of there biggest announcements for E3 (especially new games, DK:TF and M3DW last year), so I'm hoping for some kind of a surprise.
B: Nintendo has already promised or hinted at various trailers and announcements that will be shown at THIS YEAR'S E3 so it doesn't really matter if it was just a summer Direct or E3, it is still really important
C: Nintendo Directs never have a 'showfloor' where people can actually try out new games and you can watch the gameplay on Youtube. This year Nintendo is also giving a live tour around the showfloor with insider commentary! Nothing like a Nintendo Direct.



Findonovan95 said:

As far as spin-offs go for Pokémon, I generally really like them (with the exception of rumble and trozei). On a side-note, would this be pronounced "Poke-en" or "Pock-en" or something else entirely?



Jazzer94 said:

@PvtOttobot Being honest I'd rather see new games then the same games we've been seeing for the past three E3's what you described in your first post sounds horrible.



noctowl said:

Man, the hate is strong today. Darth Vader would be proud of you guys. I don't like most of the spin offs but I loved the pokemon stadium games and pokemon snap.

Pokemon on Wii U would only be good for the console.



AyeHaley said:

Ok so we get Pokken and something called Advance Push and Advance Touch...Curious to see what we'll get to see in June



Muyounosuke said:

If I had to guess nintendo might have bandai namco's tekken team working on this, from the screen shot it looks like it maybe a tekken clone hence The name Pokken.



kuribo4 said:

I think it would be Pok-ken, because ken is a japanese word (fist).
Like Tek-ken (Iron Fist) or the Tek-ken Fun Sai in Kill la Kill.



RickyWill said:

At this point, besides the new Smash Brothers, the only collaboration I want between Nintendo and Namco is to either port the Mario Kart Arcade GP games onto consoles, or make Mario Kart Arcade GP DX tracks DLC for Mario Kart 8.



Octane said:

It could also be the new Pokémon Stadium, if it's a fighting game like Tekken, well too bad, but I shall pass.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

These names sound awful. More like a virus than anything, so I hope it's just some kind of event name, not a full game.

Other than that, I don't care. I never got a Pokémon game on a non-handheld, and this will not change my mind, either.

@Octane Agreed. Tekken is the worst inspiration among fighting games anyway, and a Pokémon fighter is bound to create flamewars between fans of the roster and fans whose favourites aren't playable.



datamonkey said:

This could be good for the Wii U's fortunes if true but unfortunately for me I don't like Pokemon or fighters!



sinalefa said:

What a swarm of negative Nidoran. Personally I would love to have an exclusive, more traditional fighting game on Wii U.



Octane said:

@Kaze_Memaryu That would seem inevitable, agreed. But figthing games are not my cup of tea either, so something like that wouldn't appeal to me anyway.

I wonder though, why did the fifth generation never get a console game? Well, a game like Stadium in this generation is almost pointless on the other hand, as the handhelds seem to handle online battles with no problem.



Rezalack said:

@memoryman3 The Pokemon Mystery Dungeons are great games. At least the two that I played.. it might help that I'm a fan of that genre, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 being one of my favorite PS games. A lot of the other Pokemon games do seem a bit lame though.. Rangers looked terrible. Snap was actually decent for what it is. I'd like to believe that this game will be held to a higher standard. They want it to get good ratings so Pokemon fans buy the Wii U.

And.. Hyrule Warrirors has a decent chance of being good. You can call it a pointless, but you can't say it's bad yet. I for one was actually pretty stoked to see it. Being someone who has always had interest in the Dynasty Warriors series but never played it, this game will be the perfect chance too.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@memoryman3 You're not really raining on anyone's parade simply because the people - young and old - who enjoy the spinoffs are going to continue enjoying them regardless if you and others don't. (I'm playing Pokémon Rumble Blast on 3DS right now and loving it.) In fact, Pokémon Snap is an extremely popular spinoff that many fans have wanted a sequel for since the first one. The spinoffs may not be AAA material but then again not everything needs to be. (And no need to read any rudeness in my response: just friendly conversing is all.)



bebettergamerNL said:

Why does everyone assume it's a fighting game? Maybe they showed Mega Lucario and Blaziken to throw people off, because it looks to me like it could be a 3-D battle game like Colosseum or Battle Revolution. Maybe they might sprinkle in some story like in Gale of Darkness, but we've had two for the gamecube and one for the wii, so a new one for the wii u to go along with X&Y (fitting it's the last game they show) would make the most sense. A random Pokemon fighting game spin-off seems the least likely to me actually. Why make a fighting game spinoff for a game where you are already battling Pokemon? It's obviously the successor to Battle Revolution and such. They're standing at an angle in battles like you would have them in those games and even in X&Y (with Lucario's back to us), and the background is reminiscent of the battle backgrounds in the gamecube battle games.



Gingadreadman said:

I really hope this gets announced at E3. It's the only Pokemon game for the Wii U that looks interesting.



Raylax said:

Safest bet is probably a Pokémon X Tekken crossover, assuming the teased shot of HD Blaziken & Lucario is related. Second safest is a new game in the Stadium line, although I don't know why they'd change the name to "Pokkén" for that.

Or maybe the screenshot and trademark are entirely unrelated and there's two things headed our way.

Speculation ftw.



AVahne said:

Gotta disagree. The Mystery Dungeon games, the Game Boy TCG game, the puzzle games, the Pokemon Pinball games, and most recently Pokemon Conquest are all pretty high quality games. I've never played the 3D GCN RPGs nor the Ranger games, but they seem to be great as well.

Not all Pokemon spinoff games are Pokemon Rumble you know.



AVahne said:

Those aren't Mega Pokemon. They're just the normal Blaziken and Lucario.
Anyway, can't wait to see this game announced. Nintendo doing more crazy collabs is a great thing and I don't think there's anything crazier than Pokemon Tekken at the moment. Though, I wonder how Bammy's Tekken team could be working on this when they've gotta work on Smash Bros and probably a normal Tekken game as well.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Jazzer94 You don't want to see Zelda? I don't want to see more Smash Bros or any Bayo, I was stating what will probably be filling the time. I do however want a Zelda trailer and some details in the form of commentary on X. I also said "hopefully there's a surprise in there somewhere too" in that same post!



Dreamcaster-X said:

I've always wondered why Nintendo never made more Pokemon games for their home consoles. How friggin awesome would it be to get a console version & a portable version of the traditional Pokemon style games with cross-save capability?? I would definitely get both versions!!!



Ryno said:

This may have something to do with NFC figures and the Gamepad



Inkling said:

I want to like Pokemon, but I just can't. I'll stick with Racers, Shooters and Platformers.



warvad said:

Because the name is a play on Tekken, Nintendo is having Namco Bandai (who develops Tekken) make all their games for them, there is a fighting symbol on the building in the back, and both Pokemon are standing in generic fighting game poses.

Don't be dense.



2Sang said:

I'm indifferent. Probably won't get it even if I buy a wii u, but it looks like something unique at least.



SecondServing said:

If it was a legit fighting game, made by a third-party I'm guessing, I'd really love it to be Cyber-Connect who made the awesome Naruto games and Asura's wrath. Anyway, I really don't understand the negativity in here. Yikes.



DESS-M-8 said:

@MadAdam81 no it wouldn't.

Nintendo need to shout, scream and show that the Wii U can produce jaw dropping visuals as so far....... It's not come close. It needs to showcase several titles that the general public can invest in just from seeing it running. Pokemon, Mariokart, SmashBros are for existing fans, they will not move hardware units.

They fail to make a big deal at E3 this year they will slowly die off every year this generstion. I guarantee it.

They have failed to convince the general public of the visual capabilities of The Wii U. They have failed to make anybody aware of the USP and gimmicks possible of the Wii U. These are huge failings that ensured zero success and these need rectifying now. Showing more twee game franchises and bleating on about QEL (Wii fit 3) just convinces the masses that they were right not to buy a Wii u.



DESS-M-8 said:

@warvad ken means sword in Japanese and also used as a term for battle, which is why it appears inthe word tek-ken.

Pokken is merely a word cclash between Pokemon and Ken(fight) pok-ken



SecondServing said:

Poooooooookkkkkkken Fighterrrrrrs!!!

(Presses Start)

(Chooses ranked online multiplayer)

Choose your Pokemon!

(Chooses Typhlosion)


I've thought this all out.



HawkeyeWii said:

How about they make a quality non-gimmick Pokemon game for a home console for once! Just make a regular pokemon adventure like the handheld versions, but on a home console. Is that too much to ask for??



Jazzer94 said:

@PvtOttobot I said I don't want E3 to consist of games we've already seen so of course I want to see Zelda seeing as that will be the first time the Wii U version will be shown off (not counting the tech demo) I just hated the rest of your post because its basically describing the last three E3's.



The_Ninja said:

YESSS. If this is an actual good pokemon fighter, like the naruto games for PS3, I'll buy a Premium Wii U!!!



Dark-Link73 said:

@Artwark People have a huge misunderstanding about e3, e3 is NOT fully open to the general public. It's mainly a press-only event. It used to be open to the public many years ago, until the GCN era, but it lost quality and appeal, so it became a press event.

A small sector of the "general public" can still attend if they are 18 and over and party the $500 (2012 price) admission ticket for the full event.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I'm hoping this turns out to be something like AO Type Wild, but obviously with official support and backing. Wouldn't be a bad idea to get the creators of that on-board either since it was created by animators of the original anime.

I think your confusing personal taste with quality there. There really isn't a bad game out of the bunch, and they're all pretty high quality even if the production values aren't always. Especially on the user side, where some people even like certain spin-offs more than the main games.



Retro_on_theGo said:

@memoryman3 Mystery dungeon is not regarded as a bad spin-off. It's one of the best and well selling of the spin-offs. How bout you actually play it. For a kid's Rogue-like RPG it does what it does well.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Dark-Link73 now this makes sense, yeah I guess, throw in pokken fighters if you want to I would be hoping for 2 new Wii U games and 1 new 3DS, so that should fill it up nicely @Jazzer94 look, it just isn't. Last years E3 unveiled 2 new games!! I was describing some of what we have been seeing yes, but we are not going to get 100% new games, be realistic!!



Zombie_Barioth said:

The NFC toys don't make it a bad quality game, only if its made so that you can't really progress without them.

The mystery dungeon games are some of the best spin-offs they've ever done. They're apart of the "certain spin-offs" I was referring to. Have you ever played the games your accusing of being bad, or are you just going off of appearances?



retro_player_22 said:

Would had being better if it's a Pokemon RPG for Wii U rather than a Pokemon fighting game. Besides we already had something as close to a Pokemon fighting game and that game is coming out later this year.



AshFoxX said:

So I'm guessing this is Pokemon on the Tekken engine due to the name.

For some reason all I can see is Pokemon on the Mortal Kombat engine. Would love to see a Togepi's fatality move.

....What were we talking about again?



Jazzer94 said:

@PvtOttobot Yarn Yoshi and Hyrule Warriors can easily replace those two games plus add in some games we don't know about and leave Bayonetta 2 and X to a very short trailer job done.



DESS-M-8 said:

@NintendoMonkey ken means sword.
It also means battle, fight fist and punch. Hence my point of it probably means to use the battle meaning more.

Poke-fist sounds more like something provoking a dodgy lawsuit than a videogame.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Yes really.
Looky here. Shamo is a Japanese kind of chicken.

Bashamo's name is a combination of Shamo and... uh, either "burn" or "burst".
Burn and Burst would both be pronounced with a "baa" sound in Japanese, which is why I keep saying "Bashamo", but I think it is officially spelled "bursyamo". Here it is in kana if you can read it: バシャーモ .

Its English name is pretty much the same, but using the English words Blaze and Chicken instead. I don't see why this Pokémon would have a Japanese word as a suffix in its name. It's not like Hariyama which is based on a Japanese marital art. It's just a chicken.
... plus it primarily uses kicking moves anyway, so "ken" as in "fist" wouldn't even fit. What you're trying to assert just seems so unlikely.

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